Breaking down the goals from Game 6

April 23, 2012, by

For once the Rangers were able to make them pay. When I say them, I don’t just mean the Senators. I mean the refs. I mean Shanny. I mean Campbell. I mean anyone and everyone who has failed to do their job this postseason. And that is exactly what’s going on around the league. People aren’t doing their jobs.

The Rangers overcame it all for once and will have to do it one more time on Thursday in order to get to the next round. Make ’em pay…plain and simple. Anyway, on to the scoring…

Sens go up 1-0

The refs called Rupp for roughing. The replay predictably showed Rupp didn’t do more than give Jim O’Brien a hug for encouragement. Unfortunately, the Rangers couldn’t make the BS call irrelevant. Staal couldn’t clear Neil or Foligno from the crease and MDZ was in no mans land. Easy power play goal for the Sens.

Rangers even it up 1-1

The Rangers finally got on board during the power play midway through the second period. Stralman fed Brad Richards atop the circle. Richie made a great diagonal pass to Stepan who was rushing in from the circle. Stepan got a quick shot on goal and scored after an extra whack at the puck.

Rangers take lead 2-1

Late in the second the Rangers went on a 5 on 3. MDZ redeemed himself (as he has all season) and made a huge play to keep the puck in the zone on an attempted Ottawa clear. MDZ fed Richards atop the circle. Richie walked it in, used Phillips as a screen, and fired a shot through Anderson. As Chris would say, “brilliant”.

Oh and perhaps MDZ redeemed himself a little more with that big hit on Neil 😉

Kreider gets his first goal, Rangers go up 3-1

Stepan picked up the puck along the boards (after a dump in by Staal) and fed Kreider with a beautiful pass through traffic.  Chris wasn’t picked up by the Ottawa’s defense on the weakside and quickly buried a shot past Anderson. Kreider later said he held on to the puck for too long, but for the average Rangers goal his release was like Superman quick. If only the game was that slow for the rest of us…

The Senators kick in last goal, 3-2

Ok folks, you’ve seen the replay. There is nothing to break down. Henrik looked like he was interfered with on the play and the NHL apparently saw that Neil’s foot missed the puck. Supposedly this was seen with a camera angle the NHL has…you know, that no one else has…you know that…camera…angle…um yeah.

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  1. Chuck A says:

    The officiating has been a disgrace in the entire 1st Round…

    Will Ottawa pull the bully card, a la Game 2, for Game 7? Is dressing Scott too far out of the question?

    • Steven T says:

      Barring someone being injured, I’d like to avoid Scott playing game 7. Even in Game 2, when Ottawa played the bully role, the Rangers still had a 1 goal lead in the final 6 minutes.

    • Bobby G says:

      I’d like to avoid dressing Scott for the entire playoffs, God willing there’s more than one game left. We have plenty of guys who can fight. Plus no one even wants to fight Scott because of how huge he is. We had the same problem with Boogaard. Yea the guy is a giant, but useless if no one wants to drop the gloves with him.

  2. cnp says:

    Rupp needs to do this:

  3. evan says:

    We all know when MDZ redeemed himself and that was when he hit Neil. However, we also know Neil faked it like the b*itch he is.

    The reffing was an utter abomination on both ends. The kreider goalie interference? Has anyone ever seen a player called for goalie interference when his team does not have possession and the player touches a goalie who is not trying to make a save? The foligno interference was equally as stupid, but you know what? about time the rangers got something. And hearing the OTT fans cry for 5 minutes, Neil cry, Spezza cry post game was music to my ears. Did anyone hear any rangers cry about the dubi ejection? the haggy suspension? the boyle concussion? Rangers are playing against OTT, the refs and the NHL and tonight i couldnt be happier to be a fan.

    I wont even comment on the kicked in goal. Utter abomination.

    All we needed was one goal and look at how their goalie and defense turned to crap. We better consolidate this. Also, i fully expect neil to hurt someone on thursday.

    Is boyle done for playoffs?

  4. rangersalterego says:

    That first goal was retarded. Staal and MDZ falling asleep on the PK.. you have to clear the crease out.. foligno and neil were just chilling one prime real estate for huge chunks of the game

  5. rocketnyr says:

    Expect a parade of Rangers to the penalty box on Thursday to make them pay for being critical of the corrupt league officials. It’s happened before, folks.

    Remember ’92 and Lemieux’s fake “broken wrist”? That series was hijacked from the Rangers by the officials as payback. Then Mario returned in less than a week to be the MVP of the Finals. Some broken wrist.

  6. rob sahm says:

    ottawa had there chance to close us out now we are going to show thos wanna be dirt bag thugs why we are the #1 seed in the east

  7. wwpd says:

    nice call on the game winner dave. not OT but we’ll give it to you anyway!

  8. Chris F says:

    Ok, honestly I’ve never been happier than when MDZ came in and nailed Neil. Boo-ya, baby!

    But, with that said, be careful, boys. Neil is a lose cannon. I expect him to be doubly dirty on Thursday.

    Kudos, Krieder!

    As for the Neil kick-in, I hate that putrid-f*ck, but I think he missed it. All MSG angles looked like he kicked it, but right after they announced it as a goal, MSG showed one angle where it looks like he may have missed the puck, even though he was clearly kicking at it.

    Either way, huge, huge win. I love this team. Just stop talking to the media, boys. Play the game. Beat these dirty Sens and move on. Don’t open yourselves up for fines and suspensions.

    Let’s do this Blueshirts! Bringing it home for 7, baby!

    • Rich a says:

      Fine, maybe he did not kick it, but the goalie interference was blatantly obvious.

    • Jackson says:

      There was one angled view where it seemed as if the puck had gained a bit of speed as a result of his kicking motion. That’s what convinced me he made contact, however little.

      • VinceR says:

        Read a good tweet from Seth Roman that says, that could actually be henkes glove accelerating it. In the end I still feel like it’s a BS goal.

  9. VinceR says:

    After a night of watching the game and then late night moving chores (fun), I just wanted to post some stuff on a continuation of another thread today:

    Doom, gloom, doom, gloom, doom, gloom, torts sucks, doom, doom doom, gloom, gloom, doom, gloom-gloom, delzaster, I’m never watching this team again, we’ll never win a cup, doom, gloom, Torts lost this series, doom.

    See haters? I got that done and it didn’t take 75 plus posts. Now can we just shut up and be positive for game 7 already?

    Also, great tweet from Dave Lozo:

    Career playoff stats: Rick Nash, 1 goal in 4 games. Chris Kreider, 1 goal in 4 games.


    • VinceR says:

      One last thing on the Kreider goal…I was watching and in the celebration huddle I was thinking “that’s weird, where’s the captain, he was just in front of the net?”. Watched all of the replays during the game and couldn’t figure where Cally was.

      Just got my first look again at the live goal…he celebrates, starts to skate at Kreider, catches himself, and skates back up ice to chase the souvenir puck that someone shot out of the net in frustration. Love it.

      • Bobby G says:

        Haha didn’t notice that. Classy move by the captain.

        • Chris F says:

          Yea, I noticed that as well because I was trying to see who was on the ice for Krieder’s goal and I noticed someone missing (Callahan). Classy move, indeed.

          What a homegrown goal, though. Look who was on the ice for that goal:

          Henrik Lundqvist, drafted by NY in 2000.

          Marc Staal, drafted by NY in 2005.

          Michael Del Zotto, drafted by NY in 2008.

          Ryan Callahan, drafted by NY in 2004.

          Derek Stepan, drafted by NY in 2008.

          Chris Kreider, drafted by NY in 2009.

          That’s something you really love to see. 6 NY draft picks all on the ice at the same time, all very young (with the exception of Lundqvist), coming together to score the game winning goal facing elimination in the playoffs. That’s something right there. The future.

          • VinceR says:

            Great point! Love it!

          • Jackson says:

            I actually got chills reading that haha, there’s a lot to love about this team right now.

            • Chris F says:

              There’s a whole lot to lover about this team. I’m so sick of listening to the naysayers, and all the fools who look at nothing more than being the No. 1 seed and expecting the world. Anything less is a failure? BS! This is a team no one predicted to win the Cup this year, so how did the Cup suddenly become the sole metric for a successful NY Rangers team?

              I love this group of guys. Things can be tweaked, of course. They always can. But, this team right here, right now, can do great things. Whether it’s this year, or next, I don’t really care. The result is the same. I’m convinced that this team, with its preponderance of homegrown draft-picks, will be bringing Lord Stanley’s Cup back to NY in the very near future. And that, Rangers fans, is something to be very excited about.

  10. MBN says:

    I saw numerous replays and while I believe that Neil kicked in that 2nd Ott. goal, I can understand the slight doubt with it. But that call on Kreider for goalie interference was bogus. Pure, unadulterated fake.

    I am more convinced then ever that the league does not want the Rangers to win. The overall officiating and Shanny decisions from this series has me convinced.

    • Walt says:

      Your right on!

      I go back to what I posted a few days ago, once Dolan remarked that we will win the cup at the winter classic, it appears that the entire NHL has turned on us.

      Food for thought, how many Canadian teams are still in the play-offs? One the Sens, this is their national sport, so there is plenty of room to question the officals. Gary Buttman still has a hard on for Dolan,( wee pecker that he is ) with the law suit from a few years ago, more fule for thought.

  11. Justin says:

    What do you guys think Hank’s fine will be for his post game comment? 5k? 10k? The league is not a fan of having its integrity questioned.

    Rich, I’m gonna have to disagree with you. What Kreider did was absolutely goalie interference, but since its a playoff game and his ability to make a save was not compromised, I wouldn’t have minded the ref letting it go. But had silfverberg done the same thing to Hank, we all would have been steamed…

    • Dave says:

      Probably $20k, same as Torts.

      My issue with the goalie interference on Kreider is that Anderson shifted his body position to get in his way.

      • Sally says:

        It’s definitely $20k, maybe more. The NHL doesn’t conspiracy talk.

      • Justin says:

        The only thing is that Kreider was going through the crease. I was ready to blame that on Anderson for artificially closing the gap on Kreider’s lane by moving out into it, but Anderson was against the post. He should be free to move around his crease without incoming players clipping him.

  12. jackie laux says:

    will somebody tell MDZ, that this isn’t rugby, he CAN PASS THE PUCK FOWARD. How many times can you drop pass even with nobody on you….

    • Dave says:

      He likely does this on the PP because Richards carries the puck up the ice on the rush. It’s how they run the play with the man advantage.

  13. becky says:

    that hit was a Del Zaster! he didn’t even concuss Neil! I want Redden in his place in game 7!

  14. Chris. C says:

    Besides the kicking motion of Neil. What about the stick in his stomach of Hank, that was pushing him away from the play and puck. Clearly see the bend in the stick. And I beleive it was Neils stick.
    Great win anyways. Game 7 will be insane

  15. The Suit says:

    Notice none of the haters are out today to bash Torts and the org. Where you at Rickyrants13? Ncognito_13? Comnsnse?

    • VinceR says:

      I think they are just typically out because they need to throw public tantrums. Basically when we lose they want to take their toys and go home.