Tuesday night open thread

We are all about trying new things around here at BSB.  Since these playoffs have generated a ton of interesting discussions that may not be directly applicable to our daily posts, we are going to give a nightly open thread a try.  The Devils/Panthers, Preds/Wings, and ‘Yotes/Hawks are all in action tonight, as well as the Yankees/Twins game.  Talk about whatever you want, just play nice.  Enjoy!

27 Responses to “Tuesday night open thread”

  1. Does anyone think Alexander Radulov will re-sign with Nashville (RFA)?Btw Suter & Andrei Kostitsyn are unrestricted free agents while Weber & Sergei Kostitsyn are restricted free agents.

    • Wouldn’t shock me, but also wouldn’t shock me to see him go back to the KHL either.

      NSH has a lot of key guys headed for some level of free agency. Will be interesting to see how they manage it.

  2. First round predictions, anyone?

    I’m leaning Rangers in 6, Bruins in 7, Flyers in 5, and Devils in 6.

    Kings in 4, Coyotes in 7, Predators in 7, and Blues in 7.

    • Rangers in 5. Flyers in 7. Bruins in 6. Devils in 7.

      Kings in 5. Preds in 6. Yotes in 7. Blues in 7.

      • Rangers in 6, Bruins in 6, Devils in 7, Flyers in 5, Kings in 5, Preds in 6, ‘Yotes in 7, Blues in 6

    • that’s a great question. I’d say Pens if they get their act together are capable of taking 4 in a row here from the flyers. I just can’t see Quick dropping that many right now, he is really on his game.

          • In that case, I agree with you. If I HAD to pick, I’d say Pens have a slightly better chance of survival, and that’s because the Canucks have to face Quick for 4 more games if they want to survive.

  3. Pens go down in four!!

    Adams automatic suspension for his fight in the last 5 minutes of a game. Asham will get at least three for his cross check to the head of Schenn, and Neal will get at least 2 for his two head shots late in the game.

    You can take out a 40 goal scorer, and solid two way player in Adams, and a decent enforcer, who has a scoreing touch in Asham, and expect to win. The Pens are very shakey right now, their goalie is out there in left field, Igor Malkin has disappeared, and Cindy has had his cage ratteled. They will loose tomorrow night, their will be at least one more brawl, and I hope someone kicks the shit out of Cindy, and Malkin both!!!!

  4. I might be biased, but I think Shanny did a good job on the Shaw suspension…goalies are too important to their teams success this time of year and need to be protected.

  5. I am starting to lose respect for Shanny and the NHL disciplinary board. Crosby was out most of the season with a concussion. Look at these playoffs. The hits are making me sick. I love hockey and love the physical play but this is enough. It does not seem to be about clean hits anymore. It seems its about trying to injure your opponent. I have never been a fan of the fights and the league wont stop them because its “part of the game” Any other sport and you are suspended. Yes, I am one of the few that would be fine with fights being stopped completely and taken out of the game. The NHL thinks it may lost fans. Come one…. we all come back to our sport after strikes, lock outs and so on. Fans WILL COME BACK no matter what. Anyway, my point is that the sportsmanship seems to be gone in out sport. Shanny WIZE UP and stop the shit. What will it take? Some one paralyzed? Its seems that concussions are not enough for you yet. Ive said my piece. Thanks

  6. NHL announced:

    Neal-one game suspension
    Asham-four games
    Adams-one game

    Pens down in four tonight!!!!!
    Cindy, pack your dresses, and don’t forget your purse!

    • Now if the NHL wants to maintain consistency the following decisions should be made on more recent activity:

      N. Backstrom – 4 games for crosschecking to the head (just like Asham)

      R. Torres – 0 games for jumping to hit Hossa (just like Neal)

      Here’s an opportunity to regain a level of respectability although, my guess is these decisions will be reversed.

      • To clarify Neal got 1 game for the head shot to Giroux and 0 games for jumping to hit Couturier

        Oh, and I see now N. Backstrom just got 1 game only – no consistency, what a travisty

    • What a Shame, The NHL is a disgrace. I seriously want to know what was discussed in the meetings of Asham, Neal and Adams.

      Pens and Cindy will be done this evening which is great.

  7. Anyone else concerned with the lack of scoring touch among guys like Richards, Gaborik and Callahan? They seem to have disappeared since game 1?

  8. Lets all Take some Beats with the Torres Hit on Hossa lastnight.

    Shanny gonna dish out 3 game suspension to Hossa for getting in the passing lane of Torres!

    • Neal got nothing for jumping to hit Couturier so 3 or 4 games sounds about right for Torres.

      What a joke.

      • Given the star power of Hossa, who was injured, and Torres history of suspensions, he’s getting 3-4 games.