The President’s Trophy was not the prize

April 9, 2012, by

When the Rangers “forgot to show up” for their game against the Caps on Saturday, many people panicked. How can they win in the playoffs if they don’t show up for what amounts to a meaningless game? How dare they not show up on the final game of the year! The prize wasn’t the President’s Trophy. The prize is the Stanley Cup.

Quick…who won the President’s Trophy for the 1997-1998 season? No Google allowed.

Ok, who won the Stanley Cup? The Red Wings, their second in a row.

That’s the point here. No one remembers who won the President’s Trophy. Everyone remembers who wins it all. John Tortorella knows that, and he gave regular shifts to everyone on his club. Only Michael Del Zotto and Marc Staal came close to 24 minutes of ice time, which is a good sign for Staal. Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh played 21:17 and 19:50 respectively, roughly 50 fewer minutes than they usually play </exaggeration>.

Sure they lost the game and the President’s Trophy, but there are far worse things in the game of hockey. Derek Stepan played 20 minutes after almost losing a limb on that Brooks Orpik hit, which is probably the most important thing to come from that game. Reiterating a point from above, Staal played close to 24 minutes of ice time. The Rangers will need him to be able to handle that workload throughout the playoffs if they are going to succeed. That’s two great signs for the Rangers.

The Stanley Cup is the prize in June. No one cares who wins the President’s Trophy.

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  1. Rangers in my blood says:

    Great article!!

  2. sean says:

    The only reason I wanted to win that game is because in 94 a ranger won the all star game mvp and we won the presidents trophy. Call me superstitious but….

  3. Chris F says:

    While it would have been nice to play the Caps, and hopefully enact some revenge against them for 2009-09 and 2010-11, the more I look at this Senators squad, the less I panic.

    My first inclination was not good. Ottawa has had the Rangers number this year, and they boast one of the most lethal lines in hockey (Spezza, Alfredson, Michalek).

    However, looking at their goal differential, despite being an offensive powerhouse, they still only registered a +9. They gave up a 240 goals. They have a weak defensive core, and an inconsistent goaltender.

    I believe that if this Rangers team plays it game, if they stay physical, if they forecheck and crash the net, if they get a grip on the turnovers and stop giving up so many odd-man rushes, then this is the Rangers series.

    If they don’t bring that energy, though, Senators will pick them apart with their speed and the skill.

    • Chris F says:

      Sens have lost the last 3 games, as well. So they have hopefully hit a deeper rut than the Rangers heading into the Playoffs.

  4. Mikeyyy says:

    This team is built for the playoffs. When the refs swallow their whistles the real players need to stand out.

    Gabby, Richards, Callahan on the top line. – top lines have to perform

    McD and MDZ on defense. – With the lack of depth at the nhl level on defense, if these guys play well, secondary scoring and tertiary scoring will get us through the first round.

    Dubi, Boyle and Pruster – What can I say, you need depth to go far, but that depth has to step up. We need monster games from these guys. Or we might as well just pack up and go home.

    I still like our chances. I rather play Ottawa than Washington anyways. Those caps are sneaky deadly.