Gaborik may be out 5-6 months w/ torn rotator

June 1, 2012, by

According to nhl.com, Marian Gaborik had an MRI on Tuesday and learned that he has a torn labrum. He told Slovakian newspaper SME that he will undergo surgery next Wednesday and could be out up to 5-6 months, though that timetable will likely change after surgery.

As we mentioned in our report cards the other day, you can now forgive Gabby for under-performing during the playoffs.  You also have to respect the man for taking pain injections and still going out there and competing. Even with a torn rotator he was able to 86 the Caps and put up 11 points in 20 games, far more than some of our healthy players.

Anyway, we will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. Comnsnse says:

    The team with a need for more scoring may start the seaqson without their top scorer. Bad news,hopefully Sather doesn’t make it worse with a dumb move!

  2. Spozo says:

    what does this due to the likelihood of acquiring Nash or Parise?

    • Kevin says:

      Hard to say, would be wise to look at the situations separately, never wise to react with a panic move. However, the obvious need for a big scorer has only increased.

  3. Scully says:

    One one hand I’m happy that this will silence his critics who say he’s soft, on the other this is bad news. Two things work in the Rangers’ favor:

    1) It’s only June so he hopefully won’t miss more than the first 15 games (which is a lot but better that this didn’t happen in August or something)

    2) It’s only June – this gives the Rangers time to figure out what maneuvers they’d like to employ with Gaborik out to improve the offensive depth.

    Hossa was out until December with this surgery back in 2009-10 and the Blackhawks won the cup that year. Their depth is better than the Rangers, but perhaps it’s a good omen! They did get bounced in the Conference finals the prior spring.


    • Kevin says:

      Like the optimism Scully. It’s a good point, better to deal with the injury before any offseason decisions have been made then panic in training camp.

  4. Rob sahm says:

    I guess this explains why he didnt do nothing well we were still going to need a scorer even though he didnt get hurt iginla low cost option over nash

    • Dave says:

      Iginla is the furthest thing from low cost. He will cost less than Nash, but he will cost a lot too.