Kubina off the market; traded to Flyers

February 18, 2012, by

Via Darren Dreger, and Nick Kypreos, Pavel Kubina has been traded to the Flyers for a 2nd and 5th round pick, pending league approval. There weren’t any reports connecting the Rangers to the 34-year-old defenseman, though he made sense as a trade target given their need to upgrade the blue line and the John Tortorella connection. Dave looked at Kubina in greater detail earlier this week. On to the next…

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  1. Chris F says:

    Do the Rangers truly need an upgrade on the blueline?

  2. Bloomer says:

    Good to see the Flyers blow their brains out on a past their prime player. Kubina was not an upgrade on defence, sorry.

  3. Spozo says:

    Dont they realize they need a goalie instead of a defenseman?

  4. Walt says:

    The Flyer organization is run by a group of mental midgits!

    They are stuck in a time warp, 1974-5, Broad Street Bullies, and live, or die by that mind set. They have not had a good goalie since the Lindburg kid got killed in a car accident, some 25 years ago. They always go for size, grit, dirty bastards to play for them, and goal tending is an after thought. I love to watch them loosing, start fights, and then point fingers at each other.

    There is an old saying that a fish stinks from the head down, that is the case with that organization, begining with Ed Snyder, and the rest of dim wits below him!!!!!