Lundqvist among Hart finalists

April 27, 2012, by

Just one day after leading the Rangers past the Ottawa Senators in the first round, and two days after being announced as a Vezina finalist, Henrik Lundqvist joins the Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin and the Lightning’s Steven Stamkos as the three Hart trophy finalists for the league MVP. Lundqvist had by far the best season of his career this year, posting a 1.97 GAA (4th in the NHL), a .930 SV% (3rd), 39 wins (3rd), and 8 shutouts (3rd). He has been the consistent rock in net for the Rangers, and he makes a playoff team like the Rangers into Cup contenders.

Stamkos led the league with 60 goals this season –thereby winning the Richard Trophy– and finished second in points with 97. He finished second to Malkin, who led the league with 109 points –winning the Art Ross trophy– and finished second in the league in goals with 50.

If the Hart is truly to be awarded to the player most valuable to his team, than Lundqvist is likely the front runner. Without Lundqvist, the Rangers are not the top seed in the East, and are likely barely even a playoff team. The Penguins have had success without Malkin in the past, and the Lightning didn’t even make the playoffs (although that’s more likely due to poor goaltending).

There is a tremendous opportunity for Lundqvist, who can be the first goalie since Jose Theodore to win both the Vezina and the Hart in the same season. The fact that Hank is a Hart finalist should say a lot about how the voting for the Vezina went. One would have to assume that if he is a Hart finalist, that he wins the Vezina. That makes logical sense, right?

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  1. Chuck A. says:

    This logic seems square – the Vezina should be in Hank’s pocket – but if the Hart is based more upon emotion than stats, I think all the voters will remember is how beastly Malkin’s play was in Crosby’s absence.

  2. wwpd says:

    Justin is furiously reviewing game tape right now to bring us Holtby scouting report based on his 25 games of nhl experience 🙂

  3. Spozo says:

    I’m assuming he wins the veins and loses out to Malking for the Hart. How about we throw in a Conn Smythe trophy to even it out?

  4. Spozo says:

    I’m assuming he wins the veins and loses out to Malkiin for the Hart. How about we throw in a Conn Smythe trophy to even it out?

  5. Walt says:

    Hank carried this team all season long, and put us in a position that we can possibly win the cup this year!

    Lets look at the others listed:
    Stamkos is worthy of this consideration because he was on a bad team, and did as well as he did. The bottom line is that Tampa went nowhere, and that’s where the vote for him will go.

    Igor had a great season, no taking it away from him. Let’s look a little closer, he had James Neil on his wing, scoring 40 goals. He had Latang skating with him on the PP. His team is loaded with the like of Jordan Staahl, Tuniz, Fluery, and on occasion, the cunt Crosby. For this reason alone, the Pens would have been in the play-offs, and that would be the case even if Igor was out the whole season. Vote for this clown looking chimp is NO.

    Hank doesn’t have the super star group support that Igor had. As much as we love our Rangers, they are a lunch pail team, very blue collar, and team orientated. Take Hank out of the line up, we are marginal at best, and would have struggled to make the play offs. If the voters are objective, Hank has to get the vote for both trophies!

    PS Let’s start a fund to help Igor get some plastic surgery, that boy looks like my ass hole!

    • Jeff P says:

      Are you kidding? As much as I like Lundquist and agree that he should get Vezina, Malkin is so much more deserving of the Hart.
      Supporting cast?
      Neal scored 40 ONLY because he was on Malkin’s wing. Staal, Kunitz etc, are decent players but no better than Callahan, Hagelin, and Boyle, and certainly worse than either Richards or Gaborik. While Letang is individually better than any Rangers defenseman, collectively Rangers D is much better.
      Finally Crosby only played 22 games, and Penguins record with him is not much better than without him.

      • Walt says:

        my friend, Neil scored some 30-35 goals with Richards centering him down in Dallas, so don’t tell me that he isn’t a big gun. You also failed to mention Staahl, probably the best two way center in the game. Please look at the entire roster, then re-think your answer. I stand by what I said, the Pens are a very good team without Igor, or Crosby. Don’t forget last season the two bitches missed the season, or the major portion of it, and the Pens made the play-offs, enough said!!! Thanks

  6. Sioux-per-man says:

    Hank for the Conn Smythe and the Cup for the rest of the Boys!!! They couldn’t have done it without each other.

    How about Kreider’s name on Lord Stanley, the same year as an NCAA champion!!! I don’t think that has EVER been done before!!!

    It could happen…. 4 down – 12 to go 🙂