Terrific anti-lockout video slams the message home

September 7, 2012, by

By now you’ve read a million of these, but here’s another post lamenting the looming lockout.

A friend posted this yesterday in response to the anti-lockout video by the great Janne Makkonen that’s been going around the hockey community:

“That just got me ridiculously excited for a hockey season that may not happen.  But that was a great video.”

That’s unfortunately a great summary of the collective feelings of the hockey fan community right now.

We could care less who wins and loses between the owners and players.  All we want is our annual hockey season to proceed as usual.

It’s hard to even pay attention to the labor negotiations (or lack thereof).  I’m not getting a piece of that however many hundred million dollar pie and neither are you, in fact, we’re the reason the pie exists in the first place.

Unfortunately, they’ve got us around a barrel because we love making that pie so much that we’ll come back regardless of how long the lockout lasts.

But it’s truly a shame that hockey fans have to go through this again.  The great moments in hockey like those in Makkonen’s video make it more painful to know there’s no hockey in sight.

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