Game Day Musings

March 1, 2012, by

It’s another edition of Musings on a game day. How convenient. It’s also the first since the deadline came and went and the deadline day inactivity was a blessing or curse; depending on your point of view of course.

The biggest winner of the deadline day for me: Buffalo. I think Cody Hodgson should be a quality center for a long time to come and any team that can get a 1st AND a 4th for a guy that has never scored more than 12 goals in a season has done well. Paul Gaustad; good foot soldier, nothing more.

I wonder when Rangers fans will get to watch John Scott in red, white and blue for the first time, against Boston?

The Rangers had a little pre-deadline day wobble but anyone that saw the Devils game has to be impressed. The whole shenanigans didn’t make them deviate from their game and they stuck with what got them this far. This team is in sync, it’s hungry and maybe some people are right, they deserved a chance to go deep as the unit that they already are. Hey, they’re well ahead of their development curve anyway, right?

Ryan Callahan is having a monster year. That is all.

It isn’t Rick Nash or another marquee player that’s put Dubinsky’s Rangers career on shaky ground. It’s himself, but also Carl Hagelin. The young Swede is as dynamic a rookie as there’s been in a long time and he’s out hustling, out skating and out producing Dubinsky at the wing spot. Consider the kid a future star: 43 games, 27 points, 40 point season approaching. Nice.

Is there any way Mats Zuccarello even contemplates re-signing with the Rangers? And, is there any way the club even contemplate offering him a new deal? Answer: no. He’ll want an NHL opportunity that is not coming any time soon in New York.

Anyone else really, truly thought of the absurdity of Henrik Lundqvist’s save percentage this season?

Playoff potential: right now the Rangers are looking at a showdown with the Capitals which is as tough as a 1st round could be. 1 point behind is the Jets which would be a great match up.  It seems, at this stage, to be one of Jersey, the Caps, Jets or least likely the Leafs. It could be a lot easier folks.

Five, FIVE (!) teams have losing records this season. Gary Bettman, thank you for your diluted product, where parity is the beige of sports. To make matters worse two of those teams are a two game winning streak from a .500 record which would leave a mere 10% of the league with losing records.

Following a little fit of production, Artem Anisimov has gone back to being a passenger. At what point do you believe he’s hit his ceiling? At what point do you believe he’ll never fulfil his potential? If Chris Kreider does make the roster sooner rather than later Anisimov has no chance of establishing himself as a top six player on this club.

Chances Ruslan Fedotenko gets another year with the Rangers next year? If Dubinsky or A.N. Other leaves and prospects aren’t considered ready; don’t rule out one of Tortorella’s favourite troopers coming back.

Question Time:

  • John Tortorella; does he win the Jack Adams this season?
  • Does Ryan Callahan break the top five in Selke vote getters?
  • John Scott – fights as a Ranger: over or under 5?
  • First to 20 points; Prust or Boyle?
  • Rangers have 21 games remaining; Does Lundqvist reach 40 wins?


  1. JoeP199 says:

    Unfortunately, Bettman’s idea of parity would be more correctly defined as mediocrity.

  2. Chris F says:

    Callahan is sitting out today’s game with a bruised foot.

    John Scott is making his debut tonight, as a winger on the fourth line with Rupp and Mitchell.

    Lundqvist is out tonight.

  3. Dave says:

    Torts gets consideration for the Jack Adams, unsure if he wins it though.

    Cally might get some top-5 votes, but he won’t be a finalist.

    Over-5 fights, easy.

    Gonna be wild and say they both get it at the same time.

    If Biron gets 4 of those 21, then Hank will need to go 10-7 in the other 17 to get to 40, so yes, he gets there.

  4. wwpd says:

    here’s my musing for today: the Panthers have a losing record (30-32) and hold 3rd place in the East and a 3-point lead over the Capitals (same division mind you), who have a winning record (32-31) and are 8th in the East.


  5. Spozo says:

    -Tortz gets some votes but doesnt win the Jack adams.
    -I’d be surprised if Cally gets any votes for the Selke even though anyone who watches him every game knows he should.
    -John Scott has under 5. We saw it with Boogy, there are only a handfull of guys out there with the balls to fight someone that big and he won’t we suiting up for nearly all 21 that are left.
    -I’ve been negative this whole post so far so I’ll go ahead and say that neither get to 20 points! But then I will say that no one cares because they know their roles and stick to them.
    -On a positive note, Hank gets 40. Unless Tortz decides to do something drastic like split Henrik and Martys starts once the conference appears to be a lock.

  6. Jeff P says:

    1. Adams is between Tortorella,Tippett from Phoenix, and Hitchcock in St. Louis. I am leaning towards Hitchcock, but I see it as wide open.
    2. Maybe. What hurts him, is that Rangers have another Selke-worthy candidate in Boyle.
    3. Over, but not by much.
    4. Neither? Who cares.
    5. No. If Rangers are THAT far ahead of everyone, I say Biron gets 5 of last 10 starts, which leaves Hank needing 10 in 15. Doable, but not likely.

  7. Chuck says:

    Buffalo sent Gaustad and a 4th for Nashville’s first round pick. Buffalo didn’t get both picks.

  8. HARLEMBLUES says:

    No reason to bring Fedotenko back with Chris K.,Ryan B.,J.A.M. and maybe JT ready. Younger,faster,skilled and hunger players are needed.I like what Stu Bickel is doing on the ice.He’s learning while providing toughness on the ice.He can work on his skating in the off season pleasant surprise.