Eastern Quarterfinals Game 2: Senators at Rangers

April 14, 2012, by

Series: Rangers up 1-0.

NYR Leading Scorer: Marian Gaborik (41-35-76)
OTT Leading Scorer: Jason Spezza (34-50-84)

NYR Goaltender: Henrik Lundqvist (62 GS, 1.97 GAA, .931 SV%)
OTT Goaltender:  Craig Anderson (60 GS, 2.83 GAA, .910 SV%)

Rangers Lines (probable):

Carl Hagelin-Brad Richards-Marian Gaborik
Artem Anisimov-Derek StepanRyan Callahan
Brandon Dubinsky-Brian Boyle-Ruslan Fedotenko
Mike Rupp-John Mitchell-Brandon Prust


Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi
Michael Del Zotto-Anton Stralman
Marc Staal-Stu Bickel

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start

Probable Scratches/Injuries:  Mike Sauer (concussion), Mats Zuccarello (wrist), Steve Eminger (ankle), Jeff Woywitka (healthy), John Scott (healthy), Chris Kreider (healthy)

Preview: The Senators didn’t play well in game one, revealing their biggest weakness which is a subpar team defense. As I said in our recap, the Senators will likely make the necessary adjustments and should be tighter for game two.

We also learned from game one that the Senators had to abandon their trap once the Rangers took the lead. This forced the Senators to be more aggressive, but also exposed them defensively. Even with the lead the Rangers stayed aggressive and it’s their commitment to backchecking combined with the mobility of their defensemen that keeps the Rangers from experiencing the same flaws.

The wild card here is the referees. I thought Don Van Massenhoven Tom Kowal and Dan O’Halloran were very inconsistent in their calls in game one. I can’t say I am familiar with Kowal, but O’Halloran was one of the refs (including Sutherland) who was guilty of re-writing the rulebook for Sean Avery AND always seems to swallow the whistle against Pittsburgh. None the less, the Rangers need to do exactly what they did in game one and play through any BS calls.

Not That Crazy A Thought: Rangers just need to get it done tonight. I do not want to go to Ottawa with the series tied.

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  1. Walt says:

    Damn you Torts, with the prevent defense again, starting again at about the five minute mark. You can’t sit back with a one goal lead, and that much time left to play, with a team loaded with snippers. Hank stood on his head, he deserved better.

  2. Alex says:

    You might want to get your facts straight. Don Van Massenhoven was not a ref in game 1. It was Tom Kowal!

    Hard to run a good site if your facts are completely wrong!

  3. Alex says:

    No, but its a pretty simple thing to look up! Also Van Massenhoven is rated in the bottom third of refs for the season and not officiating at all in the playoffs.

    • The Suit says:

      You are right it was Kowal, that’s my bad. I should have doublechecked that online. But thanks for not being a dick about it.

      BTW, where online does the NHL Officials Association disclose their rating for their referees? Where does it say Don is in the bottom third?

      • Alex says:

        There are two ways to not be included as an official in the playoffs.

        1) If an official is retiring, they will not work any playoff games. So their last regular season game will be it for them. (There was a linesman who retired this year and will not be eligible for the playoffs).

        2) If an official is in the bottom third of ratings they are not selected for the playoffs. There are 36 active referees in the NHL and 20 referees and 2 Alternates are selected for the 1st round of the playoffs. Same goes for Linesman, 20 linesman are selected and 2 alternates.

        These two links should help you gain a better understanding of the process and who was selected.



  4. Chris F says:

    I don’t even know what to say about tonight, there was so much to digest… I’m very dejected.

    A few points:

    Brian Boyle deserved to answer the bell for what he did to Karlsson in game 1. But, it wasn’t overly egregious, so if Carkner did want to enact retribution he should have asked him to make a go of it instead of jumping him. Which is basically what Dubinsky was yelling at him in the box, Carkner yelled something about Boyle needing to answer, and Duby yelled back “So ask him?!” What Carkner did was gutless, and he had Boyle in a very vulnerable position. Dubinsky was obligated to jump in and try to pull Carkner off Boyle, he was defending a teammmate in need. He wasn’t the third man in on a fight. The ejection was utter crap.

    Carl Hagelin took a beating tonight, and he made a rookie mistake in letting the intensity and nastienest get the better of him. His hit was high, it was dangerous. It sucks that Alfredsson was hurt, I hope we see him back on Monday.

    However, I think the 5-minute major was enough. I didn’t see any intent, nor do I believe Hagelin even has that in him. He’s a rookie, he was trying to give some back after taking some shots all game. However, he has a hearing with the League. I don’t believe a suspension would be justifiable, but I can certainly see one coming given that Alfredsson sustained an injury.

    It’s sure going to be hard for the League to justify this suspension after doling out an inconsequential 2.5K fine to Weber for grabbing Zetterberg’s head and smashing it into the boards. But, let’s just say, consistency isn’t exactly the League’s forte.

    Expect Kreider to lace up for Monday if Hagelin receives a suspension.

    That’s gonna be one nasty, intense NHL debut for Kreider. Hope he’s ready.

  5. Walt says:

    If Torts is smart, and if Kreider has to start in place of Hags, I’d put Scott out there in place of Mitchell. The line upp will then be Scott, Rupp, Bickel, Prust, Dubi, then let the war begin. I believe that the Sens opened up a can of worms, and that the Rangers should kick the living sh*t out of Neil, Carkner, Koko whatever the clowns name is. Look to get Karllson, and wipe the ice with that punks ass, hot dog that he is. Whatever you do, don’t play that damn prevent again, PLEASE!