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Musings: Revisiting Nash, Line juggling, and more

May 10, 2012, by

Nash revisited?

With many expecting impending doom on Saturday the question is again being asked, could Nash help solve our PP and lead us to the Cup in ‘13?

While it may be premature to start talking about next season and beyond, I think the Rangers are going to make a run at Nash this offseason regardless of what happens over the next few days/weeks. I’m not sure if I agree with that strategy yet, but I’d be surprised if they pass up on the opportunity. Clearly the  power play personnel lacks finish, but will Nash really help? Will our youth grow into that role? There’s many ways to slice this.

Torts asked during press conference why he took a timeout. Really?

I often half jokingly point fingers at the media for their lack of knowledge of the game. If you compare hockey coverage to other sports, it’s amusing how bad the analysis can be. So when I was told someone asked Torts during his postgame press conference why he took his time out during the second period, I wasn’t sure if I should be disappointed or happy to have my point proven. P.S. His troops were tired from an extended shift.

Torts’ reaction was priceless. He just buried his head in his hands. Did anyone bring this incident up in their articles this morning? Of course not. And you wonder why this guy has no patience for these cats…

Media accuses Burke of hiding hockey decisions “behind the gay flag”

Speaking of the media (sensing a theme today?), if you think Torts doesn’t get a fair shake from those who cover us, you should read the garbage written about Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke. Burke’s son Brendan was one of the first, if not the first openly gay athlete to speak out against homophobia in professional sports.

Two years ago Brendan died in a tragic car accident at the age of 21. Since that time, Brian has launched the You Can Play project in honor of Brendan. The goal of which is to end homophobia in hockey. To my shock and disgust, I found an article on twitter linking a story written in the Huffington Post (by David Menzies) essentially claiming that Brian Burke was using this project to restore his public image. To suggest that Burke is covering up Maple Leaf struggles with a cause that his son championed is not only indefensible, it’s deplorable.

Ok back to the Rangers…

Icetime and Line Juggling (or lack thereof) Won’t Decide Squat

When the Rangers win, no one questions John Tortorella’s icetime distribution philosophy or his line juggling strategy. When they lose, obviously it’s a different story. At this point, it’s all pretty meaningless. The outcome of this series and the postseason at large has depended on and will continue to depend on the ability of every player to execute their assigned roles. How icetime is distributed, or what permutations people come up with are irrelevant at this point in the year.


  1. dave says:

    we need some real offensive skill,,these guys dont have it..cally is a joke if the puck ends up on his stick a foot from the goal he will put it home..Nash will change that

  2. JW says:

    You think Torts goes back to Kreider-Step-Cally line?

    • The Suit says:

      I think so. If not Kreider, perhaps Arty. But I would assume there will be some line juggling. But in order for these lines to work, everyone needs to be doing their job consistently.

    • Frankie L says:

      I sure hope so !!! I love Prust and believe that he is an important asset for the Rangers … That said, unless we score three goals in the first five minutes of a game, I don’t see him getting twice the ice time of Kreider … The kid has deficiencies in the defensive zone so just make him the “high” man and tell him to chase the point men when the other team is attacking … Callahan & Stepan are very defensively responsile and that still puts our 4 against their three down low … P.S. Hope Torts doesn’t hide his head in his hands when he reads this !!!

  3. Chuck A says:

    Will Messier be in the clubhouse prior to Game 7??

  4. Mikeyyy says:

    Its the system. It’s not I first it’s d first. Game 6 was bounces not going our way.

    • Dave says:

      Eh, it was that, but it was also them outworking the Rangers. The 2-1 score was more or less due to Hank.

  5. Walt says:

    Addressing the Nash question, why? He isn’t a proven commodity in the play-offs, and that is what we are questioning!

    Parise is a free agent, we make a move to sign him, and not dismantle our team in the process. He is defensivly responsible, has soft hands, and is relentless. That stated, he comes free, without giving up half the team for him. Now just convince him to play for us, that is the issue.

    I posted earlier that Torts has to play the Kreider kid. Being an Italian I understand stubbern people, I being one, but John let the kid play, and forget about it!

    Torts, keep putting the media down the way you do. They are nothing but smart assed fools, and I get a laugh at the response you had to their stupid questions, it’s great!

    • Chris F says:

      Exactly! Torts made it abundantly clear that he won’t speak directly about line changes, match-ups or anything else that might give the Caps an edge. First and foremost, he’s coaching to win, not to give candid statements to a room full of misinformed reporters who’ll be calling for his head once when his (pre-announced!) line combinations don’t work as they could have.

      What’s more, the man has zero tolerance for stupid questions. Why shouldn’t he? As a sports writer at one of these press conferences, you have access to the head coach of the NY Rangers, and the best question you think to come up with is “How do you think the missed PP’s affected the outcome of the game?” What the hell do you think, man?!

      Why ask a question that everyone else in the room already knows the answer to? Ask a question and take an angle that might actually lead to a revealing answer. These guys are morons.

      Go Torts!

  6. Matt says:

    Re: Nash

    Him vs Parise? Parise would ‘only’ cost you money, not players. Nash’s cap hit is 7.8 million, what’s Parise going to command?

  7. Chris F says:


    New assignment: Find a way to cheer Rangersland up a little on Friday with a post. I want optimism, rational optimism, and a reason to believe going into game 7 Saturday. We all need a lift…

  8. dave(not bsb dave) says:

    the lack of real offensive firepower is a joke and cally is part of that

    • Vince R says:

      After being the second highest goal scorer on the team? Not to mention everything else he does and how he is universally praised by analysts around the league?

      So you are saying that we have to trade the heart and soul of the team? Nash isn’t the end all be all. Kreider has more playoff goals than him. Nash had one more goal than Cally this regular season! Four seasons ago he hit 40, but the next two years he had 32 and 33. This is the answer beyond Cally?

      To blame Cally is absolutely moronic. If you want to blame players, look at the score sheet. And yes, he scores dirty goals a lot. So did Adam graves. Cally also led the team in OT game winners this season. If you want an example of a great goal, check out his OT undressing of Kaleta in the Buffalo game. And those dirty goals are when he’s in front of the net playing in the rough area…something that players are SUPPOSED TO DO!!!! Especially on the PP where he is one of the few bright spots.

      Use your head and logic man, c’mon.