Rangers set up well for 2013 draft even without a first-round pick

August 4, 2012, by

Most Rangers fans were relatively unconcerned when the team parted with its 2013 first-round pick to help acquire Rick Nash.  They recognized that the pick was likely to fall late in the 20s, giving it less value, and that New York’s farm system is already stocked with top tier prospects, making the pick less important to the club than it might have been a couple years ago.

The good news for the Blueshirts is that they’re well equipped to maneuver around efficiently in next year’s draft, meaning they could still be in position to scoop up a couple of strong prospects even without their valuable first-rounder.

That’s because New York currently owns its second-round pick, FOUR third-round selections, one in the fourth round and a sixth-rounder.

Several of those draft choices will likely be dealt at some point during the season, but as of now the Rangers have plenty of chips to climb up and down the draft as they wish next spring.

It may be difficult for New York to actually move back into the first round without also including a player in a hypothetical trade, but the Rangers could easily move up in the second round, add another second-round pick, or cycle through the middle rounds to pluck up players.

New York’s scouting staff has proven to be among the best in the league at finding middle round gems in recent years, so they could really have some fun next June.

Better still, the early consensus is that the 2013 draft is set to be one of the deepest in years.  While it’s far too early to determine if that will be true or not, it’s certainly possible that some very solid talent will be there for the taking as the 2013 draft progresses.

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  1. Walt says:

    In years past, I would have said “Who gives a Crap” the way we drafted, but now, with Gordi running the show, I can sleep at night knowing we are in good hands!

    Now lets get this season going, please no slow down, or shut out by the owners. I can’t wait to see this yeras version play, I’m so pumped to see Nash in Ranger Blue!!!!!

  2. Rickyrants13 says:

    Last I checked we still had a 5th rounder

    • Rickyrants13 says:

      Okay found my misstake. I thought Wellman was traded for a 5th rounder next year. Its a 2014 5th rounder they got for him

  3. Jess says:


    It is 3 for sure 3rd round picks and a conditional one from the Bluejackets. The Rangers only get that pick if they do not make the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

  4. Mstewart9 says:

    I can see the Rangers using one of their picks next season on a goalie. Especially in round 3 with 4 picks (if they keep them and not trade up). The Rangers farm system has 10 forwards who have been rated as 1st, 2nd and 3rd liners potential and on defense, they have 4 who are rated as top 4 as well. The future looks bright for this team as I feel that over the next 5 years, the Rangers will be playing in the Stanley Cup at least twice and it wouldn’t surprise me if its three times.

  5. Lord Stanley says:

    Agreed, rangers looking good for a while. As long as they keep their core and keep drafting this way. We do need think of hanks replacement at some point though. Not urgent now but with that depth in the farm up front and on blue line it would be wise to use one of those multiple picks on a goalie.

  6. wwwc9 says:

    To have a late second rounder, four third rounders, a fourth doesn’t seems more like an abundance of third round picks. Having say, 5 picks in the top 60 picks, is being set up well IMHO.

    I hope they can package some of it for a second rounder or be able to move into the late first round.

    Praying for hockey this season.

  7. rob sahm says:

    how far away is st.croix away from being in the n.h.l. ?

    • Mstewart9 says:

      St. Croix had an excellent season last year, more than anyone expected. All the reports that I’ve had is that St. Croix is about 2-3 years away from the NHL.