Boyle returns to the ice

April 27, 2012, by

The best news of the day came from Rick Carpiniello, who broke the news that Brian Boyle was indeed on the ice and skating in practice. Boyle looks like he will return for the series against the Caps, meaning he will only have missed two or three games with his concussion.

Boyle’s return is huge news for the Rangers. They will now be dressing a full strength roster, something they haven’t done since Game Two against the Senators. It is expected that Boyle will replace John Mitchell in the lineup when he returns.

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  1. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I don’t think it will be Mitchell coming out, just a hunch

    • Jeff P says:

      Who else?

      • Leatherneckinlv says:

        I have a feeling it will be Rupp

        • Jeff P says:

          Even though Washington is not the goon squad that Sens were with Konopka, Neil and Foligno, they have their bangers in Brouwer and Chimera.
          Rupp has a role to play, while Mitchell is just 4 minutes of ice time with 0 production.

          • Walt says:


            They also have, I believe his name is Hendrick, big dude, and drops the gloves. If Boyle is healthy, and I hope he is, then Mitchell has to sit this out.

  2. cnp says:

    I just really hope their not rushing him…obviously he’s more replacable than Staal was, but if we lose him for any extended time next season because we rushed him back it will be a really bad move…that said, I have faith in the rangers doctors to know when he can play

  3. Jeff P says:

    Uh, we haven’t had full strength roster all season. Please remember that at the time he went down, Michael Sauer was your #3 defenseman.

  4. Jess Rubenstein says:

    Dubinsky did not practice so if Boyle and Dubi remain out then maybe John Scott

  5. Bobby Tux says:

    Injury it not Boyle replaces DUMBINKY

    • Chris F says:

      The same Dubinsky who set up the game winning, series clinching goal? Yea, definitely bench him.

      You’re a joke, Bobby.

      • VinceR says:

        Truly. Get over it already. You add no value to these posts – we get it. You don’t like him. We have no influence over when or how he plays. Now please say something else or don’t bother because we already know what you are going to say! #onetrickpony

  6. Bobby Tux says:

    Once again I DESERVE credit for placing Keeide in top 6 not Dumbinsky

    Hags BR Gabi
    Krieder Stepan Cally
    Feds Boyle Prust
    Rupp AA Mitchell

    I wonder if Dumbinsky really passed to Giradi or did the puck slip off his stick. Look at the end zone replay – clearly not a pass

    • VinceR says:

      Actually it was Torts who did that.

    • Walt says:

      Here is that broken record!!

      Hay Bobby Dumbinsky, oh I meant to say Tux, get over it!

      Dubi sets up the game winning goal, has played solid defense, what the hell else can you ask of the man?

      • Rickyrants13 says:

        Come on folks lets befair here Dubi has been just about useless compared to what we thought we were getting When we signed him to a 4mil contract. He has done maybe a handfull of things worthy of his contract. And with the way he has played he deserves to have that play ???? All day long.

        Thanks for the play It was a game changer and maybe a series saving one. But in the playoffs its what have you done for me lately.

        I wanna see what we get from him in the next three games before I jump back on the Dubi exspress.

        • Spozo says:

          This isn’t a matter of earning a contract it’s about dressing the best 20 players available Dubinsky, while he hasn’t earned his contract has still been more effective than mitchel. This team is better with Dubinsky suiting up than mitchel. If we go by earning a contract at this point in the game than look at gaborik. He hasn’t played like a 7 million dollar player in the playoffs but does mean he has lost the right to play? No. Contracts go out the window at this time of year when it comes to playing time. It’s all about dressing the best 20 players and giving them playing time accordingly.

        • BobbyTux says:

          Solid Defense??? How many times do you see Torts shake is head at the bonehead plays that DUBINSKY makes? $4.2 million a year? The Rangers did not get Nash because the Preds did not want DUBINSKY as part of the package and the only way that it could work under the salary cap was for the Preds to take DUBINSKY. SO even the worst team in the NHL does not want that contract.

          Let’s make it clear. DUBINSKY is a reasonable player, but not worth 1 million. Forget about $4,200,000, The 4th highest paid skater. $92,000 less than Cally! 5 times more than Prust!

          So if you want to play DUBINSKY on the 4th line – where Mitchell is comfortable and plays within the system – go ahead. BUT WHY?

          • Spozo says:

            Ok we get it Dubinsky is making too much money. No one is arguing that. So what is torts supposed to do with him these playoffs? Bench him for making a lot of money? Or is he supposed to play the best 20 skaters he has at his disposal? Like it or not dubi is one of those 20 players so how about you give it a rest until August.

          • Walt says:


            FYI-the team in question that owns Nash-Columbus Bluejackets!!!

            Now your informed.

  7. SteveD says:

    I think Mitchell will sit if boyley retuns.

    One more thought on game 7. I think the bump by Prust on Anderson shook him up mentally the rest of the game. Heck he was laying on the ice in game 7 looking for a call and Girardi missed the wide open net.. What was he thinking? It’s the little plays in games that change series..

    • Rich a says:

      Totally agree. The King was bumped, pushed, crowded into his net, used like a swiffer mop, and he does not get rattled. Henrik’s incredible focus and confidence is what makes him more than an elite goaltender. He is unflappable.
      Meanwhile a young inexperienced goaltender can sometimes be easily knocked off his game.
      I like how the ‘Yotes were protecting Smith after every whistle. They would form a wall, and any player that got close, they get scrappy. We need to protect the King more.

  8. Eric says:

    It is very funny to me that everyone is so happy Boyle is coming back. A couple of months ago this blog questioned Boyles game and future with the team. He plays key role that will help this team go very deep in the playoffs.

    I totally agree with everyone about Dubinsky being over paid for his production this year. In game 7 he filled in for Boyle as the center for the third line and played well. He won a bunch of key draws for the team and had the primary assist on Giradi’s goal. Dubi could make us forget about his dreadful regular season with a huge second round series.

  9. rob sahm says:

    wow alot of dubi bashing on here just got word zuccarello had his cast takrn off he might be able to play now who gets benched if torts wants zukes to play

    • Michael says:

      Rupp might be one more bad penalty away from Zuccarello taking his spot should he return…especially with Bickel still in the lineup for toughness.

      • Rich a says:

        Running into Holtby was not a bad penalty. It was definitely not intentional, but I am sure it worked in our favor.