Morrow Could Make Rangers Cup Threat

Some players simply fit well with certain teams. Brendan Morrow and the Rangers would fit. If Morrow, as suggested by TSN’s Bob McKenzie, is potentially up for grabs then the Rangers should seriously look in to getting him off the Dallas Stars.

There are several reasons Morrow would be a success as a Ranger. First of all Morrow can play the style employed by John Tortorella. He’s an excellent forechecker, plays a physical brand of hockey but is also a good finisher and has two 30 goal seasons on his resume (as well as four seasons of 49+ points). He’s also not afraid to go in to high traffic areas and look for rebounds.

Then there is the leadership and experience Morrow brings. A successful, cup contending team can never have too much leadership, it can never have too many players willing to assume responsibility and Morrow has never been a player to shy away from responsibility. He’s been a leader on the Stars for a long time now and given his previous success with Team Canada is a man that would instantly command respect in the locker room.

Morrow has experience playing with Brad Richards and adapting to the Rangers way would surely be made easier by being so familiar with someone such as Richards. Morrow would also (possibly on Richards’ line) solve an issue that is affecting the Rangers which is a top six scoring left winger that is. Anisimov has disappeared, Dubinsky has had a very underwhelming season and will all due respect, Fedotenko is not the answer for a team wanting to go deep.

Acquiring Morrow would also see other pieces fall into place to form a quality third line. While his long term future may (should?) be in the top six, acquiring Morrow would likely see Dubinsky dropping to the third line to form a dangerous trio, likely with Boyle and Prust. It allows the team to ice a third line competent both defensively and offensively, something that Morrow’s presence would cause. How does the idea of a Morrow – Richards – Callahan line sound? It would give the Rangers two first lines in theory, something this club hasn’t had much of.

Scared of the contract? Don’t be. Morrow is making a reasonable $4.1m (a similar annual salary Sean Avery makes…tumbleweed) and has one more year beyond this season. He has the quality to contribute this year and next and should he not be a success in New York, a player with his resume possessing an expiring contract should be relatively easy to move and not a subsequent cap anchor.

There are also concerns with Morrow however. He is a controversial character that has had league discipline issues and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. Would he get along with the coach? Then there is a relatively recent injury history in which Morrow has missed significant time. Throw in the fact that the Stars are in the playoff hunt (albeit it currently on the outside looking in) and Morrow isn’t likely to be cheap if he’s available.

To sum up however, if the Rangers feel like they can contend (as they approach the deadline) Morrow makes sense for so many reasons. This team needs more offense, could benefit from more big-game experience and likely has the pieces to acquire a proven player such as Morrow. In the short term, he’s a better solution than Bobby Ryan financially, and doesn’t block the highly touted prospects (or roster youth like Hagelin) mid-to-long term. There’s a lot to like about acquiring Morrow.

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  1. There seems to be some Morrison & Morrow confusion.

    Funny enough, I just posted a topic about Morrow on another Rangers message board. He would seem like the ideal fit for this team and he has an affordable contract. I actually suggested moving Dubi+ for him, so we can get out from under that horrendous contract he signed (for the next 3 years). Having a 3rd liner making that much dough might end up being quite a problem in terms of cap management, no matter how much people love the guy.

    • Consider the editors note removed. Apologies for any confusion our editor (David! ;)) caused…

      I’d be willing to move Dubinsky for Morrow who would be an upgrade if he could stay healthy. That said, if the cap space was there to have both that would make us brilliantly deep so if he could be acquired without giving up a player like Dubi that would be my preference.

      Given how much the Stars asked for an expiring contract like Richards I’d have to imagine Morrow would cost too much for Sather’s liking, even if we do have the depth/assets to get him.

      • Keeping Dubi and Morrow no sense under the cap, even if we have free $$$, we can spend on scorer, so Dubi should go in this trade in any scenario as future consideration too. But I think going for Nash has more sense. Does Nash want to stay in Ohio? I don’t think so. Does Columbus still want to keep him with his long term 7.8 ml per? It’s a question. But 27 years old Elite Forward can add a lot to the Rangers for years– Power and Scoring.

          • What’s wrong with Nash performance? 40 goal scorer isn’t enough for you and he is only 27.

            • He’s a 35g, 60-70 point guy that makes $7.8m. Down year, but he’s on pace for 28g/55p this year. Can you imagine the shitfits people would have if our $8m guy put up 55 points?

              And ‘only 27′ doesn’t mean much, since most goal scorers peak, at least in goals, by 25.

              • 2008 – 38 goal himself in awful team, 2009 -40 goal on the same awful team, and team getting more and more awful. Tell me how many he would score playing with elite players?

              • The same amount, unless you believe he somehow can get more than 350 shots on goal by playing with elite players.

                For instance, playing with Richards, who takes ~225-250 SOG himself, do you think there’s enough pucks on the ice to put them on the same line and have Nash still score 35, let alone 40?

                How about if you put Nash-Richards-Callahan all on the same line, all guys who take 250+ shots. Someone there will suffer, guaranteed.

      • Ranges were only paying 1.9 a year for Avery, which helped keep them as long as it did. As The Suit and scrangersfan both noted adding Morrow does not turn the Rangers into Cup Contenders.

        Sorry Chris normally I agree with you on things but on this one; not a chance. I don’t understand why the moment somebody’s name comes up in a trade rumor Ranger fans forget what’s working and think that we need to get this guy.

        What I find the most amusing is that when it comes to trade rumors that people think the other team will take back the players you want to get rid of.

        The idea of a trade is for both teams not just your team walk away thinking they improved their team. If Dubi is as bad as the way some people are describing him then why would Dallas take him for Morrow?

        And you talking trade deadline deal. So are you willing to give up first-round draft pick for Morrow? How about Chris Kreider? JT Miller?

        If you want Morrow that bad and he’s everything you say he is then why not pay the price? Nothing personal here, just pointing out that the worst general managers in the world are fans.

    • I would not trade Dubi. for Morrow. Dubi is having an off year but he will rebound next year and will score 20+ goals for the Rangers. You don’t give up on a guy that quick.Look at Gaby, he had an off year last year and now his on a 40+ goals trak.

      • Don’t even compare Gabby and Dubi off year. Gabby took once and Dubi does every year. Dubi plays just half of the season in each year, and 2nd half he is just a passenger.

        • I still would not give up on Dubi just yet. I would wait an other year before shopping him around.He is still young and you have to agree that the potential is there.Same with Anisimov,people try to run him out of town because he’s not producing.Some players need time to mature and develop later.Besides, The Rangers would not be a cup contenders even if we got Morrow. We’ve waited a long time for the team to contend and one or two more years wait will be worth it. We need to do it with our youngsters.

    • I think the same way. I like the guy, but he got what this year? 22 points 8g +14A. If Dubi go there it’s upgrade and $ per $, otherwise no sense.

      • It’s barely an upgrade. At 20-24, their production is virtually identical. Morrow already went through his prime. Dubinsky hasn’t.

        Playing atrocious offensive hockey, Dubi still is on pace for a 40 point year. Assuming he wakes up (which admittedly is quite the assumption right now), he’ll give you everything Morrow does.

        If you can add Morrow to what exists, then fine, but trading Dubi for him is at best a lateral move, and at worst a disaster.

        • At best bi lateral? not everything is statistical Smurf. How much big game experience does Dubi have in comparison to Morrow? You add experience and leadership for the playoffs. He’d bring a ton.

          He’s also a 30 goal scorer, 60 point player in the right setting. Dubi has never shown he can reach those numbers.

          • Morrow didn’t hit 30 goals until he turned 28 and didn’t hit 60 points til he was 26. Dubinsky’s yet to reach either age, and as I pointed out, at the same age, Morrow never showed he could reach those numbers either.

            As for the wonders of intangibles, I get it, I really do. But how much leadership and experience do you need in the playoffs? At what point does that trump actual production?

            I can find a laundry list of guys with more experience and leadership than Prust, do we move him at the deadline?

            Cally has 9 points in 27 playoff games, Dubinsky 15 in 22. Does that matter?

            You’ve got Richards, Rupp, Fedotenko, Gaborik already with experience. Can they use another vet? Absolutely, but nobody is trading Dubinsky because of a leadership issue. They’re trading him because they’re unhappy with his 44 games this year.

              • I’m not even saying don’t trade Dubinsky at all, I subscribe to the theory that no one is untouchable except Lundqvist, as long as the return is there.

                It’s no different to me than the people who want to move Anisimov for guys like Doan.

  2. The guy is 33 years old, $4 mil a year contract, and another year to go. His best days are behind him, look elseware for help, please!!!!! We went the wheelchair route years ago, we are winning with kids, lets continue down that road.

  3. …. and the Nash idea? Pipe dream at best, too much commitment at worst. Never ever happening.

    and Walt; Morrow is hardly a wheelchair route. He’d be adding to the kids, adding to the core. Not in place of the kids. Giving us more experience and help solve what is becoming a bit of an Achilles heel: left wing in the top 6.

    • I agree on Morrow, but Nash is too much commitment? Elite forward 40 goal scorer at 27? So, in your case Parise doesn’t worth to consider too?

      • Did Kreider scored already at least 30 goals here? and I’m very doubtful both have to go. I would do Dubi Arty DZ and 1st DP. In this case we have $ per $, honorable 1st pick for elite player, considering we will pick very low this year. DZ? we got Stralman and depth.

        • You really think Stralman is capable of replacing MDZ? MDZ is out long term best chance at offensive output from our defense. Stralman is gone after the season is over.

        • I would give up MDZ. before I trade McDonagh. I really like this kid and IMO.he should be un tuchable. I just have a hunch that he will be a perennial allstar for years to come.

          • I think both MDZ & McD are worth holding on to. To have two potentially elite offensive d-men down the road would put us in a great position.

            • Agreed. And with Erickson waiting in the background along with Staal, the future is looking better theN it had in a long time.

  4. You guys are nuts! Sometimes I think you guys look way too much into numbers.
    This isnt baseball guys, there are many intangibles Dubi brings that arent recorded on some scoring sheet. Dubi is a force up front and is very reliable defensively in his own side, and who can fight almost anyone in the league.

    • Rob, I would agree with you, but most of the time I see Dubi on the ice when puck goes to our net and it doesn’t tell me he is good defensively. His positioning 5 on 5 is awful, his decision making is too slow and his ability to score is limited.

  5. I’ve always liked Morrow and he would probably fit our template, but that extra year @ $4.1 million scares me a bit given his age.
    Plus we don’t know where the CBA talks are going this summer, so we might need some cap space to lock up MDZ, Biron, Prust, etc. If there was a way to send Wolski & a mid-tier/pick prospect the other direction as opposed to Dubi I’d do it.

    Keep in mind Dallas is battling for a playoff spot, so they probably wouldn’t trade their captain at this point, but that could always change.

    Good idea though Chris. I like where your head is at. I swear if I read another Suter, Ryan, or Nash trade post…

    • Nobody saying Morrow deal or any others are in place, but with 4 weeks left till the trade deadline usually people playing in GM game that’s all. It’s like if ‘I won 100ml I would…’

      • Oh I know, I get it. That’s why my comment wasn’t really in response to anyone particular. Just giving my thoughts kido.

    • If Dallas falls out of the race (I think they will), and they want just a prospect, it will be Christian Thomas.

  6. If only folks would stop assuming Dubi’s production is actually going to increase. It doesn’t matter that Dubi is supposedly young and going into this prime, because there is no prime coming. What you see is what you get… a solid two-player who disappears for half the games offensively. He is a ultimately a severely overpaid third-liner. Note that some will talk about this being “an off year”. The truth is that we say the same things about Dubi every single year. It is a broken record that is getting annoying to listen to. This year just amplifies it 10 fold.

    If you could get Morrow for him, you do that in a heartbeat. Dallas would want more… for very good reason.

    • Probably some still Dubi believers put 1 dislike re your comments, but it’s a fact what you said and it’s true. ‘Oh, Dubi will score 20+ next year…’. Is that insurance to Glen?

  7. Maybe I missed something. He hasn’t scored 10 goals this season. How exactly would he benefit the team? He’s like Dubinsky but old. Why not call up Zuccarello and sit Prust. He has been invisible.

  8. I would love to have Morrow but not at the presumed price of a top 6 forward and a high draft pick. and with some players being re-signed and/or being taken off the market (if they were ever on the market that is) the price for rentals will skyrocket and will be too rich for the Rangers liking. they won’t trade multiple players unless it’s for an elite player.

  9. Why not just get rid of everyone we don’t use. Not saying i’ll get morrow for it, but u can get a vet for Wolski Christensen eminger avery

  10. Pass.

    First off he makes 2x what Avery does, remember he is waiver pickup and we pay for half his salary.

    And for 6mil a year Richards better start figuring out how to play with one of our existing lw.

  11. Let’s face it, we are going to need to trade AA or Dubi, and add Thomas, Wolski and Bickel. For me its AA. He’s a nice player (too nice) but cups are won with grit. And even though I dont think Dubi is tough, he is tougher than AA.. We dont have time to wait…cup run is this year or next and gotta strike it hard. So we move Dubi “or” AA to get Morrow (or Nash) on offense, then trade 2013 2nd round pick plus Wolski, Thomas & (sadly) Bickel to get Suter on defense.