Snap reactions to EA Sports NHL 13

September 15, 2012, by

Snap reactions to NHL 13, which I finally got to try out on Thursday night.

1.  The video introduction by Claude Giroux about the new skating system was hilarious.  Giroux was totally disinterested, but it’s actually a really effective explanation of the revamped skating.

2.  Derek Stepan scored my first goal in NHL 13.  Just saying, I think he has more goals in him this season.

3.  Man they nailed Stu Bickel’s style of play.

4.  Chris Kreider’s 68-rating is just so, so wrong.  The kid scored five playoff goals last year and EA Sports rated him like a goon, I just don’t understand.  Arron Asham is a 73!

5.  What lines did you start with?

Mine were:





Not how I expect to see them much in real life, but everyone knows the top line gets a ridiculous amount of ice time in this game.

6.  Rick Nash is really fun to play with.  I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that when I create myself I add on about 6 inches and 75 pounds of muscle…

7.  I was pleased to see that even my virtual Blueshirts seemed willing to sacrifice their bodies to block shots.

8.  The NYRangersBlog has already pointed this out, but it’s a travesty that EA Sports assigned Jeff Halpern #11.

9.  Visually, I think this is the best a hockey video game has looked by a long shot.

10.  Did they get rid of the ability to run over goalies?  I tried to truck Brodeur and couldn’t do it!

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  1. NYRanger4Life says:

    Kevin – whats your gamertag?

    Mine is armyofdarnkess2. I’ll invite you to play if I see you on….