A team to be proud of on and off the ice

July 14, 2012, by

The hockey news flow has come to a grinding halt in mid-July, but on Thursday a couple of non-game related stories attracted the attention of the online fan community.

The first was extremely negative, as quotes emerged from an online radio show recorded on Tuesday in which New Jersey enforcer Cam Janssen made several disparaging remarks about gay people and also discussed his eagerness to injure opposing players.  The second involved Rangers forward Chris Kreider, who had participated in a charity hockey game in Connecticut and spent an hour signing autographs and interacting with fans following the event.

One story involved a Ranger and the other involved a Devil and while it may seem like this is just a potshot at a rival player, to me it’s more about pride in what this current group of Rangers represents both on and off the ice.

Though Janssen has been know to run his mouth in the past, his public remarks this week may be an all-time low.  Janssen, who has since apologized, made explicit homophobic comments and joked about hitting other players in the head in the interview, which you can listen to in its entirety here.

Meanwhile, Kreider joyfully skated with NHL colleagues, gave a huge chunk of his time to fans long after all the other players had left and even asked the rink manager to let him practice alone purely for self-satisfaction.

The reality is that there are a lot of jerks in sports similar to Janssen, even if they aren’t stupid enough to spit bile on public airwaves.  But one of the things to really be proud of with the New York Rangers is that by all accounts, the group of young players that have quickly transformed the team into a winner on the ice are also terrific citizens away from the rink.
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  1. Walt says:

    The NHL really does a great job of doing good things for the needy, and the Rangers always did their fair share as well.

    With the addition of the Kreider kid, I am soooooo proud of his brains, heart, and kindness. This young man is a class act, and goes about his business with his feet firmly planted in the ground, where as the dip stick like Janssen is a disgrace! I’m no gay hater, or lover for that matter, but his remarks are totally uncalled for. I’m also not a fan of big women, and that is also insulting, he should be forced to sit out some 25 games, ala Avery!

  2. Jude says:

    Jansen is a knuckle head and always has been so no surprise there. But krieder is just awesome. He is a kid and he just gets it. I don’t want to get crazy but it great to know we have a future star and possible new face for the NHL. As a rangers fan I couldn’t be happier.

  3. Chris in MA says:

    An executive at the company i work for is family friends with the Kreiders. We often talk hockey as he is a fan, and knowing I’m a rangers fan, he had been telling me how great of a person he is off the ice before his time with BC was over. it’s awesome

  4. Jess says:

    Give the Rangers credit because character is a huge factor when they draft a prospect. Players who give of themselves are more likely to be unselfish on the ice as they are off the ice.

  5. Irish Mob says:

    This article is a joke. To imply that the character of one player on a team makes the organization better than another is just plain dumb. This story was an excuse for a Rangers fan to claim that the Rangers are better than the Devils in some small way. Lets just single out Kreider’s good deeds and compare them to a bounce around unimportant player like Jansen’s Internet radio garbage. Get a life.

    • Walt says:

      The truth hurts!!

      We are not branding the entire NJ team as ass holes, just Janssen. The Devils fans are as loyal as Ranger fans, this is not a put down on them, but on the flaming idiot that one of their player is!

      • Spozo says:

        If they were as loyal as ranger fans then the Devils wouldn’t have problems selling out home playoff games.