Quick practice notes: No new updates

It’s a bit of a slow day today. So here are some notes (in bullet point format) from practice, courtesy of Rick Carpiniello:

It is troubling to see that Dubinsky is still on crutches. Makes you wonder how long he is going to be out. At first I thought this could be connected to his stress fracture from last season, but that was on his left leg, not his right. So much for my theory. I still think Dubi plays again before this round is over. It’s the playoffs, he will do anything to get in the lineup.

5 Responses to “Quick practice notes: No new updates”

  1. these lines are for the first shifts of the game and then will all be differant in the second and third periods . torts hockey

  2. What about the healthy scratches? Shouldn’t they be on the ice practicing in case someone needs to be used?

  3. Minutia, but Pat Leonard @NYDNRangers reported today that Zuc was on the ice before practice this am…

  4. We will win the CUP but we will not win all the remaining games Have patience and faith in the guys