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Labor Day notes: CBA, Doan, Avery

September 3, 2012, by

Well, the summer is almost over. We still aren’t guaranteed an NHL season, but we still have some hockey news to talk about. It’s not necessarily new news, but there are new developments in old news. So let’s get to it in some good old-fashioned bullet points.

  • CBA notes: The players and the owners are still at a standstill, and with 12 days to go, there isn’t much hope for them to meet in the middle. There is a fundamental difference here. The players believe that there needs to be revenue sharing, while the owners believe that the players make too much money. The simple fix: a 52/48 split and a revenue sharing program similar to the other major sports.
  • There are rumors that the Rangers are offering Shane Doan four years and $24 million. Let’s remember that the source of this rumor (Bruce Garrioch) isn’t exactly a noted source for accurate rumors. I tweeted that this is just the media blowing smoke, and I stand by that.

  • Sean Avery still managed to grab attention when he gave an interview with Q104.3 the other day. He basically said that he is retired, but couldn’t “officially” say it before because he would forfeit a paycheck. He referred to himself in the third person too.
  • A note about NHL players playing for the AHL: only players that do not require waivers are eligible to play in the event of a lockout. On the current roster, that means Carl Hagelin and Chris Kreider are the only players from last year’s roster that can play in the AHL without clearing waivers.


  1. Walt says:

    I’m no big union fan, even though my dad was a member of the ILA, but for the first time in my life, I am leaning towards the players on these issues. How much do the owners want, and how many times are they going to pull the same crap on the players? We went without an entire season because of the owners, and the plan they wanted. Seven years after the fact, they come back and say the system THEY put in place doesn’t work, take another 20-25% hit, and start over again. Sorry Snider, and company, your all a–holes!

    As for Doan, again I pose the question, why would we want to sign a 36 year old, to a four year contract. We will take a cap hit for the entire four years, even if he retires, and doesn’t play. With the likes of McD, Step, Kreider, Hags, all due for new contracts, and a very strong possibility of a reduced cap, what are they thinking? Another thought, what if they sign Doan, cap goes down, who do we get rid of to reach the cap ceiling? That my friends is the reason we don’t want, or need Doan!!!!!

    Good luck to Sean Avery! He gave us a few thrills, and laughs, “Fat Boy” anyone? He got under the skin of the opposing team, remember the playoffs where Kovelchuck went after Sean, and could score some as well. We are a better team without him, too much of a distraction, but I liked him just the same, and wish him well! Good luck in the fashion industry, that may have been your calling in the first place.

    • scrangersfan says:

      I agrre with you on all accounts Walt. I was in management for 45 years before retiring (Icluding dealing with the ILA.)BUT I’am with the players this time.The ownwers signing players to huge contracts and then complain about not making money. They have no one to blame but them selfs.If there is a strike,I can honestly say that after 47 years of being a hockey fan, I’am done.

    • Kris says:

      Walt, i find it funny that you bring up the ILA since they will be striking the end of the month. Luckily for the economy if they last 96 hours the president can put Taft Hartley Act into affect and have them work the contract dispute. I am completely on the players side here. The owners are jealous of the deal the NBA and NFL owners got in their CBA.

      This is not about helping the poor teams, its a money grab. The NHLPAs offer showed how to help out the poor teams. How did the league respond “We need to pay the players less”. First eliminate the cap floor, that would stop the rising cost of middle players. By over paying middle players, the pretty good players wont be able to ask for 7.5mill and the stars above 10. Eliminate the stupid circumvention loop hole. No more Kovalchuk, Richards contracts, or the new style that Weber, Suter, Parise got, where instead of salary they get 10 million in signing bonus and then there is never a salary drop off. That is fixed easily. Take away the average for the cap hit and make it money earned during that season. I dont think Brad Richards would be recieving 12 million dollars next season if that was how the cap hit was calculated. Take away the out clauses on the owners side. You want to get rid of the contract buy it out. No sending to the minors or Europe, GMs would be inclined to not overpaying cause they know after a buyout or two they would be shown the door. The owners want to limit contract length to 5 years, I guess they forgot to tell their GMs that considering how many contracts were signed this summer over that length. The only thing I can see is the owners want more money and they financially strong teams do not want to support the weak teams they want the players to do so.

      As for Doan, as many have said I’ll take him for 2 but 4 is a bad contract. Also, 6 million with team over the suggested 58 million cap with no roll backs, doesnt make sense to me. If the money is being paid to players and put in escrow its the same as a roll back but if their cap hits dont change, then more then half the teams will be over the cap and Glenn couldnt offer that deal.

      I loved the Avery side show, while it was happenning. But his anticts grew old, while they were amusing, they dont need that kind of distraction going for the cup. Between the I wear these glasses when im off the ice so when I take them off to play Im like superman, the sloppy seconds, played with dolls as a kid, fatso and everything else, you were fun while it last Sean thanks for that.

  2. Mikeyyy says:

    Looks like no hockey again. If they strike, part of any agreement is that Bettman goes.

    As for Sean, you win some you lose some, and the NHL refs had their eye on you. Nothing you could do. Plus you had loudmouth telling everyone there were better players on the team, like Stu Bickel, and mike Rupp .

    If karma is what it is, people who wronged you will get theirs. Otherwise have fun at Vogue.

  3. The Suit says:

    I believe the NHLPA deserves just as much blame as the league for the situation the CBA negotiations are in.

    They could have elected to counter the NHL’s proposal, but instead they elected to completely re-write the script. Not only that, but teams should be able to deduct expenses used for upgrading their buildings from HRR. That’s a no brainer and big example of how far apart these two sides are.

    As for Avery. I found him to be an entertaining character and I understood his appeal, but ultimately the guy was uncoachable, uninterested in putting the team first and we were better as a team without him.

    Good luck in the fashion industry amigo.

    • Walt says:


      Where did you hear that about not deducting expenses for upgrading, etc.? This is the first time heard of such a thing!! If that is the case, then they both deserve equal blame here.

      • The Suit says:

        Walt, I am not sure if that information has been covered by the media at this point. Unfortunately all you hear is pro-NHLPA material. If I find an article that’s a bit more centric, I will share it.

    • Jess says:


      Most teams already are receiving some sort of welfare for the arena they play in. How much of a write off should the Dolans get since they have so may events at MSG?

      The Dolans also don’t pay any property tax on MSG so why give them still more of a break?


      Carl Hagelin is not exempt from waivers according to CapGeek.com


      • The Suit says:

        If teams make a commitment to upgrade their buildings (Dolans included) it shouldn’t have anything to do with the NHLPA. To me its a separate cost that has nothing to do with the players.

        Whether or not you want Dolan specifically to pay property taxes to the gov’t is a completely separate issue.

  4. Rickyrants13 says:

    What we need to do if there is a strike is make sure we dont go back. Also make sure that Bettman is hunted down and beaten.

  5. Dan Francis says:

    Bottom line…….. the only real losers are the fans, again! I feel bad for the people behind the scenes that are always forgotten, the concession stand workers, vendors and other venue workers. I don’t think hockey can survive another strike. In today’s economic climate, how can anyone feel sorry for either side.

  6. SalMerc says:

    It is a lockout, not a strike