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What Doan and Nash would mean to the Rangers

July 23, 2012, by

According to Larry Brooks, Glen Sather may have the intention of trying to entice Shane Doan and Rick Nash to New York. Should the general manager manage to pull off that coup what would it mean to the Rangers immediate future?

First and foremost, like many others I believe that Shane Doan is a longshot to land on Broadway despite his meeting with Rangers management within the last week. Doan has an obvious preference toward Phoenix and a man that has played in hockey afterthoughts such as Arizona is likely to prefer the western conference than change completely and play in the media capital of the world, New York.

However, assume for a moment that Doan lands in New York and Sather adds Nash through a trade. All of a sudden the Rangers are the Stanley Cup favourite; ahead of Vancouver, ahead of LA, ahead of even Pittsburgh and Philly. With a returning Marian Gaborik, Derek Stepan and of course Brad Richards and Ryan Callahan the Rangers top six would suddenly be stacked with an almost perfect balance of youth and experience, size and skill.

With Chris Kreider likely developing on the third line with a combination of players such as Artem Anisimov and Carl Hagelin (the make-up of the line obviously depending on the package to acquire Nash) the Rangers would have three lines capable of scoring and an enviable blend of speed and size throughout the line-up, not just in the top six.

There is also the likely influence Nash and Doan would have on the power play. All of a sudden an under performing unit would inherit a presence in front of the net (Doan) and a player who scores heavily in Nash. The power play would become deep with talent and surely would be vastly improved. Just imagine what the Rangers regular season record would have been this past season with ‘just’ 5-10 additional power play goals. Imagine for a moment how the Rangers season would have ended if the power play in the playoffs would have been just 3 or 4 percent more effective?

If Sather can add both wingers without stripping the club of too many assets and without over-committing to Doan then it is a must do. With Pittsburgh going hard at Parise yet losing out, then also losing quality of their own, with the Kings not having the scoring depth of the Rangers (based on the above New York additions) and teams like Boston, Detroit, Vancouver and Washington either standing pat or losing key pieces over the past few months never will the opportunity have been greater for the Rangers.

Through the media reports of the Doan meeting and the Rangers being ‘in’ on Shea Weber we know Sather is actively trying to upgrade the Rangers regardless of the uncertainty around the CBA. It’s clear that Sather recognises the unique opportunity in front of him. With Doan and Nash the opportunity will indeed be a massive one.


  1. SalMerc says:

    Adding these quality of players would be great, but at what cost? If the packeage to acquire Nash is MDZ, Dubinsky and Erixon, is it stall a good deal? I think so. If you change the bounty to AA and Kreider, do you still do the deal? I would. Let’s wait and see what Sather can really do.

    • Zen says:

      The bounty would most likely be something like Hagelin, Dubi, top 5 prospect (not Krieder), 1st-rounder. That makes the most sense based on public comments made by Howson about wanting forwards. I would do that in a second, because none of those players will ever be in Nash’s league. Love Hagelin but if Step isn’t going anywhere, then Haggy is the guy going.

      • Chris says:

        Kreider should not be and isn’t up for discussion. There’s very few players id package him for and Nash isn’t one. Even though I want him…

  2. Walt says:

    I believe that we are having a major pipe dream with this thought of getting both players!

    First of all, Doan would be a wonderful addition, but mark my words, he is using the Rangers as leverage to get the Dogs to commit, and or bargin against some western team. The man loves the west, and he would be a fish out of water in NYC!

    As for Nash, he would be more likely the person we land. At what cost? If the package is right, lets have at him. I believe that Nash would have much more of an impact with us that Doan. He is big, strong, young, and scores. He has made a request to be traded, and it appears that the ducks are all aligned for us to win out on the comp!

    Hay, if we could land Doan as well great, but for how long? As I posted the other day about YA Title, this guy can get old on us over night, and because he is over 35, the cap hit stays, even if we pull a Redden on him, we are still charged with the cap hit! That my friends would be a bad move, but what do I know?

  3. Matt says:

    I think with the Rangers having an immediate window to be cup favorites for the next 3 seasons, they should do everything possible to acquire both players.

    I know they have a lot of young talent coming up, but guys like Hank/Richards/Gabby..and Doan/Nash, if acquired, have smaller windows and to pair them with young guys coming into their prime, it would be a deadly mix.

  4. Kevin Baumer says:

    Chances of getting both guys is very slim, but agree with Chris’s sentiments that it could push the Rangers to “favorite” status. Of course contingent on what goes back for Nash, but a very shallow offensive team could suddenly look very dangerous.

  5. Chris.C says:

    Larry Brooks is a Putz, he just writes garbage and drums crap up like his peice were discussing now. The Nash Trade is gonna bust up the talent pool we have. Doan or Semin id rather have at 4 mil a year. This team has what it takes to move much more foward or deeper now. Our rookies now know what its like and takes to win in the second season. And will train harder. Our boys that were off there game this year will bounce be back and will begn blowing up the score boards again. Just settle down and watch this team of kids Grow into a Monster of a Beast. Be Patient.

  6. Sioux-per-man says:

    Nice thought, it could happen, but the chances are slim. I do see a Nash deal happening just not sure when or who goes in the deal.

    Doan would fit perfectly into the Rangers line of players. Everyone says he is a west coast player only. I don’t agree with that he has played for both Rangers coaches in the past, New York is one of the best places to play, and why not play for a contender and have the chance to put your name on the stanley cup!!!

  7. Lord Stanley says:

    Doan and Nash are closer than most people think. There is not one team out there that fits doan’s personality and style other than our beloved rangers. Throw in a great shot at winning a cup and the relationship with torts schoenfeld and Sullivan and that makes us a favorite for Doan. Sather is waiting howson out to perfection. Weber nullifies Philly and CBJ won’t trade within division. I would trade Hags in a heartbeat no more than a 3rd line skater. Jesper Fast is faster and more skilled and will be in NY in 2013.

  8. rob sahm says:

    ask yourselves this question what if kreider becomes a bust what if hagelin becomes another mike york its time to make the move for nash now im not saying give into there demands but im sure they can make a deal thats suits each teams demands dont you agree

  9. Lord Stanley says:

    I’ll part with Hagelin not Kreider he showed exactly how good he is and he has so much potential we should not trade him. He already has more playoff goals than Nash and will only get better.

  10. Mark says:

    NASH TO RANGERS>>> go to TSN.CA or Mynhltraderumors… it is in the process apparently

  11. Mark says:

    Nash to Rangers in the process…as per Darren Dragger…

  12. Lord Stanley says:

    Doan is next all of a sudden rangers has the deepest group of forwards in the game, Pp improves and we still have youth and pieces to build around.