Is Shane Doan worth a multi-year deal?

July 13, 2012, by

While Shane Doan waits for the ownership situation in Glendale to fix itself, the rest of the NHL waits for him to make his decision. It’s quite fascinating how one player can keep the entire trade market at a stand-still, but that’s the kind of player Shane Doan is.

He’s a leader, a great locker room guy, and he happens to be pretty good at this hockey thing too. He’s a blue collar type of player, and is a two-way player who is capable of 25 goals and 60 points if he were to move to a more offensively talented team. It’s one of the reasons why the 35 (will be 36) year old winger is so coveted.

But that brings us to another question. The rumors are circulating that Doan will be seeking a multi-year deal, perhaps as long as four years. A four year deal will terminate after Doan’s age-39 season. While some have proven that you can be successful in your late 30s (see: Whitney, Ray; Jagr, Jaromir), it’s the exception to the rule.

Under the current CBA, any contract given to Doan that is greater than one year will result in a guaranteed cap hit for the life of the contract. It’s a significant risk for a 36 year old who just had his lowest offensive output since the 2001-2002 season. If Doan’s output continues to drop, then the team signing him will be paying for a top-six forward with bottom-six offensive output.

That said, on the Rangers Doan would have put him in the top-five in scoring, one point behind Derek Stepan’s 51 points. Doan has managed to put up at least 50 points on a fairly offensively-challenged Phoenix club. If people are using the argument that Rick Nash would need support, then can’t the same argument be used for Doan, especially if he will have Brad Richards as his center for the first few months of the season?

Is that worth what will likely be a $4.5 million cap hit (guaranteed) over the next three years, possibly four? The Rangers sure do have the cap space to take that kind of hit, but the big risk is that it becomes an albatross in years three and four. A major negotiating point will be the inclusion of that fourth year on the deal. Some teams will bite, and if Glen Sather believes the addition of Doan will make the Rangers a Cup contender, he will bite as well.

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  1. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Not for 4 years, and I would prefer we save the money for next years FA pool

  2. rusta says:

    No more than 2 years, maybe at a little higher $ per year. Four years guaranteed is crazy for a 36yr old….

  3. Chris in MA says:

    Really depends the whole contract as a whole. The shorter the term, the more money he should get.

    At $3.5 to $4m, I’d give him 4yrs.
    At $4 to $4.5m, I’d give him 3yrs.
    At $4.5 to $5m, I’d give him 2yrs.

    • Section 121 says:


      Although, I would slide the scale down $0.5m for each term starting at $3m to $3.5m etc.

  4. SalMerc says:

    Maybe 2 year deal, but he could turn out to be Boyle on our team. Not sure we need another Boyle.

  5. Rickyrants13 says:

    How bout give him a six year deal and spread the cap hit out even more? This way it wouldnt hurt us that much.

    • TheWrage says:

      Those six years remain on the cap unless he is traded away. He cannot be Redden’ed. Not wise with players 35 or older.

      • Rickyrants13 says:

        If he is looking for a 4 year deal worth 4 mil per year. And you want him that bad. It would be much wiser to give him a six year deal worth around 2.7 mill He would be worth it. And they could front oad it to play with the cap hit even more. Surely he would be worth it. And surely he would give us more then 2 mill worth. Just his leadership alone as a third line player later down the road would be worth that.

  6. Zen says:

    I would rather give up assets to get a younger player, than risk having a mandatory cap hit on the books for a declining player. And you aren’t getting Doan for cheap or less than 3 yrs either. There will be too many teams in on him for that to happen. Would take Doan for 2 years only.

  7. Walt says:

    Doan is a class act, hard worker, team man, two way player, scores around 50 points a year, but not worth more than 2 years!

    If there are that many teams willing to pay him a huge amount of money, for 3-4 years, wish him well, and advise him to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out!

    We don’t need a man that may have seen his best years behind him, restrict us from making a better long term deal, for a younger player. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, respect his game, but not for anything more than 2 years. After that contract, if he is indeed playing at the level he has, then we resign him then!

  8. Kevin says:

    Rumors flying that an Eastern Conference team has offered Doan four-years, $30 million+…

  9. ranger17 says:

    could be wrong but i see Doan ending up in Detroit

  10. jeff says:

    pass on Mr. Doan. he will take up avaluable seat on the bench and hinder ranger youth with the dollars he is seeking.