Game Seven Musings

April 26, 2012, by

Welcome to the biggest game in the Rangers recent history, well since the lock out. Those of you who disagree, by all means do so but it doesn’t get much bigger than a do or die game 7 on home ice as the conference’s top seed. Especially with the defending champs and possibly biggest threat (Pens) already out. Musings Time.

Marian Gaborik needs to step up yes, but he hasn’t been that bad. We need more of him, but its times like this that attention is given to the guys like Gaborik and depth guys step up. Exhibit A: Brian Boyle. Exhibit B: Chris Kreider.

Brandon Dubinsky has zero points in six games. Would you like me to remind you how much he earns?  What’s the likelihood Dubinsky plays well tonight? I didn’t think so either. See you in a different uniform next October Brandon.

Henrik Lundqvist, Vezina Trophy nominee. Well we’ve heard that before. I just hope the voters take into account the division he played in, his absolute position as most vital Ranger and the fact well, hey… it’s his turn.

The Pens are out. The Bruins are out. The Caps have a goaltending sub plot this April. The Devils and the Panthers aren’t all that scary…. Hey, if this team actually gets past this tricky, awkward Senators team there’s real opportunity to progress. Yes, I am not concerned about the team with Bryzgalov in net.

I wonder how long Brian Boyle is going to be out and how damaging that is to the Rangers (assuming they can squeak past Ottawa).

Respect Time: There is a legitimate chance Daniel Alfredsson, a true modern great of the game, plays his last NHL game tonight at the Garden. Against any other team I’d hope he had a few left in him. Maybe he comes back next year but if he doesn’t…. happy retirement Danny boy.

Apparently Ryan Callahan is ‘fine’ for tonight. And the sun sets and the moon rises. You just know he’d be playing tonight with his arm hanging off. As Prust once said ‘it’s just pain’.

I can’t help thinking that if the Rangers get past tonight then Eminger might get the call in the next series. I wouldn’t expect a coach to make unforced personnel decisions ahead of a game 7 but a new series, a new opportunity, I think Bickel may sit.

Anton Stralman is the Rangers second highest point scorer in this series. Hands up if you saw that coming? Don’t lie!

The one thing (aside from a monsoon of Ranger goals) I want to see tonight is the Rangers come out and beat up Ottawa along the boards and absolutely dictate the physical play. This series hasn’t panned out (physically speaking) how most anticipated. If the Rangers win those battles they will progress. Simple isn’t it?

Dilemma (or not): I have a flight at approximately 5.30am to Barcelona on Friday morning. If I stay up to watch the game (for non regular readers here, I’m based in the UK) there’s a legitimate chance I get totally minimal sleep. What should I do? Miss the game? Consider me tired in advance come tomorrow….

Question Time:

  • Marian Gaborik score: yes or no?
  • Does Alfredsson retire after this season?
  • Does Dubinsky remain a Ranger come September?
  • More important tonight: special teams or establishing physical control?
  • Will Chris Neil get what he deserves tonight?
  • Would you dress Eminger or Bickel in game 7?

That’s your lot today folks. Consider me nervous already. Consider this a huge game that could lead to so much more.

Prediction Time: Rangers 4 Ottawa 2 (Neil gets what he deserves…)


  1. Dave says:

    Marian Gaborik score: yes or no? Yes
    Does Alfredsson retire after this season? No
    Does Dubinsky remain a Ranger come September? No
    More important tonight: special teams or establishing physical control? Both?
    Will Chris Neil get what he deserves tonight? Yes, if by “what he deserves” you mean a loss.
    Would you dress Eminger or Bickel in game 7? Eminger

  2. Alex says:

    Stay up and watch the game. if i can pull an all nighter to right a 10 page paper by 830 this morning, you can pull an all nighter and watch the game. You can always sleep on the plane.

  3. becky says:

    you can sleep on the plane. put on your big boy pants, this is game 7.

  4. Chuck A says:

    “it’s just sleep”

  5. Blueshirt in Paris says:

    No sleep! Ive done it for lesser games.

  6. Mark says:

    It’s just sleep… great line Chuck…

    Yes gabby gets a goal… or two

    No Alfie comes back for one more season. He likes the 11 minute chant too much

    No, i think he is packaged with AA or a Dman, and picks for Nash

    Special teams is alwyas more important. Look at game 6, plus our speed kills (whens the last time we said that).

    If i am Torts i tell Bickell his assignemnet today is to start a fight with Neil. He ahs been there best player. I would trade Neil for Bickel and Neil for Prust. Keep him in the box and hopefully one of our guys knocks some of his teeth… nevermind he doesnt have many.

    I’d keep everythign the same…

  7. Chris says:


    P.s tomorrow night in barcelona, whoever goes home first has their head shaved so I am
    Concerned at a lack of sleep. I love my hair.

  8. TexasRanger says:

    Artem Anisimov gets a hat trick tonight!

  9. MBN says:

    Forego teh sleep. You can catch some ZZZs on teh plane.

    The questions:

    Gabby – No

    Alfredsson – Yes

    Dubinsky – Only if they fail to get an obvious improvement – like Nash or of that elk.

  10. Justin says:

    Hello, Bourbon. Have you met my friends, the New York Rangers? No, I haven’t, said Bourbon. Well, they are the reason you are here on this Thursday night…

  11. MBN says:

    Left out a few…………

    Physical play – especially down load and on the fore-check.

    Neil – Someone will fight him. My $$$$ is on Rupp or Bickel.

    Bickel – see above.

  12. Walt says:


    I knew you wouldn’t wimp out on us. Enjoy your flight to Spain, Barceloma is a beautiful city, visited it when my daughter studied abroad.

  13. The Suit says:

    Marian Gaborik score: Nah
    Does Alfredsson retire after this season? Nah
    Does Dubinsky remain a Ranger come September? Nah
    More important tonight: special teams or establishing physical control? Physical control and puck possession would be nice
    Will Chris Neil get what he deserves tonight? I WANT GOALS, fight can come next season
    Would you dress Eminger or Bickel in game 7? Bickel

  14. wwpd says:

    has Dubi played himself out of the uniform this series … or has he played himself out of being tradable come draft time?

    ps at which time I fully expect the rangers to be looking to trade up from their #30 pick 🙂 LGR!