Potential UFA Target: Shane Doan

June 13, 2012, by

After Zach Parise and Ryan Suter (and perhaps Justin Schultz), the most popular free agent this summer may turn out to be right wing Shane Doan.

The eight-year captain of the Phoenix Coyotes has long been revered as a fearsome competitor, respected leader and solid scorer.

For years the Coyotes have lacked a bona fide star, but Doan has been the organization’s rock and has led an under-talented Phoenix club to the playoffs in each of the last three seasons.

Doan’s veteran leadership and still solid production (nine straight 50-point seasons and 20 goals in 11 of the last 12 years) could make him a hot commodity this summer, if it appears that he’d actually consider playing for another franchise.

Doan has rejected that notion publicly on multiple occasions and Phoenix management has repeatedly expressed optimism about re-signing the face of its franchise, but July 1st continues to tick closer and there’s still no deal.

For the Rangers, Doan could be a terrific secondary scoring option and bring tremendous depth down the right side along with Marian Gaborik, Ryan Callahan and hopefully Brandon Prust, while also contributing positively to an already close-knit locker room.

It might be a different role for Doan, who would go from go-to-guy for the Coyotes to just one of the guys in New York, but part of the reason he’s so fond of Phoenix is his acceptance of relative anonymity.  New York isn’t exactly the best place to play if you want to avoid media scrutiny, but Doan is also chasing a ring as his career winds down.

And of course, that’s the big concern with Doan. He’s already 35-years-old and will be 36 when the 2012-2013 season kicks off.  The Rangers have shied away from adding such greybeards to their roster in recent years after being burned several times in the past, so they may be reluctant about handing out a multi-year contract to a grizzled veteran.

However, it’s important to note that Doan’s game hasn’t changed all that much.  He can still put the puck in the net and still plays with the nastiness and reckless enthusiasm of a man far younger.

It’s impossible to guess how much longer that will last before father time begins to catch up with him, but for now, Doan has done his part to alleviate age concerns.

If the Rangers swing and miss on Parise, don’t be surprised to see them go after Doan.  He’s one of the few goal-scorers available and has the pedigree that the Blueshirts covet.  That, and like Parise, he’d cost nothing but cash to acquire, as opposed to Bobby Ryan or Rick Nash.

Doan has made $4.55 million in each of the last five seasons and figures to be in line for another salary in the $4 million range, although he may be willing to compromise for a team that he deems to be a strong fit.

A two-year offer seems reasonable, but anything longer than that might give the Blueshirts pause, understandably so.  A short deal with Doan might be a perfect bridge to the Rangers’ next wave of right wing prospects like Christian Thomas, Jesper Fast and J.T. Miller.

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  1. mhurley says:

    Too old.

    • VinceR says:

      “A two-year offer seems reasonable, but anything longer than that might give the Blueshirts pause, understandably so. A short deal with Doan might be a perfect bridge to the Rangers’ next wave of right wing prospects like Christian Thomas, Jesper Fast and J.T. Miller.”

  2. Chris says:

    Doan would be a nice veteran addition but no way does he leave coyotes. Especially if the franchise future is secured. He’s a lifer…

  3. Jeff P says:

    I’ll take Doan in an instant. However, I don’t see him leaving Phoenix either. By the way, for all people hating on Dubi, should look at Doan’s first 4 years. He never broke 20 points. He’s what Dubi could be with hard work and some breaks along the way.

    • Kevin says:

      Interesting comparison. Don’t know if Dubi has quite that ceiling, but point taken.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      He COULD be and i COULD have been a contender with hard work and a few breaks.

  4. Mark says:

    I would love Doan… I think if we have Doan this year, we beat the Devils. I think he isn’t going anywhere though. Like Parise his team had playoff success and had deep runs in the postseason. Tough to leave after seasons like those. I almost would rather have Doan and the extra 3 million to lock up a defensman then just signing Parise… It doesn’t kill our cap for the future either.

    • Kevin says:

      With Parise essentially rejecting the Rangers today, you may get some form of your wish

  5. Scully says:

    I’m a big Doan fan (who isn’t), but even if he was to leave it’d be a lot like Ryan Smyth in that we’d all know where his heart is. He’s a Coyote lifer.

    A Similar player with even more offensive upside is Ray Whitney. I know Whitney just had 77pts in 82 games (more than anyone on the Rangers squad) and has openly said he expects to be compensated accordingly regardless of his age. He’s 40, but doesn’t appear to be falling off a cliff in terms of skill. He’s also won a cup in Carolina so he knows how to scale that mountain.

    Thoughts on signing him to a 2yr deal in the 6-8 mil range?

    • Justin says:

      I don’t think I’d go two years on Whitney. Assuming the timing/fit of his acquisition is right, I’d compensate him for his production, but limit the term risk.

      • Scully says:

        It’s true production can fall off a cliff really quickly. I would have no problem with a 1 year 3-4 mil deal with a ton of incentives for Whitney. He could anchor the 2nd power play unit and would line up very well with Dubinsky and Callahan in the event that Kreider forces Torts to put him on the 1st like by scoring 77 goals and thus breaking Selanne’s rookie record :D.

        • Kevin says:

          It’s a weird line in the sand, but yeah Whitney’s age scares me. I’d take a one-year deal with a high salary for him, or a two-year deal with a lower cap figure. But that’d be kind of a Plan B or C.

    • Rob sahm says:

      Whitney sucks holy christ

  6. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I seriously doubt the Coyotes will let him go. He would be a good fit for our Rangers, however he is the heart of the Coyotes.

  7. paulronty says:

    Guys Doan’s age are always looking for a shot at the Cup, although Phoenix went a long way in the playoffs. Great character guy but he would be too expensive.

  8. Tim B says:

    I like him but i dont like his age. He still has a scoring touch. I dont want them to sign anybody over the age of 32-33 cause i dont like people getting injured a.k.a Vinny Prospal, Drury. I also dont like veterans at that age getting paid a lot and not performing as expected a.k.a. Wade Redden, others that i cant think of

  9. Rickyrants13 says:

    This post was a waste of time. He isnt going anywhere.