Kreider, Doan, or both

August 8, 2012, by

The Rangers top six (health allowing) looks a lot more intimidating these days, thanks to Rick Nash’s arrival. It’s amazing what one addition can do to change people’s perceptions. That said, the Rangers continue to be linked with Shane Doan and on the right deal he’d be another welcome upgrade but Doan is a mistake waiting to happen.

The arrival of a declining but still somewhat effective Doan on anything other than a short term deal is reckless spending that was the hallmark of the previous Glen Sather, before the Hall of Fame Sather re-appeared.

Assuming Doan leaves the Coyotes – still a big assumption – and rumours of his desire for four years are true, then buyers beware. Those demands stink of a desire for job security, of a pension plan rather than of a player yearning for a chance at an elusive Cup.

Those rumoured demands don’t appear to be the demands of a player whose priority is ambition/success. Of course, you cannot blame Doan for making such demands when numerous NHL general managers routinely throw crazy contracts at players; who wouldn’t want a piece of that action? However, Sather needs to let Vancouver or Pittsburgh (or whoever) be the team that gives Doan the crazy commitment. Why? Chris Kreider.

The Rangers don’t lack for character. Last time I checked, leadership wasn’t an issue either. The cap is in a healthy state and the depth is no longer an issue. Elite skill? Nash, Richards and Gaborik have that covered too. Taking Doan on the right terms is indeed a coup; anything else is this team’s management getting greedy. Doan on his apparent terms adds more risk to the franchise than it solves problems.

While numerous Rangers fans continue to set the bar unnecessarily high for Chris Kreider’s debut season the fact remains he is a much better solution than Shane Doan. Certainly better long term and potentially short term too.

Shane Doan scored 22 goals last year and Kreider could match that with the right ice time. If you believe some fans beliefs Kreider will saunter past that total. Ideally, you have both players for a season or two and Krieder has the best on-the-job-training possible in the form of Nash and Doan. Is there any better example for a burgeoning power forward to have internally?

The Rangers need to delicately balance ‘going for it this year’ with not hindering Kreider’s development and messing up a relatively healthy cap situation. If Sather cannot convince Doan to take less term then it needs to be Kreider and Nash as this team’s primary power forwards. Realistic expectations or not; that’s a fine combination to enter the season of Rick.


  1. SalMerc says:

    Is it me or after 8 or so playoff games, Kreider seems destined for the hall of fame. Yesterday, so many folks wanted to “wait and see” if MDZ could repeat, but Kreider is already being penciled in for 20+? Lets get real people. Doan may be expensive, may be old and may be a bit of a money-grabber, but to think that Kreider will be able to supply similar results after such a short run in the NHL is just short-sighted. Should Kreider play everyday on a solid line? Absolutely! Let’s see him play half a season before we try to put 99 on his back though.

    • Walt says:

      First of all no one is saying the Kreider kid will do anything more than possible, and that he wears a super jock. The kid will prove to be a very good player, and it will indeed take time. That is the way I see it, and based on what I’ve read, pretty much everyone else is saying the same thing!

      Let me say this in no uncertain terms, WE DON’T NEED DOAN!!!!! He would be icing on the cake, but at what cost, and for how long. We shouldn’t give him more than 2 years, at most, and $3-$4 mil per year. Doan can then play, and if he lives up to all the hype, re-sign again. If he doesn’t perform up to expectations, send him to the trash heap! I’m sorry, he is not worth the years, or numbers being mentioned, for a guy that may, or may not score 20 goals for you. Let’s be real folks, we live in a cap era, and if we give this relic that kind of money, what do you pay Cally, Kreider, or any other 25-30 goal scorer in the future?

      Last of all, any contract signed by Doan will count for the life of the contract. No team can REDDEN him, even if he retires, the team takes a cap him, all because he is over 35 years of age. Let’s use our brains, not our hearts, when we discuss Doan, and the Ranger organization!

      • Pete says:

        I don’t know why but I just can’t see Sather backing the truck up for Doan. At the right price and length, absolutely! he’d be foolish not to. But again, it’s just not how Sather has been operating of late and Doan really isn’t a must have.

  2. Sally says:

    Let the kids play. They might surprise everyone.

  3. Justin says:

    I don’t necessarily look at the two together. Kreider may not be able to provide Doan level production in his first year or two, but I’ll take my chances with the kids if Doan wants 4/24.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love Doan on even a 2/9 type deal, but a short term piece starts eating into future budget at his demands.

  4. Mark says:

    Doan only goes to the Rangers I think on a 2 year $10 million deal. That way he is getting paid, he has a chance at a cup, and he isn’t killing our cap for the last few years of his deal. The 4 year deal is obsurd. Look at how quickely San Jose bailed when they heard the 4th year rumor and Doan would fit in perfectly with Thornton…

    But realistically I can’t see Doan leaving a garuantee of at least $10 million on the table in the back end of a 4 year contract for a shot at the cup. Yes he is an older guy that seems like a great hockey guy, but $10 million is $10 million, and there are definitely dumb enough gms out there to give him his money…

  5. SalMerc says:

    I would think that Slats knows what he is doing and if paying Doan for 3 years at $4M per gets us a cup, then pay the man and let us all sip from the cup! We showed that we were not 4 lines deep last year and do not see that changing. Give me a threat on every line and I will be happy. I would rather see a 4th line of Miller, and 2 other prospects than Asham, Rupp and the other 5 goal scorer. To sum it up, Doan makes us better. Let Sather worry about the budget.

    • Jackson says:

      I see what you’re saying, but a good question is: Down the road, which RFA are we not going to be able to re-sign due to Doan’s contract?

  6. Zen says:

    I feel like article should be titled Hagelin, Doan, or both, because Hags will be the guy who most likely ends up on the third line IMO.

    I also don’t think signing Doan is a greedy signing, but rather the Rangers organization going ‘all in’ on a CUP run. Does that necessarily mean it is a smart financial move? Definitely not, but Slats knows that Henrik and Richards aren’t getting any younger and team likely only has two more years of Gaborik. Sather is simply just going for it. That is what teams on the cusp of greatness do.

    Given all of that, I do agree that bringing a 35+ long range contract into our cap structure is not the smartest move for the franchise financially.

  7. Ben says:

    I was “all in” for Doan a month ago but his recent demands (be it a rumor) and the length of time taken (Sather’s patience got us Nash) make this feel forced. I think the best Ranger strategy in light of the cap would be try and sign a lesser FA for 1-2 year deal, hope Krieder takes the next step forward in his development, Gabi comes back strong and see what’s out there come the trade deadline or earlier. If we spend our wad now what do we do if the youngsters don’t mature quick enough, a vet goes down or Sauer doesn’t recover well?

    All things to consider in today’s hockey ecosystem.

  8. Rickyrants13 says:

    NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE on the Rangers roster can hit like Doan does. And be as effective at it. We have players who hit. But they dont have his sizeor ability to score as well. We need a guy that can play on any of the two top lines as well as be pushed down as his playing dips that can still give us something every night. And Doan does all of that and then some. I think it should be more about what we pay him then the amount of time we pay him.

  9. Doug says:

    Folks, Doan at right price and term, no more than 2 years, sure. But higher priority is defensive depth. We are dangerously thin and have no NHL ready blueliners in the system. I would rather see us strengthen the back line because if irts lacks trust in the third pair he will wear down the top four again and that will be trouble come playoffs.

  10. JM3RR27 says:

    Two years max. No need for a $4.5M per 35+ contract going 3-4 years. Doan would be a perfect fit, Rangers are top heavy now and Doan would be a nice swing guy b/w the second and third line. If not him, Jason Arnott is a must IMO. They’ve added scoring, but where the loss of Anisimov, Prust, Mitchell, and Dubinsky hurt most is depth in the bottom six.

  11. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Can’t lose sight of the business aspect, and with Doan’s demand he does not fit. Next year has a deep FA pool, our own players that need to be signed and what not. We have rookies that can come in and make a difference on the bottom 6.
    I am rooting for Thomas to make an impression and the ball is in his court.
    The FA pool has the likes of (UFA) Perry, Getzlaf and Edler and (RFA) Lucic. Doan is not even worth a 2 year deal in my opinion because this group has enough to win the Cup already. Rangers have to be considered one of the favorites to win the Cup.

    • Pete says:

      Perry and Getzlaf in all likelihood never make it to FA, and even if by chance one does he will command a long term contract north of 7 Mill per, doesnt seem like the team can absorb that and give out the necessary raises to their RFA’s.

      • Leatherneckinlv says:

        My point is to be able to have that option over not because of a 6 mil contract on a 36 year old Shane Doan

        • Pete says:

          I agree, don’t get me wrong, I just dont see how Sather could/would give Doan 6 per or more. Like everyone has been saying, the offer should be of the 2 year/10mill variety with Doan fully realizing he is there to have a legit chance at a cup not pad his bank account.

  12. Steve C says:

    Could it be that the 4 year $7 million per team is a team that wants to get to the cap floor?

    That is the only reason I can see Doan not jumping at it.

    The teams he wants (other then Phoenix), Pitt, San Jose, Rangers and Vancouver know they can not offer more then 2-3 years at 3-5 million per. All of the contending teams know they will be near the cap ceiling all 4 of those years and cannot have a 40 year old making 7 million per.

    That is likely why is is taking so long. Take the money and run or 2-3 years at $10-$15 million for a chance at the cup.

  13. Scully says:

    The other thing is that if we did sign Doan to a 4 year deal wouldn’t we be basically getting a 10 year-older version of Brandon Dubinsky? His contract was what got him traded, why sign a guy with a similar skill set, but a decade older to a similar deal. That being said I’m all for a 2 year deal for Doan. I’d maybeeeee be tempted buckle and give 3, but that’s where I’d draw the line.

    • SalMerc says:

      Scully makes a good point

      • Walt says:


        That is the point I was saying this morning, Doan may be lucky to score 20 goals, that is not worth the terms, or years requested. He is a great team guy, can’t take that from him, but you don’t see Maloney knocking down doors to re-sign him either! Even if the management issue is resolved, he won’t be signed for what he is asking.

  14. Sioux-per-man says:

    Doan news it starting to get old. If he wants to win a Stanley Cup he will play for the Rangers. If someone wants to pay him 28M for 4 years, let them – they won’t be a GM for long.

    Kreider, Nash, a healthy Staal, we have all the pieces in place. The future looks bright.

    Let Miller/Thomas/Newbury skate for the spot on the 3rd line. Save the $$$ for the trade deadline, never know if you will need the cap space next year.

  15. rob sahm says:

    im all for doan but no more then 2 years because arnott can be had for 1 year at 2 mill per