Former Ranger Pavel Bure headed to Hockey Hall of Fame

June 26, 2012, by

Former Ranger winger Pavel Bure was one of four elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame this afternoon. Bure will join Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, and Adam Oates as the class of 2012. During his two-year stint with the Rangers, the oft-injured winger still managed to put up almost a point-per-game pace, with a line of 31-19-50 in 51 games.

Sakic and Sundin were the first ballot Hall of Famers, while Bure and Oates had been on the ballot for a couple of years. Surprisingly snubbed on his first ballot was Brendan Shannahan, who has 100 more goals and three more Stanley Cups than Sundin. Also left off this year’s class were first timers Jeremy Roenick and Curtis Joseph; and hold-overs Eric Lindros, Dave Andreychuck, Kevin Lowe, and Pat Burns.

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  1. wwpd says:

    LOL @ “Former Ranger”

    that aside, good for pavel. the guy was just amazing to watch on skates

  2. Walt says:

    The men voted in earned the right for that honor!

    What a joke, Lindros, and Roenick, two clowns who’s names should never have been put forward in the first place. Would have loved to see Burns, and Lowe selected, two class acts, who accomplished something. Lindros, and Roenick are self serving fools.

    • Mikeyyy says:

      Yeah. Your off on the self serving stuff.

      Lindros donated 5 mil to research and he works a lot with habitat for humanity. This amount is the most donated by a Canadian sports figure. And he almost died of a collapsed lung, which Keith Jones saved his life by insisting he go to a hospital. He called out trainers before concussions became a hot topic for not diagnosing players.

      JR with all his bravado, always treated most fans with respect, whether signing autographs or giving sticks and helping charities. He always made time for the fans. And his openness and playing style were all out all the time….and funny thing is, he called out the Philly doctors as well when he was suffering from a concussion. Some of hockey’s greatest moments had him in it. Like Roy’s comment about the rings in his ears.

  3. Brian says:

    I wonder if Shanahan not getting into the Hall of Fame has anything to do with him doing such a bad job as head of player safety this season. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if that factored into the decision.

    • mhurley says:

      He’s tarnished his legacy by being Bettman’s bagman. Does he really need the money that bad to keep that thankless job?

  4. Sioux-per-man says:

    They will all get in in time. But Shanny does have a 100 more goals, and 3 more rings. I would have put him in over Sundin in heartbeat.