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A big day in the CBA negotiations

September 12, 2012, by

With the September 15th deadline just three days away, today is by far the biggest day of the negotiations to date. More than 300 players will be at today’s meetings, with the NHLPA hopefully making a new offer, per Renaud Lavoie:

Although that tweet is from yesterday, it is still promising that a new offer may be made at some point. This new offer was also confirmed by Bruce Garrioch:

The meeting between the NHL and the NHLPA is expected to be this morning, with both sides meeting on their own immediately after. It’s widely expected that there will be a lot of news –and hopefully movement– as the deadline approaches. An upcoming deadline usually gets both sides moving.

However, with the players showing that they are unlikely to budge in terms of hockey related revenues, and the owners unlikely to budge on more robust revenue sharing, it makes you wonder how much will actually get done in the next three days. These are the key points that are breaking the deal right now.

The owners seem content with another lockout, despite losing the PR war. The players, with Donald Fehr on board as the head of the NHLPA, are not going to cave like they did last lockout. The sad truth is that we are likely going to have another work stoppage, the third in Gary Bettman’s regime.

Categories : Business of Hockey


  1. Mikeyyy says:

    If Bettman can’t control the owners when needed for the same of the game. Then he’s not doing his job.

    I vote Shanny for his replacement.

  2. Scully says:

    I was just thinking in my head and think it’s kind of funny that anyone who came up in the league before the 1994-95 season…so for instance if Nick Lidstrom was still playing and this season somehow got cancelled (it’s just because i can’t think of anyone else who was around then off the top of my head) these guys could have potentially lost 2.5 years of their career to CBA disbutes. That’s crazy!

    • Scully says:

      Ray Whitney comes to mind actually as a guy who could fall prey to 3 different failed cba negotiations. I’m hoping they hammer something out.

    • Tom B says:

      Jagr does, first season 90-91

  3. Chris.C says:

    If there’s a Lock-out this season. I will be cancelling my Center Ice package, and MSG. They will lose my support of NHL and a Dedicated Fan. How freaking ridiculous can this be, 2 work stoppages and possibly this year. I’ve yet to watch a Yankees game over there BS back in 94-95 season. The nature of game is losing its appeal, over Greed Greed Greed. I did have plans on taking my family back to where I grew up and to experience the Garden for a Rangers game during my kid(s) school holidays and Willing to spend the $1500-2000 on tickets. Lets take a look at this, NFL is all about me me me and how much I can make? Baseball Same, Basketball Same, Hockey is now there. We still have the greatest role models, and Athletes that WILL go out the extra mile for the Fans and Community of any sport, but the greed has caught up. When I mean Greed it’s directed towards both sides of the coin (Players/Owners). Sorry for venting its been a long 18 hour day, Just frustrated as hell

  4. The Suit says:

    These guys just need to split revenue 50/50 or close to it and get going already. Until that happens, both sides are at fault.

  5. MBN says:


    I think it’s more then just a 50/50 split. The owners need to wake up and smell the coffee. They need to realize that for the good of the game, it pays to share some revenue with the smaller market teams. Philly can offer every player who was a free agent a $100 million contract, but Nashville must struggle to keep 1 of their 2 star D-Men. The teams with globs of streams of revenue need to share some.

    The NFL did this way back, when Wellington Mara decided the league needed to help teams like Green Bay out, and share revenues. Look at how big that game has grown now, financially.

    • wwpd says:

      doesn’t the nhl already have revenue sharing among teams? is there a compelling reason why more revenue sharing is the answer?

      • The Suit says:

        The NHL has revenue sharing already yes, and they have increased the amount as well…and the NFL, NBA, and MLB are closer to a 50/50 split. Boy the media really has people misinformed.