Breaking down the goals from ECSF Game Three

May 3, 2012, by

This was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched. Both teams traded a lot of chances, played very physical hockey, and got great goaltending. This was one of those 2-1 games that you were on the edge of your seat for the entire game. So many posts, so many chances, but in the end it was Marian Gaborik burying a Brad Richards pass from behind the net to win it in triple overtime. Let’s get to the breakdown.

1-0   Rangers

This goal begins with a simple play of Troy Brouwer chasing Brad Richards behind the net while on the penalty kill. Kids, don’t ever do that. His other teammates made the correct choice of getting back after the 3-on-2 rush, but Brouwer did not. It leaves Richards open to make a breakout pass to start the rush with only three men back. The puck wound up on Michael Del Zotto’s stick, who had a lot of room to take a shot. A few lucky bounces off John Carlson and Matt Hendricks later, the puck lands on Ryan Callahan’s stick with an open net.

1-1 Capitals tie it up

This goal begins with Anton Stralman taking the puck deep, and then getting caught in the Washington zone after a long shift. This forces Marian Gaborik to play defense. Gabby, as we know, is not a defenseman, and plays the rush by Carlson wrong. Instead of forcing the defenseman to the outside, he plays the puck and Carlson is able to cut to the middle. His shot bounces off Marc Staal and right back onto his stick. From then it’s a matter of just getting it in the right spot on net, which he did. Henrik Lundqvist had a shot, but it’s a tall order to ask him to stop that.

2-1 Rangers, Gabby wins it for the Rangers

With both teams trading chances, the Rangers wound up with the puck behind their net and made two short passes, where Carl Hagelin wound up with the puck at the circles in the Rangers zone. His clearing pass to Gaborik took a lucky bounce to and wound up on his stick. A short pass to a streaking Ricahrds, followed by some great puck possession by Richards to gain the zone and get a good scoring chance. Girardi had some great sense to pinch and keep the puck deep, working to get the puck back to Richards behind the net. Gabby planted himself in front of the net –where he was all game– and buried the perfect feed. Game. Set. Match.

Regardless of the outcome, with all the hits, chances, saves, posts, and blocked shots on rushes, you felt like you were going to have a coronary. This could have been the most exciting games in the playoffs this year. The Rangers are up 2-1, and the two days off are much needed for both teams. It’s quite possible Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi sleep until Saturday.

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  1. Walt says:

    Gabby gets the winner!

    To all the Ranger GM’s who were down on Gabby, game winning gaol, an assist, leading the team in scoring, enough said! Is he earning his pay?

    Wow, what can we say about the game? Hard hitting, fast paced, great shots on both sides, great blocking, man I’m tired this mmorning after last night. Hank stood on his head, what a performance.

    I have to eat crow today, I posted that Holtby was being over rated earlier this week. I had seen him at Hershey, and to be honest, he never looked this good at all. He had some big time change, mayby it’s his defense, I don’t know, but the kid is looking very good! That stated, I stand corrected, he may well be the real deal.

    • Jeff P says:

      I like Gaborik. He’s very skilled in open space and his shot is one of the best. But watching him battle for the puck.. it’s like watching a kindergartner fight a grown man. I was stunned to discover that Callahan is shorter AND lighter than Gaborik.

      • Walt says:


        He was never ment to be a mucker, he is a sniper!!!

        But I have to agree with you.

      • Ray says:

        I also agree. Yes Gaby is paid to be a sniper so he should always keep moving to find an open spot and get himself in a lane for the pass. Watching him carrying the puck or against the boards makes me squirm. 9 out of 10 times he coughs up the puck.

  2. MBN says:

    A game for the ages!!! i know this is a tired cliché but it is very apropos for this one. Just a great game, by both teams.

    Looks like all the grueling work Torts made the Rangers do all training camp long paid off. Just look at the minutes played by the top 4 D-Men. 44 + to 53+. Amazing.

  3. Chuck A. says:

    A seminal win for a young team. This game both revealed and shaped their character. Awesome.

  4. Chris. C says:

    WoW what a game!! I have no voice from this one.
    Lets hope everyone gets Hydrated well. Is McD a Beast or what. Gets runned over by a train and never loses a shift. What about Kreider, his forechecking was crazy late in the game. We are sure in for some very impressive years to come. Cant wait for Saturdays game.

  5. Ralphie Blue Blood says:

    Is it me or has Dale Hunter worn the same suit for three games in a row?

    • tmd39 says:

      I think he has two suits and two ties. If I remember it correctly, he had one of each and, after wearing it for a week or two, the Caps owner bought him a suit and tie.

  6. Steve says:

    Thank God that slapshot that hit boyle found his jersey before his chin because the first thing i thought was broken jaw

  7. Tim says:

    Best game ever. I got scared with Brouwer’s scoring chance, the 3 on 1, and ivechkins scori g chance which led to the goal horn going off. Lundqvist clearly showed why he is the best player this season in the whole league.

  8. Rickyrants13 says:

    TALL ORDER??? If he wasnt down on his knees when the shot was made that puck goes right into his chest. Please stop making up reasons why Lundy did not to make a mistake But Gabs did. Gabs was soft on the back check, Stall needs to seperate puck from player, AnLundy needs to stay upright. NO GOAL

    • VinceR says:

      Wow dude…you know even if it was on Henrik, which is a stretch, but for the sake of argument, let’s just say….people do that. No matter how much they get paid. Humans will make a mistake. If you don’t expect this, you must be let down an incredible amount of times per day.

      The fact is he didn’t make a mistake 45 out of 46 times. Do you really expect a shut out every time or that everything that can be saved within the realm of possibility will be saved?

      How can you possibly enjoy watching any sport? Or most activities for that matter?

      Also, speaking of mistakes, EVEN WHEN ON HIS KNEES, that puck passes just BELOW his elbow on his right. So much for that analysis. I present to you the 1:47 mark of the vid:

    • Dave says:

      How can Gaborik be soft on the back check when he was already back, covering for Stralman? Look at the replay, Gaborik is back already. He is a forward who made the wrong play and forced Carlson to the middle instead of the outside.