Breaking down the Ryan Smyth trade rumor

February 4, 2012, by

Larry Brooks reported yesterday that the Rangers are supposedly interested in Edmonton’s Ryan Smyth. According to Brooks, Smyth is willing to waive his no-movement clause to come to New York. While Smyth would probably fit the Rangers style of play, one has to wonder the legitimacy of this rumor.

This past summer Smyth requested that the Los Angeles Kings (a team on the rise) trade him back to Edmonton, so he could finish his career as an Oiler. It seems peculiar that a 35 year old nearing retirement, who chose to go home over competing for the Cup, would want to be traded back to a contender.

Now don’t get me wrong. The net presence of Ryan Smyth is a big part of the Oilers power play and I’m sure he could provide some secondary scoring off the forecheck. But what do you give up for a 35 year old who will likely return to Edmonton this summer? If the rumor is true, my offer would obviously be Wolski.

Of course the Oilers are rebuilding, so I imagine they would also want someone younger like a Mats Zuccarello or perhaps a prospect. Gun to my head I wouldn’t move a prospect for a rental, but I’d consider moving Zukes, as I’m sure he sees the writing on the wall.

Anyway, Brooksie is probably just trying to sell papers, but I thought I’d break this one down for ya anyway.


  1. Blueshirt in Paris says:

    Agree, it would not make sense for him to look to go somewhere else permanently but this would not be permanent. Rent a hotel for 3 months. Hell Ive had business trips almost that long.

    As of right now he has no contract next year in Edmonton so he might not even have that option.

    If I had a chance to reach the ultimate in my profession right before I retired and all it meant was transferring to another branch for 3 months no way I turn that down.

    • redranger says:

      Smyth might be that extra piece the rangers need to go all the way. Hes a tough hard nose player who scores give up wolski and wowytka for him and we are good

  2. Walt says:

    This is a mute point, the man said he would not waive the no trade clause!!!!!

    Brooks is at it again, he is full of more BS than a Christmas turkey!

    • The Suit says:

      Ryan Smyth quoted in the the Sun:

      “Who’s Larry Brooks? “It’s not something that I’ve thought much about.” Asked if he’d consider joining a contender…

      “I’ve moved four times in the last five years,” he said. “I wanted to come back here for a reason?”

      Not sure if this makes my post seem smart or completely irrelevant haha

      • Blueshirt in Paris says:

        Not defending Brooks but what what would you expect Smyth to say?

        • The Suit says:

          less than that

          • Blueshirt in Paris says:

            C’mon Suit, you know he has to deny it. If he said ‘no comment’ he might as well just admit to it.

            • The Suit says:

              I’m well aware of PR feeding players “i want to play here” lines. I still think he isnt coming here for the points mentioned in the post.

  3. dswt says:

    You can’t compare leaving the Kings to go back home to waiving his “no trade” to have a legit chance of getting a cup (his first??). Of course Brooks is trying to sell papers…it is his job. But there could be some truth to it. And I would give up Zukes for the right guy. Not saying that Smyth is necessarily, but at this point Zukes can’t be in the Rangers short or long term plans, and isn’t Zukes contract done after this season? .. Dealing Woywitka would be a no brainer, even if to just to get the cap space.

  4. Dave says:

    You would have to assume Smyth would net something along the lines of a mid-level prospect and a mid-round draft pick. Assume the price for McCabe is what you would have to pay to get Smyth.

  5. Pete says:

    I dunno, is Smyth really the guy who puts us over the top? I suppose its an upgrade but once again, is the juice worth the squeeze?

  6. Zen says:

    I have no problem with Brooks. I think he has legitimate sources that allow him to break stories and then sometimes throws crap against the wall when things seem logical. That is his job.

    The Smyth rumor is one that makes incredible sense for the Rangers, but not so much for Smyth personally. Though it isn’t the first time a player wanted a chance at a CUP, and then just return to his present team as a free agent… if he chose to.

    • The Suit says:

      I have no problem with Brooks either. He’s gotta put food on the table like everybody else.