Trade Deadline: Discount deals for depth

January 31, 2012, by

Last week during my musings, I briefly mentioned how some of these sites dedicated to spreading trade rumors don’t really see what makes our team successful on a game to game basis. More often than not they attach the Rangers to (supposedly) available players who don’t really fit our blueprint (i.e. Souray, Hemsky, Carter, etc).

Today I want to discuss some candidates who could potentially fit within our team concept; players who I think could succeed in our deep forechecking system and under a coach who demands that his players commit to back pressure.

Before I get started, I just want to reiterate that I still believe the Rangers can beat anybody with the personnel they currently have. I’m not opposed to standing pat at the deadline, especially since the demand for top six forwards will likely outweigh supply. However, should an opportunity present itself to acquire some depth, I might make a move if the price is right.

With that said, here are several players I think are worth working the phones for.

Dustin Penner – LW (6’4 240 lbs): The 29 year old is having a down year for the Kings offensively (11pts in 38 gp), but so is everyone else it seems on that roster. Prior to joining the Kings stifling defensive system, he typically averaged 25 goals a season for the Oilers & Ducks.

Penner isn’t going to solve our power play woes on his own, but having a big boy with a nose for the crease could help at least one aspect of it, especially against a team like the Bruins. I’m sure being on the last year of his contract ($4.2M) could motivate him if he gets a change of scenery.

Chad LaRose LW/RW (5’10 180 lbs): LaRose is more of a 30-40 point energy guy for the Canes and not someone with a lot of upside, but I think he’d fit given his ability to forecheck and work the boards. His plus/minus is ugly (-21), but his relative Corsi numbers (a good puck possession metric) puts him 3rd among Canes starters.

LaRose, who has one year left on his contract (at $1.7M), has 21 points thus far, which isn’t bad for a guy starting 43% of his starts in the OZ and only getting 14 mins/game. With the Maple Leafs also in the hunt for for a top six winger – and apparently willing to part with top prospects -pursuing a depth forward like LaRose may be the better play for us.

Dominic Moore – C/LW (5’11 185 lbs): Moore is a pain in the ass to play against. He’s one of those Avery-types who does all of the cheap BS after the whistle like bumping your goaltender, taking whacks at your limbs, etc, which invariably draws penalties. He’s pretty much no use to a non-playoff team like Tampa Bay.

Moore is a good skater, strong on faceoffs (winning 54% to date), and has some pop on offense on the cheap ($1.1M cap hit for around 30-35 points). He may not be physical enough for Torts’ liking, but he’d be an upgrade over someone like Erik Christensen.

Travis Moen – LW (6’2 215 lbs): Moen has typically been a 15-20 point role player, but this season he’s on pace to crack 30 points for the Habs. Whether or not he’s this season’s version of Brian Boyle 2010 remains to be seen, but finishing up a deal at $1.5M per, he could be worth a look. If anything maybe a guy like Moen could take Wolski’s place as a depth LW.

Kyle Quincey – LD (6’2 205 lbs): Quincey possesses some skill on the blueline for Colorado and can play the point on the power play. Though he doesn’t bring the howitzer that everyone covets, he is a good puck mover and is solid in his own end.

Quincey has been a work horse for the Avalanche, leading the team with over 22 mins a night. He is also good at blocking shots and is still only 26 years old. He is on the last year of his contract (at $3.1M), so an audition with a contender could be beneficial to both parties should the Avalanche fall out of the playoff picture.

So that’s my list, short and sweet. I know none of these names really have the appeal of a Doan or a Selanne, but until either of those guys give any indication they’re interested in being a traded, I will look elsewhere. As for what we’d be willing to give up for these guys? That I leave for you to decide. Let’s hear it…


  1. Zen says:

    We don’t need depth forwards. We need top 6 guys. I wouldn’t mind bringing in a guy like Moore for faceoffs and agitating, but otherwise we have an abundance of bottom 6 guys already. While I agree that this team can beat anyone now, I am skeptical about the playoffs when scoring chances dwindle and the lack of goal-scoring ability on this team starts to show through. By the way… Penner? Seriously? My head exploded on that one. Torts would want ro strangle the guy.

    Quincey is an interesting addition IF Sauer is going to out a long time.

  2. Blueshirt in Paris says:

    We do need depth forwards. We also need a top 6 wing. But considering the demand and subsequent cost plus Kreider coming next year I don’t see Slats pulling off a big trade.

    Depth is key in the playoffs if you plan to go deep. Right now we have WW and EC coming off the bench for an injury. Does that give you a warm and fuzzy?

    I think we need a RD more than a LD. Staal, McD, MDZ have the left side locked. Not sure if Quincey can play both sides.

    • The Suit says:

      No warmth and fuzziness for me haha!

      Good point on the RD, one would probably be more useful to us, but there isnt much out there. Fortunately, MDZ can play both sides. Yet another reason to love “Del Zaster.”

      • Blueshirt in Paris says:

        Yeah RD is harder to find. So if we go that route I guess you would see something like this:

        McD – Girardi
        Staal – MDZ
        (Trade) – Stralman

        With Eminger as the 7th. I think at this point given where he is his recovery you need to count Sauer out of the equation. Even if he could get healthy he will be far from being in game shape.

  3. Mikeyyyy says:

    Pass on them all. Stay the course.

    • Blueshirt in Paris says:

      What course is that?

      • leatherneckinlv says:

        The course of rebuilding and patience. All we are today is ahead of the plan, however we have not arrived yet. Winning the Cup was on no one’s radar for us this year, our growth was. We have accomplished that by adding another piece to the core in Hagelin

        • Blueshirt in Paris says:

          You can’t and should not disregard being ahead of the plan. Sure nobody expected it but it is a reality.

          I am certainly not saying we trade away core players or top prospects but there are some assets you can trade.

          And if you want to mention growth, getting these kids deep into the playoffs will be the best thing for them. As an organization you have to do everything within reason to accomplish that.

          • leatherneckinlv says:

            Reality is that we are ahead of the plan, that is all

            • Blueshirt in Paris says:

              You are right, that is all. And adjustments are made because of that.

              • leatherneckinlv says:

                No you don’t, you continue the plan. Imagine you are the chip leader in a Poker tournament by say holding 60% of the chips in play. You have suited Ace king and you make a substantial raise.You get one caller and the flop hits showing a 2 6 9 rainbow. Do you go all in if you get a check from your opponent? Do you call an all in? If you are smart you stick to your game plan and fold because at this point a 7 2 will beat you.

  4. Bobby Tux says:

    Who are the 3rd line players for the Jets? They out Rangered the Rangers. The best way to find good pkayers in The T ort System is to review your own game tapes and look at the opponents that played well.

  5. Walt says:

    Carolina signed Gleason to a four year, $16mil contract extention, so there goes a player that had been mentioned lately as a possible trade.

    I wouldn’t make too many moves, this group of guys has wonderful chemistry, and play their hearts out for each other.

    Zen wasn’t too keen on Penner, but for the right price, as a rental player, I would make the move for him. A draft pick, no player is as far as I would go. The man is a big frame, won a cup with the Ducks, and can screen out the goalie on the PP. Look, the weakest part of our game is the PP, put this guy up front, he can get dirty, and has scored from the crease area pretty much his entire career. Again, for the right price only, I certainly would not give away the shop for him!!!!!

    • The Suit says:

      Wolski for Penner? My under achiever for yours! Its a nice thought.

      • RangerSmurf says:

        I’d do that and quickly. At least he’s a fat ass for in front of the net when he goes into his lazy modes.

        • Fotiu is God says:

          Dude, “lazy modes”?

          Penner’s been a zombie since The Kings acquired him. No heart. Definitely no head, for the game or otherwise. (I live in Cali, see him/them too often.)

          Dean Lombardi got fleeced on that trade; the Oilers got a good D-man prospect, Colton Teubert for Penner (plus a number one?).

          Kyle Quincey represents a sound depth move on the blueline. I also like Chad LaRose, recalling he had some standout games last time The Canes made the playoffs.

          Moen’s either Detroit or Vancouver bound.

      • Walt says:

        I’d make that deal in a heart beat. Again, that is a big frame in front of the goalie, and couldn’t do anything but help the PP.

      • Zen says:

        I actually WOULD do Wolski for Penner as a change of scenery deal, but you know that isn’t happening. My point about Penner before is that they guy is known as a career underachiever with motivation problems. After LA traded for him, both the coach and GM were out of their minds about Penner’s lackluster play.

        Just his physical presence is better than having Wolski though.

        • The Suit says:

          Yea I’m aware of his history. A change of scenery deal may be unlikely, but its worth exploring imo. If he doesn’t work out then we throw him back in the sea this summer.

          • Blueshirt in Paris says:

            I think WW has a history of getting hot right after he is traded so that might interest a few teams looking to make the playoffs.

            Though him being out of game shape might not be helping matters. I think he refused the conditioning assignment to make it harder to trade him to further avoid the label of be an unwanted asset right before UFA.

  6. NYRfanstuckinDC says:

    Personally, I would hold off on the trades this time around. The team is playing great, and is showing fantastic chemistry. I am not too concerned about the offense, as good defense and goal tending wins games in the playoffs. Additionally, I think the Torts system is better built for playoff hockey.

    I am perfectly content to leave the team be, and let some of our prospects develop. Most of the Rangers core group is signed at least through next year. See what prospects can fill gaps on the roster, and use Wolski’s 3.8 million dollar cap hit (which comes off the books after this year) to sign someone who fits the system better.

    Bottom line, this team will make a deep run this year, and come back just as dangerous next year. I do not want to see the Rangers trade away future success, for a rental this season, when the pieces are already in place for a solid playoff run.

  7. Sioux-per-man says:

    Not sure if I like any of these names. I think we have better talent in our top 5 prospects.

    If we make a big deal for a Sutter / Ryan type player, where we trade top prospects for the one player that could make a difference this year. I would be ok giving up future talent, to help our power play this year.

    Now Doan /Morrow /Blake /Prospal I could see trading a 2nd round pick and “something off the shelf” that isn’t going to be here next year.

    As much as I would like a top 6 winger to come in and play next to Richards, I just don’t see giving up Kreider when he could be here next year / end of this year.

    I like the Jason Blake idea. He got cut with a skate early this year, so his numbers are down. But he is a very fast, gritty type of player, but don’t kid yourself he can skate like the win, dig pucks out of the corner, and has hands that can score. That and he is a Fighting Sioux Alumi. He wouldn’t cost much, and would be worth a look.

    • The Suit says:

      I don’t know if I’d be quick to give up a 2nd rounder for any of those guys. They’re all in their mid to late 30s.

  8. ranger44 says:

    Moore’s vagina is HUGE. We dont need him…he is very non physical so I dont know what you are talking about. I live in Tampa and he’s a stain. He just skates well…thats all

  9. Zen says:

    Just reiterate from prior posts I made on this topic… you can’t take a good season for granted. It doesn’t matter how well you think you are setup for the next decade, when you are having a good season and have a chance to compete for the CUP, you MUST make that trade that will push you farther into contention. For example, let’s say we don’t make any moves this year and get ousted either in the Eastern finals or even a round before. Then, God forbid, what happens if Lundqvist gets a career ending concussion in some game next season? Besides all of Ranger land jumping off a bridge (lol), then most people should be going “crap, we had a good team and might have been able to pull off a very rare CUP win if we only made a move to get better. Now we are the Flyers… a good team with no goalie. We will never win the CUP.” You CAN’T take any one season for granted. You MUST go for it if you think you can win. Does that mean that we trade Krieder for a rental? No, but if something interesting comes along that might involve giving up some beloved players, you HAVE to do it if the move makes your team better. The term “staying the course” is good until you are contender, and then you start making moves.

    • Sioux-per-man says:

      Agree 100%.

      Now what winger would you pick up, on the quest for the cup?

    • Blueshirt in Paris says:

      Yup. I just don’t understand people saying this wasn’t part of the plan so let’s ignore reality that we are one of the top teams in the league and stick to the plan of making us one of the top teams in the league next year.

    • The Suit says:

      I don’t disagree with you Zen and if an opportunity presents itself to get a game changer like a Shea Weber, Stamkos, etc then I’d obviously entertain those ideas.

      But I’m not in the clouds thinking that those guys are available. That is not the essence of what this post is about. This post is about under the radar moves, which could be beneficial to us and simply more realistic.

      • leatherneckinlv says:

        I disagree with the notion to go for broke and forsake the following years when our own kids can make us Cup Contenders for years and I believe they will net us 2 cups in 7 years, instead of one and rebuild again

        • Blueshirt in Paris says:

          I dont think anyone is saying go for broke and trade all the kids.

          Those listed above would cost what? A draft pick? A lower rated prospect?

          How the hell does trading that equal a rebuild?

  10. Glen Miller says:

    I concur with those preaching the “stay the course” plan, to a point. We are further ahead than where we expected and if a deal comes along where we can make the team better (i.e. deeper, more skilled, tougher, etc.) we’d be foolish not to look at doing so. That being said we have to steer clear of the type of deals that would cost us multiple young assets and/or roster players.

    I don’t know about Penner though he is a big guy who has scored 30 goals. Haven’t seen him a lot but if we traded for him we’d have to cross our fingers he’d turn it up for us. Wouldn’t cost much though.

    My concern with either LaRose or Moore, both of whom I like, is who do they displace in the lineup. Mitchell then becomes the extra forward I guess. That wouldn’t be that bad I suppose. Depth is critical come playoff time.

    At the end of the day we have a chance as presently constructed to contend for a Cup now. No need not to boost those chances if we can acquire a useful player as long as it doesn’t cost us a higly regarded prospect or core roster player.

  11. rob sahm says:

    i would make a move to get penner and if sauer and emminger cant come back find out about souray also.