Rangers Outlast Jets – Recap

March 29, 2012, by

Excuse the briefness of the recap today guys, Dave had the audacity to be out on his birthday and none of us could see the entire game from the beginning so here’s just a few thoughts from yours truly from what I did see.

The importance of discipline? The Rangers were not good in the first period but those penalties really did turn the tide and momentum all in the Jets way and that was exhibit A for why this team has to stay disciplined going forward.

That said, the penalty kill had an immediate opportunity to atone for the night in Minnesota and did so remarkably well. Consider the Penalty kill back on its game.

We’ve almost run out of superlatives for Ryan McDonagh yet it’s scary to think he has only recently passed 100 career NHL games. In his first full year he has a 30 point season which is evidence he has great ability both ends of the ice. If he carries this rate of development up he may be Sather’s best acquisition as Rangers GM and there have been many good ones.

Why should you be excited about this team? It was the second of back to backs, the momentum was all against them against a team strong at home and they were two down middle of the second. It clearly didn’t faze them. They found a way to win. They showed desire. If this team can continue to have this kind of back bone it bodes so well for the future.

Ryan Callahan is the best captain in the NHL. If he’s not the best, then there are very few that can match him. He literally does (and did) it all for the Rangers. He deserves a 30 goal season merely for the added recognition it will give him and his offensive ability.

Brad Richards is truly buzzing on the puck lately. His confidence level is off the charts and is actively taking people on with the puck and creating space and opportunities all the time; great timing with the playoffs looming.

The powerplay looked good against the Jets. The second goal was a result of great movement and puck retention. The Jets looked exhausted before the puck broke to Stepan who has an underrated shot that he should use more.

Michael Del Zotto has 38 points in 72 games, as a 21 year old. I’ll say no more. If you follow me on Twitter you know my feelings on the haters and whiners.

Dubinsky is running out of time isn’t he? If he hasn’t already.

Final Thought:

The Jets had their moments and the Rangers struggle to handle guys like Evander Kane while Blake Wheeler and Bryan Little give the Jets some legitimate offensive potential but whether it was the Rangers conditioning, their superior depth or their greater desire, they deserved to win this game. It was a character building game and keeps the Pens at arm’s length. A great win on the end of a back to back.

Three Stars:

  • Ryan Callahan (who else?)
  • Brian Boyle (two way threat when he wants to be)
  • Mike Del Zotto (a difference maker)

Next Up: Montreal at home, a very winnable game for your Rangers. 


  1. Peter says:

    Nice job as always guys. For what it is worth, I much prefer the “thoughts and impressions of the game” approach then a period-by-period recap. Thanks again for wour work, I always come here immediately after looking at Rick Carp’s blog.

  2. Mike R. says:

    Not sure what you mean by “Dubinsky is running out of time”. He’s picked up his game as of late. To anyone who watches every game, Dubi has been more noticeable on the ice and has been thinking shot first, which has been helping the team. I’ll admit he was less noticeable last night, but that’s because Brian Boyle stepped up to play the role of the hard-nosed two-way forward for the night. In the playoffs, though, both of them need to play that role for the Rangers to go all the way.

    • wwpd says:

      sure feels like forever ago the dubinsky fan club was upset he didn’t the A on his jersey that went to richards instead.

      dubi has picked up his game a bit, there is no doubt, but if he is overshadowed by brandon boyle – and dont get me wrong i love what boyle brings – something is still wrong.

      but as for running out of time, i still think he gets another chance short of a great deal falling in sather’s lap. who realistically do you trade him for over the summer? nash? picks? as a GM i don’t see how you can move a guy with dubi’s capabilities just because he has a crap year