Decent news on the Stepan front; No hearing for Orpik

April 6, 2012, by

This afternoon some good news has hit the Twittersphere about the status of Derek Stepan, recipient of a dirty knee-on-knee hit from Brooks Orpik last night. Per Andrew Gross, Stepan attended the Rangers team photo shoot this morning. Although Stepan didn’t skate at practice, his attendance at the team picture is at least a good sign. It means he can walk on that leg.

The other good news is that Ryan McDonagh, who rode to practice with Stepan (per Steve Zipay), said that Stepan was sore, but didn’t think it was serious.

More good news: there have been no call ups from the AHL yet. It would be a surprise if Stepan played tomorrow against the Caps though. Expect John Scott to see some time tomorrow while Stepan rests up. The President’s Trophy is nice, but not at the expense of the health of key members of the team.

Obviously the NHL had to rain on the good news parade today. There won’t be a hearing for Orpik concerning that hit. Thought the league wanted that kind of play out of the game?

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  1. The Suit says:

    Shitsburgh typical

  2. Chris F says:

    Honestly, I’ve seen far worse knee-to-knee hits. He received a 5-minute Major and a Game Misconduct.

    And, while he led with his knee, it did not appear that he intentionally kneed Stepan as he tried to hop around Orpik.

    I was livid at the time, and I completely feel Torts on his rage towards Pittsburgh hypocrisy and the League’s coddling of their ***** stars, however, I really didn’t expect a suspension on that hit.


  3. Walt says:


    Did you see the slue foot by Cindy on Cally? Again the fruit cake gets away with crap!!!!!

    • Chris F says:

      There’s no love lost here towards Cindy or Malkin. I hate both of those putrid ****s. And, I totally agree with Torts that if someone laid that same exact knee-on-knee to Cindy, the League would come down with a sledge-hammer.

      But, that fact alone does not mean that Orpik warranted a suspension, in my opinion.

  4. rob sahm says:

    nothing but a slap on the wrists is going to happen to orpik the pens are protected by bettman and the league as the chosen team christ gretzky wasn,t even protected like that its just a matter of time before another head shot takes out cindy for good and then the favortisim will stop.

  5. Walt says:

    Bettman isn’t in Mario Le Wimp’s back pocket, he is up his ass. Torts get a 20K fine for speaking the truth. Then Cinsy had the gall to call Cally a whiner, I nearly crapped my pants when I read that.