2012 NHL Draft Live Blog: Day 2

June 23, 2012, by

Well last night sure was interesting. Several players changed teams (Mike Ribeiro, Sergei Bobrovsky, Lubomir Visnovsky), with Pittsburgh making two separate blockbuster (Jordan Staal, Zbynek Michalek). Full details of Round One can be found here.

As for the Rangers, they stayed quiet on the trade front. Well, that is if you don’t include that the Rangers were in on the discussions for Jordan Staal. No deal went through, but the Rangers made a solid pick in Brady Skjei (pronounced Shay). Kevin has a great writeup about him here.

Join us after the jump for live blogging of rounds 2-7, in which the Rangers have picks in round 2-4. I expect there to be some wheelin and dealin today, so check back often.

10:26 – Rangers take Cristoval “Boo” Nieves. Solid skater, big body. Headed to Michigan. He’s a bit of a project, but Michigan churns out great NHL talent (see: Hagelin, Carl).

10:41 – Bruins trade Benoit Pouliot to Tampa for Michel Oulett and a 5th round pick.

10:54 – Rangers trade their 2012 3rd round pick to Nashville for a 2013 3rd round pick. Looks like they didn’t see anyone they were interested in at this point in the draft.

11:18 – Zachary Stepan (Derek’s cousin) goes to Nashville. Tim Boyle (Brian’s brother) goes to Ottawa.

11:28 – Rangers take Swedish defenseman Calle Andersson with their 4th round pick. Anderson is a big kid (6’2″, 211 lbs).

11:53 – Rangers trade a 2013 5th round pick to Nashville for a 2012 5th round pick. The Rangers used that pick to draft Thomas Spelling, a RW out of Denmark.


  1. Rickyrants13 says:

    H them taking Nieves in the 1st round. Didnt think he would be around this long. We got two good picks.

  2. Rickyrants13 says:

    Now I want them to take Andreas Athanasiou in the 3rd. And Justin Kea in the 4th

    • Dave says:

      So much for Kea.

      • Rickyrants13 says:

        Yea Buff took him. But no one is saying what we got other then a 6th round pick for our 3rd…

        • Dave says:

          They just swapped 3rd in 2012/2013. Much like they just did with the 5ths.

          • Rickyrants13 says:

            So they got a 2012 5th rounder, And 2013 3rd For their 2012?

            Dont like this at all there were still two great players on the board Athasiou and Zarkov

            • Dave says:

              No…they traded their 2012 3rd for the 2013 3rd. Then traded their 2013 5th for a 2012 5th. Two trades, two picks in each trade.

              • Rickyrants13 says:

                Okay yea Iknew they didnt have a 5th so I was wondering where that came from Thanks

  3. Tim B says:

    After the draft, if Shultz is acquired than would it be a good idea to trade Marc Staal for a scorer on the top line to play left wing?

  4. Walt says:

    I don’t know about trading Staal, but I sure as hell wish they would draft a d-man that is physical, ala Book was!