Live Chat Reminder

February 10, 2012, by

Just a reminder that Justin will be hosting a live chat today at noon.  Come with questions, he will have the answers.


  1. Jim says:

    Can’t make the chat due to a schedule conflict. I have been wanting to send a message out to the boards for a while regarding MSG Network and the NHL Center Ice package offered by Verizon FIOS. I live in Maryland and Center Ice is the only way to catch the games for me. About 90% of the NYR home broadcasts are available in SD only. Extremely frustrating! Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know why this is? Is there anything that can be done about it???


  2. Justin says:


    My area does not yet have FioS (of course it’s available 15 minutes south), but I have the Center Ice package on DirecTV and almost every game is available in HD. I’m not sure if you can get MSG proper included in your package of channels, but I know I have the option for Fox Sports channels from all over the country. Hope this helps.

    See? Answers…

  3. Chris.C says:

    I live in Mississippi, and have DirectTV. I have Center Ice, MSG, Fox Sports channels , NHL Network and also believe baby WPIX, love it. I get all the games, If MSG is Blacked out its either on FOXSports or NHL Network or Center Ice. Most in HD also.

  4. Joe says:

    I also live in MD and for the last few days all NHL Center Ice games from MSG networks have come across with no audio! I’ve been getting my Sabres audio from the team website, but nothing on the NHL CI broadcast. Tried calling Comcast, but they don’t even have a way of contacting InDemand (suppliers of NHL CI) to complain or inquire about problems!