Dubinsky’s biggest problem

March 16, 2012, by

No, it isn’t Carl Hagelin, although that’s a pretty big issue for Dubinsky right now. Dubinsky is clearly the forgotten man in the Rangers offense right now and his biggest problem this season is consistency.

Anyone who watched the Islanders game will have seen Dubinsky was strong on the puck and his line generated plenty of chances all round. Dubinsky then followed it up with a game against Carolina where he was a complete non-factor and ended up with the third least ice time among forwards bettering only fourth line stalwarts Mike Rupp and John Mitchell (who still managed to make some good plays in his ice time).

These two games – against cellar dwellers no less – sum up Dubinsky’s year. Yes you can point to the emergence of Carl Hagelin, who has provided effort, production, speed and a cheap solution to the left wing spot.  And yes, you can say Dubinsky hasn’t finished enough of the chances that have come his way – you’ll not find disagreement on any of this.

However, trust is earned with Tortorella and the coach simply cannot rely on the well paid Dubinsky to back up one good game with another. Dubinsky has twelve regular season games and the playoffs to save his Rangers career. He certainly won’t be a hurdle for Chris Kreider to jump given the organisation’s lust for the BC winger to be in NY as soon as possible. He’s well behind the eight ball if it’s a Hagelin vs. Dubinsky debate. And don’t even get started on a Nash/insert free agent name vs. Dubinsky debate.

Dubi doesn’t need to score at a crazy rate to finish the season to have a chance to remain a Ranger, but he does need to show something that has often eluded him his entire Ranger career – consistency. Note: there’s a big difference between consistency and streaky. If Dubinsky can show he can be counted on to be a factor for the remainder of the season, then both he and the franchise will benefit from it. It may be Dubinsky’s last chance to remain a Ranger.


  1. Walt says:

    Last night I watched Dubi the entire game, and finally became disillusioned with what I saw. He is very predictable with his moves, and the D for the Pens knew where he was going, and what he was going to do.

    I love the kid, but maybe it’s time for a change. There is something going on with him, maybe the pressure of a large contract, I don’t know, but there is a problem. Him not skating with Callie could be a cause, or the addition of Richards, and his role being diminished??????? Bottom line, he should be moved, and maybe used in a package for some other player, Nash anyone?

    There are a dozen games left in the season, Dubi, the ball is in your court, run with it, this is your last chance.

    One last thought, last night at the game, it appeared that no one on the team even made an attempt to hit Cindy at all. One has to wonder if the NHL put out a note, don’t go after our little girl tonight!!!!

    PS Malkin is a dirty bastard as well!!!!!

  2. Mikeyyy says:

    His issue is that torts passed him over for a letter he was visibly upset with that move.

    He recovered from stress fractures in his legs from last year and is now skating on a soft boot. And if anyone plays hockey on this board you k ow changing your skates up messes with your stride and mobility. Maybe he hasn’t gotten used to it yet.

    He wants to play center. On the top two lines he should play left Wing. In the bottom two lines he needs to be a center.

    It really comes down to mismanagement of the players. We know what dubi can bring its up to the coaches to get it out of him. And work with him to make him a better player.

    Let’s not like it all on te coaches. But I would say 50 50.

    Last thin I need to say is the whole Kreider thing. The kid has not put one foot on an NHL ice surface yet we are labeling him the next great thing. Let’s step back for a second and realize that success at college or the A. Doesn’t mean success at the NHL.

    • Jeff P says:

      Agreed. Brian Boyle had better stats at BC than Kreider does.

    • scrangersfan says:

      You are correct Mickeyyy, I watched Kreider play in two games and Honestly, I did not see anything that would warrant playing in the NHL this year.He need to be sent to the whale to learn to play on the pro level.

      As for Duby, We don’t have to worry about trading him,who would take on 4.2 million contract for 6 goals a year player.He will be here next year and it will be up to him to redeem himself.

  3. Rickyrants13 says:

    Right now he is almost useless

  4. The Suit says:

    Dubi’s a good forechecker, a good skater, and is great at keeping control of the puck. The problem is he’s missing step two. He’s missing that ability to consistently make the right play once he’s gotten possession.

    Some will blame confidence issues, or the coach, or his icetime and I get all that. But the reality is, the kid doesn’t have a high hockey IQ.

    He certainly has some skill and I’m sure next year he will be back to scoring 20 goals/40+ points somewhere, but without an intuitive sense for the game, I think he is just going to be one of those players that will be great in small doses.

    How that all fits into this roster remains to be seen.

  5. Zen says:

    My response to the title of this article was… “there is only one?”.

    I echo most of what has been said, but not that this is in anyway on the coach’s shoulders. Dubi is where he is, because he his game absolutely sucks right now. Torts has tried to move him up a couple times and he just drags his linemates down. It is a sad sight for a guy who wanted all that money. His play this year borderline makes me angry.

    • The Suit says:

      Agreed 100%. He had plenty of time with Richie earlier in the year and did squat with it.

  6. tmd39 says:

    There we go, let’s blame Dubi this morning and the sting of last night will just magically disappear.

  7. rob sahm says:

    trust me sather will shop him in the off season if not for nash then another big time scorer