ECF Game One: Rangers/Devils goal breakdown

May 14, 2012, by

As expected, this was a low scoring game that was played along the boards. Both teams played an aggressive forecheck, but the Rangers were the ones able to capitalize off two Devils defensive miscues. The score was 3-0, but the game was a lot closer than the score. Henrik Lundqvist, who picked up the shutout, was the difference in this game.

1-0 Rangers, Girardi gives them the lead

The ice at the Garden paid off for the Rangers, After a bouncing puck eludes Bryce Salvador, a hustling Chris Kreider picks it up after racing to it from the other side of the ice. With the Rangers changing, Dan Girardi isn’t picked up off the bench. Kreider holds the puck and spots the uncovered Girardi streaking off the bench. A soft pass to the point lets him skate into it and blast a slapper at full speed. Derek stepan creates the screen, and Martin Brodeur can’t see it. This goal happens because someone missed their assignment on Girardi.

2-0   Rangers, Kreider extends the lead

This goal is real easy to break down. Simply put: Anton Volchenkov blew his assignment. Kreider was his man. He went to cover Artem Anisimov,who was already covered. This allowed Kreider to slip in behind him. A perfect pass from Artie and Kreider has a wide open lane. He’s too skilled to not bury that.

3-0 Rangers, Anisimov seals it with an empty netter

This is another easy one to break down. The Rangers wound up with control in their zone despite being down a man. Ruslan Fedotenko drew two men to him, and shuffled a backhand pass to Brian Boyle. Boyle got it to Anisimov. Empty net, goal.

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  1. Chris F says:

    Rangers looked pretty fatigued early on, but then hung in there with some great defensive plays (McDonagh was a force tonight) and some very timely saves by Hank.

    The third period seemed to energize the Rangers, and honestly, they surprised me in how they dominated that period. They somehow managed to outpace the Devils and beat them to the puck.

    Solid, solid win, but this is gonna be a battle of a series.

  2. rob sahm says:

    man is girardi becoming a top 5 shut down d man in the n.h.l. you can tell the rangers looked a little slugish early on but torts got them going any word on dubi playing at all in the series ?

  3. cnp says:

    Rangers in 5…we’ll win the next game, lose, then win 2 more in a row…book it

  4. Billrabatin says:

    The Rangers have been a good third period team most of the season and because of their conditioning dominated in the final period of the tripple overtime win.

  5. PAL says:

    1. Can anyone tell me what the question about Fedotenko was that Torts called “ridiculous”?…couldn’t make it out.
    2. Kreider may end up being a good interviewee, very funny with his comment about hearing voices. Great presense of mind in a big-league interview.
    3. Anyone else getting tired of John Gianone’s existential post-game questions? “Did you send a message…did you know this would be special…did you have a feeling”….to which the answer is always “no no no we are just playing”.

    • Justin says:

      I could be wrong, but I believe Tort’s “just ridiculous” comment was in regard to the reporter who didn’t silence the ringer on his phone.

  6. Walt says:

    Hank was magnificiant! He stone walled Parise on three shots in a row, game changer for sure.

    Dear Montreal, thanks again for taking our garbage, Gomez, and giving us that gem McD, man did he shine last night!

    Boyle passing to AA with an empty net in front of him, now that is a team player. This Ranger team is made of that kind of class, guys who will do whatever it takes to win!

    • Scully says:

      Lol I know Gomez seems to be garbage now (I mean really… he never wanted to leave New York and who would want to play in that French powder keg in Montreal… and this is coming from a New Yorker), but he really did play well in his two years in NY and I remember when the traded him to sign Gaborik I thought, “why would you trade your best playmaker and then sign a goal scorer and have no one to feed him the puck.” Either way, it’s worked out quite nicely for us :).

      • Walt says:

        Sorry my friend, but Gomez was going through the motions when he played here. Remember that he was put on the second line, and Dubi on the first because he wasn’t effective with Jagr! I stand with my thanks to the Canadians.

  7. Matt says:

    No mention of the hand pass by MDZ?

  8. colonel12 says:

    Devils fan here. I visit ILWT daily… and we talk great hockey…. and on that site 99% of the Ranger fans do as well, so that’s what you can expect from me here. Walt, I’m with you on Gomez being a shadow of his former self. I think he excelled in our system and although he played well for you guys he was never the same after leaving Lou. You made out with Gaborik. becky, I think the difference (for us at least) is that the non-call delay of game led directly to the second score. If called it gives the devils a power play down 1-0 and, score or not, makes the outcome more of a reflection of the entire contest. Empty netters are empty netters… we all love the padding but already up 2-0 they are kinda meaningless. Who knows what would have happened if the Devils pull Marty with only a minute left instead of two with only a one goal deficit. I think this was a tight game. I’d be hard pressed to believe a Ranger fan who told me they were not sweating bullets during that second period. Chris F, I agree i think this series is a classic once more….. and truthfully I wouldnt have it any other way. So glad to be facing the Rangers….. Im a New Yorker, and win or lose, however painful, a series like this keeps NY sports legendary. Here’s to a deep series and the winner bringing the cup home to the “PATRICK DIVISION”!!!!

    • becky says:

      Thanks C – and I was only bringing it up because if you spend time wondering what if, you’re going to be nowhere. There were tons of missed calls against the Rangers throughout (I haven’t been following the Devils series prior to this one, but something tells me officiating has been consistently terrible across the NHL this post season), even a goal which clearly wasn’t (OTT kick in) as well as a goal which clearly was (Boyle game 7 vs WSH), but the point is to just keep trucking on. Breaks will come and go.

      I’ve actually been hearing from tons of educated, logical Devils fans so far and it is refreshing. No matter what, this is going to be a great series. Thanks for being classy.

    • Dave says:

      The officiating in these playoffs has been atrocious. It’s been going both ways, so it’s tough to really fault refs for specific missed calls, since they are happening so often.

    • Vince R says:

      Just a minor note, it didn’t lead directly to the score, it was cleared back behind the nyr goal line again and then moved back up the ice. When shown on the replay later in the broadcast, they edited the sequence and it seemed to happen one after the other. That doesn’t, of course, discount the other points or that the rest of the PP that scored wouldn’t have happened, but to be fair both teams had power play opportunities at 0-0 and there were various missed calls.