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Musings: No Parise, No Suter, So what?

July 5, 2012, by

While I was sitting down this morning to figure out what to write about on my day off, I remembered that today is Thursday. Which means it’s musings day. This actually worked out perfectly, because I’ve honestly been having some writer’s block lately. Everything I could think about was no more than a paragraph or two long. How wonderfully this worked out that today is Thursday….one or two paragraphs per thought is exactly what musings day is!

First things first, it’s great to see that the Minnesota Wild landed the two biggest fish on the free agency market. In the span of five minutes they went from being a perennial cap floor team to the second highest spending team in the league. The fans there are incredibly loyal and they love their team, so it’s good to finally see them rewarded. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter make them legitimate contenders. There aren’t many teams in the Northwest that can contend with them (Vancouver).

Speaking of the Northwest Division, the it seems that every team is leaving the Calgary Flames in the dust. Each team, save for the Canucks, made significant upgrades to address gaping holes, and the Flames added…Jiri Hudler. That division is no longer a pushover division. It’s going to be a dogfight in the West next year.

Now on to the Rangers, boy did they (and the rest of the conference) dodge a bullet when Parise not only shunned the Penguins, but took Suter with him out West. The Atlantic Division is now a weaker division, as both Parise and Jordan Staal are gone. The Penguins likely have the most skill in the division, but the Rangers aren’t as far behind them now as they were.

Aside from Rick Nash, there is one other option for the Rangers that has remained very quiet over the past few days: Shane Doan. We know he won’t sign before July 9 because of ownership issues in Phoenix, but if that comes and goes with no resolution, the Rangers are going to pursue Doan hard. Can you imagine a top-nine consisting of (in no particular order): Doan, Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards, Carl Hagelin, Chris Kreider, Ryan Callahan, Artem Anisimov, Derek Stepan, and Brandon Dubinsky? Not many teams can match that depth.

Another hole the Rangers need to fill? A right handed defenseman. With the Rangers looking to re-sign Anton Stralman, he becomes a big priority for them. Dan Girardi is the only right-handed shot on the blue line right now, assuming Michael Sauer won’t be back soon and Stu Bickel is the seventh defenseman. Michael Del Zotto, Ryan McDonagh, Marc Staal, and Tim Erixon are all left-handed shots. Dylan McIlrath is a right handed shot, but he’s likely another year away from turning pro.

While on the topic of defenseman, here are a few interesting points that came on on Twitter, thanks to Matt Calamia:

  • Del Zotto finished last season with just five less points than Suter.
  • Del Zotto finished last season with three MORE goals than Suter.
  • Girardi finished ahead of Suter in Norris voting.

As Matt points out, this doesn’t mean that the Girardi and Del Zotto are better than Suter, but it is some interesting food for thought. Suter costs $7.5 million a year, Girardi costs $3.975 million, and Del Zotto will likely cost $2 million. But yet the Rangers are the team that overpays?

One last bit: I get asked a lot which prospect I think can make the roster. The easy answer here is Tim Erixon. But my dark horse is J.T. Miller, the kid is progressing faster than anyone thought possible. This is barring a trade of course.

Some questions before we wrap up:

  • What do you prefer: A trade for Rick Nash involving a top-nine forward and a prospect, or signing Shane Doan?
  • What are your offensive output predictions for Tim Erixon?
  • Which right handed defenseman do you want the Rangers to target?
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  1. Kevin says:

    As a rookie? 3 goals, 15 assists. Long term I think he has 40-point potential. Great vision from the point.
    I’d be happy to have Stralman back.

  2. Chuck A. says:

    Don’t send this post to the Wild GM…

  3. Sally says:


    I would also be happy to have Stralman back. He did well in the post season.

  4. nyr1579 says:

    i’d take doan over nash and honestly i’d be content with no move at all. sign stralman, pair him with erixon give them 15 minutes a night.
    if erixon gets full year 7 goals 22 assists
    i realize this team is built to win now, but like you guys keep saying the window has just opened. why trade it away and take on that salary? let miller try and make club…share gaboriks minutes amongst the kids krieder, hags, miller…
    if doan leaves phx(don’t see it)then sign him and let miller come up in november like hagelin did…

  5. Chris F says:

    I’d like to posit an alternative route for the Rangers to pursue. Rather than look at signing the over-the-hill Shane Doan, I’d like to see the Rangers pursue a younger, longer-term skilled forward.

    Obviously, Nash comes to mind. However, I think most of us agree that the asking price has been and looks likely to remain absurdly high.

    Some discussion has been generated regarding the potential for a Bobby Ryan trade (he’s apparently asked out of Anaheim), and he would require a great deal less than Nash in terms of assets leaving NY.

    However, perhaps a stretch, but I’d like to see Sather pick up the phone and inquire into the possibility of a trade for Patrick Kane. This is a kid with some image problems, and has been in a bit of a production rut. There are some very tangible frustrations within the organization in regard to Kane’s numbers and his off-ice activities, but I think he’s be a tremendous addition to the Rangers. The only question, what would Chicago ask in return?

  6. MBN says:

    I am going to buck the trend here. I wouldn’t mind Doan, but he is not the top choice. Ryan is. Followed by E. Kane. I would overpay (in terms of talent) for him.

    Erixon: I am not convinced he gets a full season in NY. So something along teh lines of 3-5 goals, and maybe 12-15 assists.

    Stralman does it for me.

  7. Scully says:

    Are we talking realistic options here? I wonder how available P.K. Subban is… He shoots right.

  8. Chris F says:

    The Flyers just signed Fedotenko to a one-year, $1.75 million contract.

  9. ranger17 says:

    Feds at 1.75 realy. Like to see the Rangers get Peter Mueller on the cheap . Could be a diamond in the ruff

  10. Mikeyyyy says:

    Should make a push for Ryan.

    An Offer to Evander Kane. Really the guy is unhappy, pay the picks for a future talent that torts can mold.
    An Offer to Mike Green this guy oozes offense and would make a great pp qb.

    And Sign Alexander Semin. He can be gotten for real cheap because of his reputation. 3 mill? For a replacement for gabby? no brainer…we can always bury him in Hartford if it doesn’t work out. and a 2 year deal is not bad…unless you can get Ryan…

    Oh and Feds signed on with Philly…looks like they like our sloppy seconds. Jagr, Betts, Feds…cough cough.

    • Zen says:

      Kane and Green not available. Semin is a locker room cancer. Rangers have zero interest.

      Ryan is a great backup plan for Nash though.

    • Chris says:

      Why wouldn’t Winnipeg simply match whatever offer sheet the Rangers present E Kane with? I don’t see them letting Kane go for merely a 2nd round pick in compensation.

      Semin is even tougher to sign. Any lowball NHL offers he gets will easily be exceeded by a KHL team.

      As far as Ryan, I don’t understand the infatuation. He’s a bigger, slower, less talented version of Semin. Not someone I am willing to give up the best prospects for.

      Ultimately, Kreider will be better than all three of these players. While the Rangers already have Mike Green, his name is Michael Del Zotto

  11. evan says:

    Great post today dave. The fact of the matter is that two of our Atlantic division rivals got significantly weaker. I feel a lot of people do not realize how important Jordan Staal was to that team. The Devils losing parise speaks for itself. And the flyers still have byrzgalov in net.

    Patience is definitely key now. Carolina, who was on Nash’s list, dropped out of the running because Howson was asking for Skinner. If Howson is looking for top performing NHL ready players plus youth, I do not see how a deal will be made. The only thing that may force sather to act is if the Penguins or Flyers make a move. However, both the Penguins and Flyers need help on defense, not offense. The person to keep an eye out for is Shea Weber. If he asks to be traded, that will change a lot.

    Good to see a small market team signs the best UFAs, but as of yesterday minnesota has a cap of 70 million. They are going to have to offload some people.

  12. Zen says:

    I actually feel that Sather is looking to get Nash AND Doan. He would settle for one, but wants both.

    Weber is the guy to get, but I am guessing Stralman is the fall back plan.

  13. Walt says:

    Erixon will score 5 goals, 18 assists, given the playing time!

    Doan would be a nice addition, no assist lost, two years to groom JT Miller. He won’t leave the west, he loves that life style. I posted that he has many horses, and is laid back, the Big Apple would not be a good fit for this guy, as much as I would like to have him.

    Keep Green, he won’t play Tort’s style of “D”, and Weber is a wet dream. Hang tough, wait for the McIlrath kid to develope, one more year, and save our kids, and picks.

    I asked for E Kane before, and I’ll ask again, he is the real deal. As for P Kane, I believe he would be a cancer in the locker room, and too soft. Semin has great up-side, but he doesn’t show up every game, let alone every shift.

    Save as much cap space as we can, next season’s FA market will be great, that is the time to make moves. Then the only thing your out is cash, and you still have the core players, with one more year of experience.

    • Chris F says:

      Um, the soft, cancerous forward I believe you’re referring to is, in fact, Semin.

      P. Kane is not a locker-room problem, he’s just young and overexuberant with his partying. He’ll mature. And, he ain’t that soft.

      • Walt says:


        If Torts sent MDZ down to the AHL because he liked to party, how do you see P Kand fit in?? I don’t!

        • Chris F says:

          Well, to be fair, MDZ was an unproven kid at the time. Kane is a proven scorer, well worth the occasional drink.

  14. Doug Lowenstein says:

    Dave, what is your infatuation with AA? You keep selling that the Rangers are deep up the middle but deep doesn’t equal skilled and after BR the skill at C is very limited. AA has hit his ceiling. we have been hearing about his upside for three years and it ain’t very high. BB is fine for a 4th line center, maybe 3rd line. Step may be the real deal but you cannot put a lot of chips in on that given his poor play over last 2 months and fact that his size and strength are a liability. When you get down to it we have one legit C and that’s BR.

  15. Seahorse says:

    since this thread turned unrealistic:
    1. lets trade brad richards for Malkin
    2. hagelin and 2nd rounder for ovechkin
    3. evander kane for J.T. Miller

    and just for laughs
    4. Chara for the freedom tower

    just cause we are the rangers doesnt mean we can get everyone all the time, see Parise, Zach and Suter, Ryan
    seriously, patrick kane of the stanley cup winning Blackhawks

    • evan says:

      Seahorse, were the Rangers ever really in the running for parise, zach or suter, ryan? No idea how that is a good example.

      And also, those two 13 year 98 million dollar deals are so stupid and im glad sather didnt get close to them. People are saying nash may be entering years where he begins his decline. Everyone realizes that nash is 30 days older than parise and his 7.8 cap hit will only last for 6 years? Meanwhile, Parise’s 7.5 cap hit will last until he is 40. Minnesota can enjoy that.

      Not really sure what you are referring to as unrealistic on this thread. The rangers have a ton of young tradeable assets and I think they could get any one of the players who is available via a trade. The question is does sather want to give up our youth.

    • Walt says:

      Get real, you forgot Jon Toews, Getzlaf, and Perry.

      This site is more for discussions, and what if’s, but I think you gave us something to think about!

    • Chris F says:

      Seahorse, you may want to do a little research before dismissing our “what ifs” with such derision. Numerous rumors have suggested the Blackhawks are in the market to trade Kane. They’re looking for an overall after a couple disappointing seasons.

      • Seahorse says:

        i apologize i didnt hear that rumor. i was kinda just trying to be funny. sarcasms hard to put into text.

        i didnt want parise or suter for those contracts, they were way overdone as spelled out elegantly in this musing post, which i enjoyed greatly.

        just an fyi for future posts i just try and get a laugh. if that kane rumor is true he’d be an easier pickup, cause the blackhawks are in a less desperate position and the GM there isnt demanding the world for a very good if not great but over paid player.

  16. Jake Silver says:

    To answer your 3 Qs: 1) I don’t want either Nash or Doan. Doan is 35 years old. haven’t we learned our lesson yet? As for Nash, they’re asking too much. 2)I’m not sold on Erixon, has not impressed me what I’ve seen. He’s not strong enough for the NHL (yet?). 3) Would love Keith Yandle.

    • Chris F says:

      I agree on Erixon. I just haven’t seen much worth all the ink that’s been spilled.

  17. Tommy's says:

    When you see what all these defense men keep getting signed for starting to see why we keep drafting d-men.

  18. Section 121 says:

    Prefer Doan
    15 pts for Erixon
    Target Stralman

  19. rob sahm says:

    rangers will not get any scorers i repeat they will not get any scorers . because sather is just as big of a douche bag as scott howson is.

  20. rob sahm says:

    oh p.s if you do get scoring please get shane doan thanks mr. douche i mean sather