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Is a call up really needed right now?

April 30, 2012, by

Yesterday, Larry Brooks made some noise in the Ranger community when he mentioned that the Rangers are looking to sign Marek Hrivik, an undrafted free agent who signed an ATO with the Connecticut Whale. In the AHL postseason, Hrivik had four goals in the Whale’s sweep of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Hrivik is certainly intriguing, and his success in the playoffs is worth noting.

However, all this talk about calling him up is, well, stupid. Hrivik isn’t even signed, he’s on an ATO.  If he signs, he would be signed for next year, not this year. You can’t call up someone on an ATO to a professional club. He wasn’t on the reserve list either, meaning there’s no way he can play. The reason why Chris Kreider was able to play was because the Rangers placed him on the reserve list, thus giving them an opportunity to sign him for the current season.

Long story short: Hrivik simply cannot play for the New York Rangers. Case closed.

But, this “news” brings me to a different point. Do the Rangers really need to call someone up right now?

Sure, the Rangers struggled against the Senators. As we said, that was a tough match up for the Blueshirts, and they were honestly very lucky to get by the Senators, especially without Carl Hagelin for three games. People point to the 14 shots on goal on Saturday as another reason why the Rangers need to call up someone.

Let’s remember that the Rangers won on Saturday. It wasn’t the prettiest of wins, and you may argue that the Caps should have won because they hit three posts (all three were saves that wound up hitting the post after deflecting off Henrik Lundqvist, but posts are posts). Let’s also remember that the Whale are currently in the middle of their own playoff push.

Barring injury, a call up simply isn’t needed. The players that people seem to want out of the lineup –John Mitchell and Ruslan Fedotenko– are depth forwards that likely will see press box time if Brandon Dubinsky and Brian Boyle come back. Boyle looks to be coming back shortly, and Dubinsky likely won’t be out for much longer (my own assumption here).

When they come back in the lineup, the injury replacements/depth forwards shift from just John Scott to Scott, Mitchell, and Fedotenko. That’s decent quality depth.

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  1. The Suit says:

    Great post

  2. Pete says:

    I have to disagree with anyone who wants Fedotenko out of the lineup. The playoff experience that he has and the effort that he has been putting in, I think he is too valuable in defensive situations. He also has quite a history with Torts and for making big plays during the playoffs.

    • Zen says:

      Feds won’t be out. Mitchell and Eminger will.

    • wwpd says:

      God bless Fedotenko. the hustle and skill he has brought to this team the past two years belies his $1-1.4 mil salary. he brings it to the ice every night and is able to play in all rolls when called upon, and sets a great example for the young guys. Feds may have lost a step along the way but he is the true example of the difference between a depth player and just a spare part (eg Scott).

      When boyle/dubi come back I think Tort find a way to keep Feds in games but keep him fresh maybe he plays closer to 12 minutes than the 15+ lately

  3. Chris F says:

    I wouldn’t suggest that Saturday’s 14 shots is an indication that a call up is needed, but certainly an improved offensive approach.

    Unfortunately, I missed most of the game Saturday, catching some of it muted on the hotel bar tv during a conference in DC. So, I don’t know what needs to be tweaked, but getting 3 goals on Holtby on 14 shots should not be expected routinely. Something needs improved I would think and it doesn’t require a call-up.

  4. scrangersfan says:

    IMO. there is no one in Hartford who could make a substential difference with the Rangers offense at this time. Kreider is getting better every game and if Gaborik can get out of his funk,it will be enough to get passed Washington. Hank and the defense is solid. We can rely on them.
    Is this team good enough to go all the way? I seriously doubt that but with a couple of upgrades,next year will be a possibility. Lets go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. steve says:

    I’m not sure this is accurate. Couldn’t the Rangers in fact sign Hrivik to a professional contract and burn the first year having him play in the playoffs? I don’t think Kreider as a college (drafted and unsigned at the time) was on a reserve list, nor do I think Silverberg, who was unsigned and playing in the SEL was on a reserve list for ottawa. Not saying he should be signed and brought up, just think what you are saying might be incorrect. the could bring up JAM from the Whale is he on the reserve list? who’s on this list?

    • Keeps says:

      Kreider was definitely on the reserve list. That’s why he could sign after the regular season ended.

  6. Spozo says:

    Tortorella nominated for jack Adams award

  7. Chris F says:


    NY/Washington series?

    Does Torts get the Jack Adams?

    Boyle was probably the biggest hero in the Rangers first round, despite only playing the first 4 games. Who becomes this round’s Rangers hero?

  8. Walt says:

    What part of Fed’s experience is valuable don’t some of the readers understand! The man has been thru the wars, has his name on two cups, and does what is asked of him very well. He doesn’t have the after burners that a few of the kids have, but for his role, he is just fine. If anyone sits, Mitchell is the person.

  9. Tim says:

    Feds has played very well. It would be disappointing to see him in the press box. Mitchell on the other hand started off well when he was called up. And that was the last time i last heard a commentator say his name. Thats sad. Scott… Maybe he might play in the third round if the Rangers make it and the Devils. Having Prust/Boyle fight seens too risky. What if the get injured? 2 of our best penalty killers out? Not a good idea. If the devils coach decides to play there 4th line to start a game than we can retaliate with Scott Rupp Bickel if Dubi and Boyle dont play which is unlikely. Plus if zucc comes back then we will have more speed and offensive threats. So Scott probably wont play.