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A new potential trade target emerges: Evander Kane

June 16, 2012, by

As expected, other options have begun to emerge as potential solutions for the Rangers’ offensive woes outside of Zach Parise and Rick Nash. Parise has already declared his disinterest in signing with the Rangers and Columbus’s asking price for Nash is still through the roof, but there are other players that could help supplement the Blueshirts’ attack.

Trade rumors are building steam as the draft approaches and it does seem as though some significant names could be available.  One of particular interest is Winnipeg Jets left wing Evander Kane.

The 20-year-old, a restricted free agent, is reportedly unwilling to negotiate a new contract with Winnipeg, spurring speculation that he could be trade bait this week.

Plenty of teams would heavy interest, but if Kane is indeed available, GM Glen Sather should get Winnipeg GM Kevin Cheveldayoff on the phone.

Kane was drafted fourth overall in 2009 and is still younger than Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan.  He has only begun to scratch the surface of his ability, yet has put up goal totals of 14, 19 and 30 in his first three seasons with the Jets/Thrashers.

Kane’s advanced metrics are nothing to write home about, but that’s as much a product of him playing for a perennial doormat as anything else.

As The Suit pointed out last week, the Rangers have a glaring deficiency of big-bodied forwards with ability, and Kane is exactly that.  He currently stands at 6-foot-2, 190 lbs and although he could still pack on some muscle, he’s already an imposing physical presence and a heavy hitter (173 last year).

There are rumors that Kane has been a bit of a problem child and while it’s a little unnerving that Kane has irritated his first club this quickly, he’s also been thrust into unusual circumstances.  Kane was drafted by an awful Atlanta team that had no fans and just as he turned 20, the franchise migrated to the frigid climate of Manitoba.

It’s uncommon for a player as young and talented as Kane to become available, but if he is indeed on the market he could become one of the biggest stories of draft week.

Still, Kane will likely command significantly less than either Nash or Ryan in a trade because of the aforementioned locker room issues and because he is still relatively unproven.

Multiple interested clubs could drive the bidding up, but if a package of something like the 28th overall pick, Tim Erixon and Christian Thomas is enough to pique Winnipeg’s interest, then the Blueshirts should strongly consider pursuing a deal.

Adding another young piece with massive potential is always a wise move, especially when it could shore up the lineup’s greatest weakness.


  1. Jess says:


    Why do you keep wanting to overpay for trades? Glen Sather would never make this kind of deal

    • Kevin says:

      I don’t view that as overpayment for a 20-year-old that scored 30 goals last year. 35-40 in his future. That doesn’t come cheap.

    • Matt J says:

      That’s not overpayment. Kane is very good.

    • JoeP199 says:

      It’s a deal that I’d make, maybe include Dubinsky instead of Erixon. He’s young, and even if he has some issues, the Ranger locker room is pretty good, with veterans (Cally, Richie, Hank) who should be able to help him mature.

    • Dave says:

      It costs something to get something Jess. Losing Erixon would be a blow, but Kane is worth it.

  2. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I feel like we should see what our own kids can do first. We can what if things…which is not necessary. Let us watch our own picks become the next…this player or that player

    • Justin says:

      Problem is kids drafted 15-30 just don’t have the ceilings that kids drafted 1-5 usually have.

    • Zen says:

      This team has a window where Henrik & Ruchards aren’t regressing and Gabby is still around. We can’t just wait forever for kids to develop. At some point when you are close to the CUP, you have to just go for it… which means trading some prospects for players who are good NOW. Trading for Kane isn’t like moving youth for a 35 year old with one good year left, it is actually improving the core.

    • Kevin says:

      The problem with prospects is there is no guarantee they ever amount to anything. Kane is already established.

      • Leatherneckinlv says:

        There is no guarantee those players would find chemistry here either,,,it is all hypothetical fact is our players drafted are in the system scouted by Gordie Clark for a reason.

    • Dave says:

      The problem is you can’t always wait for kids to develop. Hank isn’t getting younger. This is their window to win.

      You also can’t fit all these guys on the roster. At some point, you need to make a gamble and see what happens.

  3. Rickyrants13 says:

    I will tell you one thing I trade what you said Over what it would take to land Nash anyday and twice on Sunday.

    When your set on D and can make a FA steal for another Def and you have a chance to give up a D man like Erixon and Smallish player in Thomas for a beast like Kane who has never played on a winning team YOU GO FOR IT…

    That would be a steal if we could get it.

    • The Suit says:

      Agreed. Kane is exactly what this team needs. Size, skill, and will. I wouldn’t be afraid to move assets for a player of this caliber, especially considering he is still very young. Hope these rumors are true, but haven’t seen them picked up by any major media outlets.

      • Kevin says:

        I think Lavoie is fairly reputable, but it’s also a little odd that none of the other big rumor guys have mentioned it. Also, there’s been no mention of the Rangers being interested anywhere but this blog.

  4. Matt J says:

    I like the idea of trading for Kane, but I don’t see how any deal for a forward does not involve Dubinsky. I would think Winnipeg would like to get back a roster player as well. I’d also try to keep Erixon out of this potential trade.

    Your proposal for Kane is fine in terms of equal value for both sides, but I think that Winnipeg will get a better offer from somebody. There are a lot of teams that would love to have Kane, and a lot of teams that can fit him on the roster. I hope Sather kicks the tires on him but does not get into a bidding war.

    • Kevin says:

      i think Dubi only had to be included if it was a big salary deal like Nash. Kane will probably get about $4 million, so the Rangers really wouldn’t need to shed salary to add him.
      I think Winnipeg is clearly rebuilding, but yes there would be many competitive offers.

      • Zen says:

        Moving Dubi is addition by subtraction.

        • Matt J says:

          Looking from Winnipeg’s perspective they’re losing a potential 35-40 goal scorer. They’re going to want a forward to fill that void, even if it’s Dubinsky.

          I’m not at all advocating Dubi be thrown into every potential deal but he makes sense to be moved in most deals.

        • Dave says:

          That’s not exactly true. While overpaid due to lack of scoring, Dubi was one of the top defensive forwards on the roster.

  5. Zen says:

    Kane is a fine trade target and we definitely have the players to entice a team like the Jets.

  6. Seahorse says:

    I watched him for 2 years in atlanta. hes so worth a first and two unproven players. he had thirty goals last year and one punch k.o.’d matt cooke, something we can all appreciate.

  7. Greg says:

    I agree that it will take more to get E Kane, I think Dave said in one of his tweets it will take a roster player. Giving up a prospect and picks for Kane is easy bc Kane is so young, but who is our roster player in the trade? Is it Dubi- or will Wpg ask for someone else?

    • Kevin says:

      Winnipeg will surely ask for one of the Stepan, DZ bunch, however I think it’s fairly well known that Sather isn parting with them. Dave suggested Anisimov, that does make a lot of sense.

  8. rob sahm says:

    man that would be a steal thats like getting a young iginla. but it wont make you win a cup this year or the next. thats why sather is going to push till it gives for nash but i do think if winnipeg calls sather slats will make a offer kane is going to be a force in the future but the future is now for the rangers and thats why nash is on sathers list

  9. Section 121 says:

    Wow Kevin, where were six + months ago when I was advocating for this with no support? I would give up much more than Erixon & Thomas & 1st for Kane (higher caliber players, not necessarily more players…)

    • Section 121 says:

      *were you

      • Kevin Baumer says:

        Haha well I think the point is that there is now rumor that Winnipeg is willing to deal Kane now. Never was before… That package wouldn’t fetch a 20-year-old they wanted to keep and that wanted to be there.

  10. MoreQualifiedThanThisBlogger says:

    Firstly, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t frequent this blog and therefore cannot possibly know the reliability of the blogger or their info. Having said that…

    Kane not wanting to re-sign here is pure speculation at this point. ONE person in the media has made this news. And this ONE person is from RDS, a place that hasn’t exacetly had any major leads on Jets news at any point last season, how they’d find out something that juicy now I have no idea.

    Next, even if Kane doesn’t want to negotiate, he has no power as an RFA. He can hold out I suppose, but that probably isn’t that wise for a 20 yr old who already has question marks about his character.

    Lastly, with all due respect to this author, there is no way Kane is going anywhere for 2 no-namers and a late 1st round pick. I’d expect a top-6 forward + multiple picks to be the minimum the Jets would want.

    • Kevin Baumer says:

      Hey MoreQualified,
      Take your point, but I don’t think this has much to do with my reliability. I am not reporting anything, I know nothing of Kane’s situation. Hence why I included a link and proceeded to speculate from there.
      And you’re right, no one else has picked it up, so as of now it’s a non story. Although Lavoie has been money for the last year, that’s just a fact.
      You’re right Kane has no power, but most teams aren’t too interested in keeping guys around that don’t want to be with them. Sucks for the franchise, but trading those players is often the only course of action.
      You might not be as knowledgable as the Rangers system as some, but Erixon and Thomas are hardly no-name guys. In fact, Erixon is widely considered to be one of the best defensive prospects in the game. I agree that I don’t think that’s enough to get a deal done, but it’s a very solid starting point.

      • The Suit says:

        I guess MoreQualifiedThanThisBlogger doesn’t understand what the word “reportedly” means

  11. Kevin says:

    Update via Elliote Friedman: “Asked a couple of GMs if they’d heard Evander Kane is available. Both said no. Is it possible the relationship is strained? Yes sir, but trading a 20-year-old 30-goal scorer is risky business. Both GMs did say they would absolutely be interested if Kane got to the market.” http://bit.ly/KIj2GU

  12. LAC says:

    Enough bashing Atlanta and Atlanta NHL fans.

    You people know nothing about the owners we had here, they were THE WORST in nhl history !.. PERIOD !

    Atlanta set expansion attendence records, that STILL stand, but the owners KILLED the franchise because they were basketball lovers, BTW nba SUCKS !!!!!

    A New owner and new arena on the northside, sellouts would be the NORM every game, so SHUT UP bashing Atlanta, besides it is NOT a MINOR league town with a MINOR league arena in an AWFUL city, winnipeg YUCK YUCK YUCK !!!!