One creative way that Glen Sather may already be planning for the new CBA

July 28, 2012, by

We’ve repeatedly lauded Rangers GM Glen Sather for his patience this summer, but rumors of new framework for the next CBA could represent just another example of the wisdom of Sather’s willingness to hurry up and wait.

One of the pieces of the owners’ first proposal to the players was to extend Entry Level contact lengths from three years to five.  It’s another attempt by teams to control their carefully selected young players on the cheap for as long as possible.

The players will surely resist as they attempt to find an acceptable middle ground, but this labor point isn’t likely to be as contentious as some of the others – like five-year contract maximums and the split of revenue – so it could be an area where they are willing to give a little.

As we saw in the new NFL collective bargaining agreement, rookie contracts were a tolerable concession point for the players.  The league’s veterans have long agreed that they should earn more of the pie for their longevity.

It’s likely that the NHL players would give in relatively easily to adding a fourth year to rookie contracts and that may be music to the Rangers’ ears.

Unlike some teams that have rushed to get their 2012 first-round picks under contract, Sather has only handed out a few Entry Level deals this season.

Marek Hrivik and Kyle Jean were must-signs as they’d both quickly become hot commodities as undrafted finds.  Oscar Lindberg and Jesper Fast had to be signed or the Rangers would have lost the rights to them.

But notably, the Rangers haven’t signed any 2012 draft picks and have refrained from inking high-level prospects like Michael St. Croix, who had a monster junior season.

Sather did hand out a slew of ELCs last summer and many of the organization’s top prospects including Brady Skjei, Boo Nieves and Steven Fogarty are college bound and thus can’t be signed.  Sather’s restraint is also partially due to the team’s proximity to the 50-contract limit and to its attempts to land mercenaries, but it might be a carefully calculated move in preparation for the new CBA.

If Sather continues to wait, he may be in position to get the products of some of the scouting staff’s latest tremendous work locked up for four seasons instead of three.

Seems like pretty shrewd planning.



  1. Dave says:

    Didn’t even think of this. Solid post Kev.

  2. Walt says:

    This is slick if what you say turns out to be a well thought out plan on the part of the organization!

    I just hope that we can get a deal in place, sooner rather than later, and that the season beging on time. In the 55 plus years that I’ve followed this team, I can’t remember a season that I couldn’t wait to begin.

    Let’s just hope that level heads come to an agreement, and each side gives a little so we don’t have a lock out.

    • Lord Stanley says:

      They have been talking for 5 weeks that’s a good sign. We still have 6 weeks to go. They’ll come to an agreement. The game has grown they have a new long term deal with NBC they can’t afford another lockout even if it’s 2 months.

  3. Rickyrants13 says:

    If the NHL makes it a five year thing They will be done. All this will do is make sure that no players come from over seas. And that even more from this side will go over seas. The NHL better watch where they walk on this one. Even 4 years could be pushing things.

  4. Jess says:


    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but when it comes to signing prospects; players already drafted will fall under the rules in effect at the time they were drafted.

    Any changes would not start until the first draft class after the new CBA goes into effect.