Musings: Jeff Carter? No Thanks, Fraser Feels NYR Got Robbed, & More

February 9, 2012, by

Muchado About Nothing

After watching 24/7 and seeing what Anisimov was like behind the scenes, Stamkos pretty much admitted that his team overreacted to the whole snipeshow incident. Of course, somehow that news has been missed and others are trying to drum up some sort of confrontation between the two. This isn’t just a stretch; it’s not doing your homework.

More From The Rumor Front

Speaking of not doing your homework, Yahoo Sports said Ryan Smyth is still open to being traded to the Rangers. I find that interesting considering Smyth’s exact quote was, “Who’s Larry Brooks? It’s not something that I’ve thought much about.” “I’ve moved four times in the last five years…I wanted to come back here for a reason.” These deadline rumor articles are getting pretty desperate huh?

I was surprised people have also been mentioning bringing Jeff Carter over from Columbus. I know his stats are pretty and all, but talk about a guy who is a ghost when he is not scoring. People have problems with Richards and they think Carter is the answer? Have you not read our hockey systems stuff?

Never mind the fact that his contract runs until 2022. Carter is notorious for coasting when he’s not scoring, he doesn’t use his size at all, and his back checking leaves much to be desired. Now he’s whining and underperforming? Tortorella would eat Jeff Carter alive.

Fraser’s Analysis On Grand Theft Anton

Finally, I just want to toss Blueline Station a silk tie. They had a great find from former ref Kerry Fraser (via TSN) giving a detailed look at the waived off goal against New Jersey the other night. I don’t want to steal their quotes, so be sure to click through the link. Always nice to read what a real expert has to say.

***Also, just wanted to add that Justin will be hosting a live chat @ noon on Friday. We’ll be talking deadline, tactics, & more. Be sure to swing by and say hello.


  1. Dave says:

    All this Carter and Nash stuff just makes me laugh.

    • The Suit says:

      I know. These are kind of no-brainers. The media is lacking creativity this year with some of the names they’re dropping.

  2. wwpd says:

    here’s a musing from the department of meaningless statistics, the rangers have gone 28-10-2 in the 40 games since the last one where Dave made a prediction in the game preview 🙂

    aside, for anyone who has not been reading C’mon, Ref! regularly, the column is always interesting and also you get great anecdotes like the time that Pat Quinn refused to applaud Kerry on the day he was honored at MSG for officiating his 1500th game

    • wwpd says:

      ohhaha also the last game prediction was posted by chris not dave, oops. and he basically got it right with the rangers beating ducks after regulation

  3. Blueshirt in Paris says:

    There was a follow up quote from Smyth a few days after that allowed for the possibility. He backed down from the original quote.

    While I don’t love Carter and his contract and im not advocating that we get him but if the Rangers and fans hope to land someone who is available, can score, score on the PP, play in the East, win faceoffs and not give up a lot to get him then you have slim pickings, Carter being one of those. Yeah his contract it tough to swallow but unlike Nash his cap hit is manageable and in line with his production.