Rangers keep drafting well

June 30, 2012, by

We know the Rangers only had four picks in the 2012 NHL draft but the more you read across the internet-hockey-universe the more it seems the Rangers keep getting it right.

How much stock you place in the Hockey News is entirely up to you (some of their writers enjoy sensationalising at times) but going by the recent International scouting service (ISS) head’s column on their website it may appear the Rangers grabbed another draft steal with Calle Andersson’s selection in the fourth round.

Most people (myself included) know little of Andersson despite his solid year in Swedish juniors. What we do know is that he is known to be a potential powerplay quarterback with great size and solid ability and according to the above linked column has outperformed more highly touted draft picks including first rounder’s such as Hampus Lindholm who was drafted sixth overall by the Ducks this year.

Whether Lindholm at six was a reach or not, there is significant difference in value between a lottery pick and a guy going around the 100 mark if they are at similar stages in their performance. Add Cristoval (I hate his nickname) Nieves to the apparent steal that Andersson may become and the Rangers really have done well – going by reports.

Nieves was compared to Hugh Jessiman by Bob McKenzie of TSN but only – as he later pointed out – in regard to his tremendous physical potential and apparent ability. Whether the Rangers picks max out their potential is still far from a guarantee but it’s the continuing ability of the Rangers to draft what seems good value that has the organisation in an enviable position going forward.

One of the reasons a club like Detroit has remained a contender long term has been their ability to draft well later in drafts. These days the Rangers do this consistently as well.  Nieves for example was the 27th ranked North American skater yet was grabbed 59th overall. It could be another steal and we all know of the Rangers recent ability to find quality in round two.

Credit must be given to Gordie Clark and the Rangers not to feel the need to add a pick for the sake of it (given four is a small number for any draft year) and concentrate on finding value and potential steals. It’s not necessarily the quantity but above all the quality that matters down the road.


  1. Walt says:

    Do we detect a Sweedish flavor to this team. Young kids like Fasth, Lindburg, Andersson, to name a few. The common tread is speed with these kids, as well as two way play, I personnally like it!

    Gordie is probably one of the best scouts out there, we are lucky to have him in our organization.

    • Chris says:

      As typecast is it may be, another reason they may draft swedes is team ethic. Swedes in all sports are known as very team first, hard working types fitting right in with the Rangers mould

  2. Blueblood Blueline says:

    In Gordie We Trust!! I sure hope he sticks around a long time in his current role!! Fantastic job of reading the draft and grabbing kids that fit the team mold AND have high ceilings with proper drive and development. Excited about what Gordie and scout team can do with 5 picks in first 3 rounds next year to continue stocking the system. Whether they use all the picks or use them to manuever “In Gordie We Trust”!!!

  3. Chuck A. says:

    So does this mean BSB goes back to the moniker “In Gordie we trust??” Oh, how I loved those days… 🙂

  4. Rob sahm says:

    Cant wait to see guys like st. croix and lindberg and jesper fasth