Breaking down the goals from Game 1

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We apologize for the delay in getting this posted. Apparently all of us thought someone else was writing this. I know great organization skills right? Anyway, since we are bit late publishing we are only going to breakdown the goals scored, which I think is what most of you are looking for anyway.

Rangers open scoring 1-0

The Rangers opened the scoring on a rebound goal by Ryan Callahan in the first period. The Rangers were applying zone pressure and Ottawa was scrambling a bit. Artem Ansimov had clean possession down low and fed Anton Stralman at the point. Stralman was then able to put one on net.

Kuba was defending the slot and was late picking up Callahan, who successfully got between Anderson and Kuba. As Cally was skating into the slot he quickly lifted Kuba’s stick. This little play gave Cally an extra second to get to Anderson’s bad rebound for the putaway.

Rangers go up 2-0

In the second, the Rangers were again applying zone pressure and Cowen of the Senators was unable to clear the puck from his own end zone. Gaborik received the puck along the rightwing wall and skated by Cowen, who was kinda picked by Hagelin. Gabby cut through the slot undefended, out-waited Anderson, and put one right through his five-hole. Not sure if Anderson could have made a better save attempt though, I’ll leave that to Justin.

Rangers go up 3-0

Later in the second, the Rangers were again applying zone pressure (sense a pattern here?) and Girardi fired a shot from the point, which hit Anisimov. The puck dropped right on to Arties stick and he was able to get a pass off in the high slot while being tripped up by the Senators. Ottawa center Jim O’brien went to Artie, leaving Boyle open, who was able to capitalize on Artie’s pass.

Rangers go up 4-0

The Rangers fourth goal is pretty easy to breakdown. Hagelin just straight up stole the puck from Foligno on the forecheck. Everyone else on the Senators was thinking offense and Richards was left open in the slot for the putaway.

Senators get on board 4-1

The Senators got on board in the third thanks to a neutral zone turnover. Stepan/Dubinsky lost the puck at the Senators blueline and Alfredsson was able to create a transition rush. The Rangers were able to get back and defend the open men, but in the process Prust lost track of Alfredsson. Daniel was undefended in the slot and was able to tip in a point shot past Hank.

Senators make it 4-2

The Rangers got all messed up and wounded up with four of their five skaters going for a loose puck at their own blueline. The Rangers weren’t able to come away with possession and were trapped up high, leaving Del Zotto alone to defend a wide on 2-on-1. Del Zotto went down to take away the passing lane (as he should), but just missed breaking up a lateral feed from Foligno to Condra. Condra roofed a shot past Lundqvist, who just missed the save.

So there are your breakdowns on scoring plays. Overall, it was solid game by the Blueshirts who were able to capitalize on Ottawa’s many defensive breakdowns.  I really liked that Torts kept his team pressuring the puck despite having an early lead and his timeout after a Senators surge proved to be beneficiary. I’m sure Maclean will have his team adjust accordingly and I’d expect a tighter game from them on Saturday.

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  1. Steve says:

    I was at the game. Overall, very positive win. Thank the lord for Tortorella’s timeout. Brian Boyle is out of his mind right now. Aside from scoring 6 goals in the last 10 or so games, he has finally realized he’s 6’7 250.

    • becky says:

      Per Dave Lozo: Brian Boyle on why he’s been scoring goals all of a sudden: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

      Love it.

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for the lead in Suit…Gabby’s goal was actually a perfect example of what I was talking about in the scouting report on Anderson. He is not a tight, controlled goalie. So if you wait him out, you can induce inefficient, sloppy movement and capitalize on those chances.

  3. Walt says:


    Couldn’t agree more with your remark!!

    Dr Gaborik did a beautiful surgery on Anderson, cut his guts out with the move, and shot. The man has such wonderful soft hands, and last nights goal is a perfect example of what a skilled player can do when he is patient, takes his time, and goes for the kill as soon as you make a mistake.

    I have to comment on Boyle, the guy gave a glove face wash to Karlesson, and started a bit of a scrum. It’s about time he starts to play with a little edge, with his size, who would want to take him on? He is playing out of this world, and I’m glad that his scoreing is coming along as well, because he really does a great job defensively.

  4. Bobby Tux says:




  5. wwpd says:

    got to credit dubi on the power play, which doesn’t show up on any of the highlights but i thought great strong plays in the corners and half boards keeping plays alive and eventually led to boyles goal

    • Bobby Tux says:

      Why does everybody love theist overrated player! If it was not for the lead he would have been benched for the goal that he was in ice for. Typical Dumbinsky loading and out of position.

      I would like a small amount of apology from everyone on this site. I stated over and over that the line combo must be Cally Stepan and Artie not Dumbinsky. All that I got was grief. I believe that I am right. My next statement was that if Krieder plays he will replace Dumbinsky in the lineup – please watch fit that to happen!

      • Spozo says:

        He’ll replace mitchel

      • Walt says:

        Lighten up already, we understand, you don’t like Dubi!!!!!

      • wwpd says:

        you’re right, don’t give him credit. from now on we will only focus on his mistakes and ignore anything he does that is good.

        and we will call him: “DubZaster”


        • Rich a says:

          There is no way Dubi is the first to come out of the line up and sit. No way. Get over it.

          • Bobby Tux says:

            the reason DUMBINSKY will sit is that he makes the most positional errors within the Torts system and that is biggest possible offense. Since Torts cannot risk 2 poor system players (Krieder is untested in the system so we must assume a poor Torrts system player).

            One must realize that within the Torts system there is somewhere to be in all areas of the ice both with and without the puck. The Ramgers chart positional errors per ice time and Dubi leads it on both sides of the puck. Just watch how many times on offense you see him drift to a spot in which he is too close to the puck without a chance to receive a pass or not in the play at all because he is not considering the current and future position of the puck carrier. The 2 players that you never see DUMBINSKY play with are Gabirik and Richards. Reason: he brings down their level if creativity because of his lack of positional understanding.

            Finally, I am happy to point out his good play and clearly Sather ONLY did that when he gave him that contract. But if you look at this blog the amount if spontaneous pro Dubi chatter is the highest of any player. Find somebody else. I suggest Artie. Most underrated improver on the club by far.

            • Spozo says:

              So what exactly are these “positional error stats” that you speak of? You seem to have researched this. Give me some hard data to back uP your claims here.

  6. The Suit says:

    Well now that you brought up the blog Bobby, allow me to chime in…

    #1 Please don’t put words in our mouth. We’ve been very objective in analyzing Dubi on this site this season.

    #2 Dubi’s decision making with the puck has not been great for large chunks of the season. That’s fair, but by no means is he a bad all around player, nor is he as bad as you make him out to be.

    #3 I think I have talked systems and Torts’ strategies once or twice on this site. If I am wrong, please let me know, but I highly suggest you read up before making claims that Dubi doesn’t fit into our system. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Positionally he always seems to get to the spot he is supposed to be in, but unfortunately Dubi’s hands have turned to stone this season and that’s why the offense isn’t up to par. Not because he doesn’t fit into our team concept.

    • Walt says:


      • Bobby Tux says:

        I did not mean the writers I meant the commenters. I apologize.

        I do not have the stats but I refer to one of Dumbinsky’s benching and Torts commented that in keeping track of positional awareness that Duninsky needed constant reminders and that was a very up and down area for him. To me that implies that rangers track this carefully and since has not really mentioned anything like this with refererence other players that he must be at or near the bottom.

        I am not saying that he is a bad player, but the most overrated. Big difference. He has no hockey vision and often makes mental errors. In the Torts system you vision and mental sharpness plus physical ability. I do not think that he has either plus he does not deserve the praise of that outlandish contract or the numerous I’ve zealous blog commenters.