BSB Live Chat 6/1/2012

June 1, 2012, by

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  1. ranger17 says:

    and we get nothing for Zucc

    • Dave says:

      What makes you think there was a market for him? You can’t make trades unless someone actually wants him.

  2. Comnsnse says:

    Dave et al,how about commenting on one more silly signing by Sather for big bucks with zero rteturn? Maybe the GM’s ineptitude should be a topic on the blog! Title it “Sather’s Silly Signings”,alliterative too!

  3. MBN says:

    Thanks for the chat folks. I missed it, but it was a good read. Hope you have a couple more in the off-season – around July 1st, around the draft, before training camp, et al.