Henrik Lundqvist about to get a marketing push

August 9, 2012, by

One of my biggest complaints about the business of hockey is that the game’s biggest superstars receive very little notoriety away from the rink. Part of the problem lies with the league for not doing enough to market its stars beyond the Crosbys and Ovechkins of the world, but part of the problem also falls back on the players and their agents for not seeking more off ice opportunities. I mean Gatorade and Nike probably do more to promote NBA players better than the NBA itself ever could.

So what does all of this have to do with Henrik Lundqvist?

To my delight, I recently found out that Lundqvist has signed on with IMG, one of the biggest marketing agencies on the globe. For those of you not familiar with how the biz works, an agency such as an IMG will help place their athletes in TV commercials and other media campaigns. Obviously this helps companies to sell their products, but it also helps to increase the visibility of these athletes and their respective sports.

IMG currently represents Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, among many other athletes. Unless you live under a rock, you already know how doing commercials helped to showcase Peyton’s personality and has opened up more opportunities for him beyond playing football (SNL comes to mind).

This is huge for Lundqvist, who will rely on IMG to make him more popular and recognizable beyond the passionate, but small circle of hockey fans. And this is just a start for hockey players. Only Alexander Ovechkin has similar representation, but if all goes well, hopefully more and more players are able to cross over and promote themselves and the game to wider audiences.


  1. Mike says:

    Good for him, but it may take his focus away from the game. Ovechkin seemed less focused this past season.

    • The Suit says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Hank received more attention this year than any other time in his career and he handled it extremely well.

      Plus Torts does a good job making sure these guys are focused on hockey once the season gets going.

  2. Sally says:

    Putting Lundqvist on the covers of magazines will not be hard to do, he looks like a movie star!

  3. SalMerc says:

    Lundy could be NY’s Beckham. The down side is that his popularity will eventually push his value up, making re-signing him even more costly than it would have been. Sports celebrities have both an on and off the field value. IMG will no doubt push his “off the ice” value skyward.

  4. Walt says:

    Re-signign Hank, assuming he gets big time endorsements, should be no problem. He is in the biggest media market, and would want to stay there for these endorsements!

    Will someone tell Doan, if he really wants to win a cup, to sign for 2 years, at $3-$4 mil per year, and then become a part of the IMG family, and enrich himself more with name recognition in the Big Apple!

    Lets hope that Hank makes a big splash with IMG, and makes a boat load of money, and re-signs with us knowing that his value is tied to the NY Rangers!

    • Pete says:

      IMG or someone else, he most certainly will have his share of opportunities if he so chooses. He does make the Rangers a much more dangerous team thats without question and will get around 5per (cant see Glenn giving him much more than that) plus “outside opportunities” so money should be no issue in NY.

      The guys just seems to really wanna finish his career in Pho. close to his family and letting it play out as long as possible.

      Going to another team is like going to work for another company after spending your entire career in one place. Making a move in the twilight of your career is not for everyone. I get him, and he’s got a big decision to make and he should take all the time he needs.On the other hand he could just as easily retire tomorrow if he wants…

  5. Rob sahm says:

    Hank would be awesome on snl

  6. Jake Silver says:

    I’m just as happy if hockey remains a minor sport. MSG is being reconstructed (a vanity project) and the Rangers have already hiked prices usuriously. Imagine what they would demand if the sport really caught on. Keep hockey affordable for long-time fans!

  7. Scully says:

    If anyone won’t become distracted by extra marketing it’s the king. He’s shown in the past that he has an insatiable desire to win and his focus is unparalleled. He seems like the type who would work certain things into his contract with IMG to assure that after say February he doesn’t participate in any campaigns. Even the Knicks and Rangers, who do tons with charity through MSG don’t do much once you hit the 50-60 game mark and sustained focus towards the playoff push becomes paramount.

  8. Ravhel says:

    That’s great. Lundqvist should be the “face” of the NHL. Some people think that all hockey is is fighting on ice. Lundqvist is not only a great player but off the ice he’s just as great a person. I was lucky enough to meet him after a game outside msg. There were about 40 fans that waited over an hour after the game ended. He (and Shanahan-great guy) stayed outside msg with all if us for over an hour making sure everyone had gotten pics n autographs. I’ve meet nice players b4 but that night Nyr had lost in a shootut as they were playing for home ice adv. They were upset but they still stayed and proved to the fans how much we mean to them. I’ve seen other players just ignore the fans saying they had to leave. Lundqvist also does a lot of charity work. He created a clothing line called Crown 30 where all proceeds go to the garden if dreams foundation which helps kids who are going thru obstacles. At the unveiling of the clothing line he was asked why he wasn’t getting any profits for it, his answer: I don’t need it, these kids do and thus us just one way I can help. Maybe players from all sports willl learn a thing or two from King Henriks actions. There are plenty of guys out there who only care about the money they can make and dont care about the little people like us fans who are paying $100 a game for a ticket. ALL HAIL THE KING