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May 5, 2012, by

We here at BSB are big fans of John Tortorella. Sure, he’s curt with the media, but we aren’t media, so we really don’t care what he says in interviews. We are more concerned with his on ice decisions, his roster decisions, and how he handles the locker room. This brilliant move covers the third aspect, and it is directly related to Chris Kreider.

Elliotte Friedman of CBC pointed out –during his weekly 30 Thoughts column— that Torts approached the team about the Kreider signing:

Tortorella asked the team to trust the organization’s decision to bring in Chris Kreider so late in the season, knowing it could upset chemistry.

It was likely a short discussion, but it was one of those necessary discussions. The Rangers won 50 games without Kreider, so why would they risk bringing him in for the playoffs? The Rangers were the top seed, and did it all through hard work and playing for each other. What if Kreider didn’t fit in with that mentality? It was a big risk.

Tortorella asked for trust. They gave it to him. Kreider rewarded him.

Another point brought up by Friedman was how Torts found a spot for Steve Eminger, even though it was in a limited role:

Putting Eminger in the lineup for that one game showed the Rangers that Tortorella would find opportunity for someone who’d been around most of the year (despite injury). Small thing, but a big thing.

We’ve been saying since 24/7 that the Rangers will skate through a wall for their coach, and it’s little things like this that make us realize why. Eminger has been a good soldier for the Rangers for the past two seasons. He has done everything the coaching staff has asked of him. A player like that deserves to be rewarded, and he was, even if it was with limited ice time.

The coach of any hockey team is an easy target and an easy scapegoat. It’s a part of the job. He’s not here to please the fans, he’s here to do what he needs to do to win a Stanley Cup. The one thing we’ve learned is that Torts has his players doing whatever it takes to win. We just learned that doing whatever it takes to win will get rewarded as well.


  1. Blueshirt in Paris says:

    Well said. It’s the media that bitches about what he gives (or doesn’t give) them. Then us fans see that and some decide to bitch right along with the media.

    Well I agree, I dont give a crap. Sure I would like to know a bit more about injuries, behind the scene stuff but if the coach thinks its for the best of the team then I have to respect that.

  2. Rickyrants13 says:

    A in all he doesnt need to be so smug about it. And no he hasnt been fair to everyone. Dubi should have been benched untill he got it. And maybe some others. But the team is winning so its hard to come down on him too much. The only way we will know if it was a good or bad thing is if we dont win it all. We shale see…

    • Spozo says:

      Aren’t there about 30 other teams that can say the same thing about their coach? So if they don’t win the cup than tortorella is a bad coach? Agree or disagree with his decisions all you want. I have just come to the realization that I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes with this team and I have full faith in the coach to take care of that.

      • The Suit says:

        Agreed, evaluating a coach goes beyond just winning the Cup, perhaps not from a fan perspective, but definitely from an organizational perspective. And that’s the perspective from which we often write.

  3. Walt says:

    Your wrong with the statement ” he’s not here to please the fans”, yes he is, and he is doing so!

    Look at the season this team played, how much pleasure we all derived by it. I can’t remember a season like this before, and I almost feel like walking thru walls myself. The man is curt, who give a crap, all he is doing is protecting his men. The media fells that they are owed something, get over it fellas!!!!!

    Today, we win game four, and then put this Caps team to rest Monday, and then McD gets all the rest he needs. Talking about McD, I read that the time he played on Thursday was the 20th most played in play-off history. Serge Zubov played some 5 games higher than McD did, that is amazing. Why the hell did we ever trade Zubov for Samualsson in the first place is beyond me!

    • Scully says:

      I always felt the Zubov + Nedved for Robitaille + Samuelsson was the first really bad trade Neil Smith made (even though the players swapped were all good and moderately productive for the Rangers after). Of course he then went on to make a series of other bad moves (ehhem trading Mattius Nordstrom (Ian Lapperiere and Ray Ferraro too) for JARRI KURRI, SHANE CHURLA, and MARTY MCSORLEY) Man… that was a **** bad trade.

  4. Chuck A. says:

    Patton was curt, too…

  5. The Suit says:

    Amazing you have to go all the way to Canada to read a positive article written about this coach. Its kinda sad really. Other than ourselves who else has been highlighting the good things Torts does all season, wins and losses aside? I’m sorry, but the answer is no one.

  6. MAC says:

    Great read, as always. What sums it up is that at the end of the day he is teaching the team how to win in the NHL. I hate the NY media and their disdain for Torts, and the only reason that is is because he is guarded/curt/a bit d*cky with his responses to them. But, you know what? Who cares. Seriously, F the NY Media they are all negative and always looking to make a story just to make a story. The NY Media b*tches about Belichek and his curt responses to the media and he’s not even a NY coach. I’ll take curt responses and a solid team/culture/farm system and hopefully a few cups any day. I love Torts answers to the media, we as fans don’t need to know what is happening behind the scenes, we want to know. Well, too bad, lets just be patient and wait until the game and see what lines he rolls out, who is playing, etc… at the end of the day all that matters is 16 wins this playoffs. 10 to go, lets go Rangers #therightway.

    • MAC says:

      haha – case in point, look at this article i just read by Larry Brooks (known Tortorella hater, and i am a fan of his writing) “Rangers coach not impressed with 3OT win” – really? Not impressed? you think after that win he went into the locker room and chewed his team out? come ‘on! just looking for a story – Torts tells it as it is – that should’ve been the title of the article, based on this line: “It’s a win for us, but I don’t want us to get too carried away. It’s part of it. It’s what you have to do.”

  7. Jerryin MA says:

    Trading Zubov was dumb, no doubt about it. It was after a losing Stanley Cub series against the Flyers who went after him with ferocious forechecking. The GM at the time — I’ve forgotten who — thought that Zubov didn’t handle it well, and that the Rangers needed tougher Dmen to counteract forecheckers.What they didn’t realize was Zubov more than made up his lack of toughness and size with great passing and shooting. He proved that in Dallas and made the Ranger organization look stupid, which, it was. This was just one of a host of bad deals the blueshirts have made over the years. Remember the trade that got rid of Middleton because Esposito wanted his Boston friends with him? Ugh.

    • Walt says:

      Was it Neil Smith???

      • Jerryin MA says:

        Yes, it was Neil Smith who got rid of Zubov. And it was Emil “The Cat” Francis who was responsible for trading Middleton to Boston to satisfy Esposito’s immense ego. The trade for Espo — and Carol Vadney — in return for Park and Ratelle was also one that Francis, in a panic mode, was responsible for. Bad management seems to be a Ranger curse.

  8. rob sahm says:

    or what about that stupid mike ridley trade to the caps for bobby carpenter bad trade by espo when he was g.m.