Boyle rounding into form?

February 3, 2012, by

Brian Boyle will get nowhere near his offensive totals from last season, even the Stevie Wonder of Rangers fans knows that. Many people have been unhappy with his play at times this season but lately Boyle has been a workhorse and even begun to chip in a little offensively. If he can gather some offensive momentum – which this team surely needs – then he can be happy with his overall season.

He can be happy with his overall play because Boyle is above all else, invaluable to the penalty kill. One of the league’s very best penalty kills let us not forget. It is one of the units that have made this team one of the leagues’ best as they head in to the stretch. Boyle was dominant on the penalty kill against the Sabres and his goal against Martin Brodeur a game earlier hinted at his (decent) offensive ability. He didn’t panic, he waited out Brodeur and calmly finished. It wasn’t a play of a guy that has such meagre goal totals this season.

Brian Boyle may not be worthy of his contract when he doesn’t provide a 15+ goal season but he’s certainly a great asset on this team. For all the rants people go on about his lack of physicality – given his size – it’s a fact that this Rangers team is much better with Boyle than they are without him. Boyle is the kind of player that succeeds in the post season. He plays through pain and never – at least voluntarily – gives up on a play.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, what Boyle has been lacking this season is what the team most sorely needs – offense. If players such as Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinsky and Brad Richards were performing better Boyle’s lack of offense may not be as widely discussed as it has been. That said, Boyle has been playing better, getting chances and consistently providing great special teams play for his side. He’s offering a lot more than some other members of the roster and on a first placed team that’s not such a bad start.


  1. RangerSmurf says:

    All you really need to know about Boyle’s season is wrapped up neat and tidy in one stat:

    72.1% of the time he starts in the defensive zone.

    As I’ve written elsewhere, Boyle is being (purposely) slaughtered by Tortorella so that his more talented guys (Stepan, Gaborik) can run free in the offensive zone.

    A guy like that is worth his contract, especially when he’s pushing play and is a plus player to boot. The offense is gravy.

  2. Pasquale says:

    We all knew BB couldn;t get the numbers form last year. He has been more physical which ROCKS! He is big but sometimes he didn;t toss it around…

    I think the captain has influenced his style a bit… gritty and quiet…

  3. Walt says:

    All good teams have their PK players who go under appreciated, and that is our BB. Look at what Torts does in the 3rd period, when we have the lead, that is when Brian shines.

    Cup teams that had the likes of Gainey, and Carbeinou, over the years, appreciated them very much. Hay Gainey was the Canadians captain for years, why????? We have Brian, and don’t laugh Prust, together they make a great PK team!!!!! Maybe they will lead us to the promised land.

  4. The Suit says:

    LOL! The Stevie Wonder of Rangers fans. That’s the best thing I’ve read in weeks!

    A little more offense would go a long way in my book. There are a lot of other PK specialists I’d rather have on this team over Boyle.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening though. Boyle got lucky on that goal. The defense didn’t pick him up and Brodeur made the most awkward save attempt I’ve seen all season.

  5. leatherneckinlv says:

    I actually like Boyle and am glad we have him on our team. He does many subtle things and a great fit inside the locker room. He isn’t scoring like last year, sure but then again we did not have a guy in our line up named Richards either. Boyle and Prust are a member of the core because of what they do in a hockey game.
    A few weeks back the sole reason the Rangers won a game against the Isles was because of what Boyle’s line did on the very first shift of the third period. That set the tone and the Rangers found as Trots puts it “found a way to win the game”

  6. Ray says:

    BB has been getting more and more shot lately. Like Pasquale said, he is playing like Cali, and a lot like Dubi was last year. Yes, his offense may not me what it was last year, but that offense was gravy. He has been playing with more heart and grit lately and I would take him over Dubi right now. Dubi needs to step up to BBs level.