ESPN’s Top 100 Players: Five Rangers In 20-100

January 29, 2012, by

John Buccigross at ESPN listed the top 100 players in the NHL. The highest ranked Rangers were Brad Richards (20), Marian Gaborik (26) and Henrik Lundqvist (27). Ryan Callahan came in at #61 and Dan Girardi came in at #91.

Marc Staal was the only Ranger that I think should have cracked this list. ¬†Staal is one of the best defensive defensemen in the league and has made a career shutting down the league’s best. Obviously Buccigross kept prior seasons in mind when composing this list with some of these rankings.


  1. Walt says:

    Thats how much this guy knows, Hank #27, what is he smoking?

    Phil Kessel ahead of Hank, come on please!!!!! If I were a GM, who would I start a team with? The answer is obvious, a goalie, then great d-men, then the flash in the pan forwards. Any student of the game knows this, except Buccigross.

  2. kgb16 says:

    He ranked Brad Richards above Gaborik, Lundqvist, Girardi and Callahan? Really? What stuff is he smoking in the pipe?

  3. doug says:

    the fact that Hank isn’t in the top 20 (or top 10 for that matter) makes the list not credible. If it is based on this moment in time, Staal should not be in there…he is not playing up to his pre injury caliber. If you look at the body of work, that is different.

    • The Suit says:

      I’m sure it’s suppose to reflect this moment in time, however, there are others on this list who are or have been injured, so the list seems inconsistent in that regard. Staal should be on it IMO.

    • Adam says:

      if it is supposed to reflect a moment in time why is crosby number 1. Obviously the best player in the game (I hate to say that) but he’s played 8 games this year….

  4. Mark says:

    It is impossible to satisfy everyone on a top 100 list, but Lundquivst not being the top rated goalie is ridiculous!! Tim Thomas might not be the best goalie on his team. The fact that it is rumored that they may look to trade him is proof that he should not be ranked as the number one goalie. Yes if the Sharks, Caps, and Blackhawks had him they probaby win a cup or 2, but if they had Hank they 100% win. The Caps could be looking at a 3peat if they had Henrik.

    Also Tim Thomas is just a bad guy. Not going to the white house because of his political views is just dumb and selfish. He put himself above the team. Thomas wasan olympic back up and was proud to put on the USA jersey but he can’t go and meet our commander and chief, bad job on his part. I hope that for the next olympics it’s Miller, Howard, and Quick and they keep the arrogant Thomas out of it.