Sauer/Eminger Still Weeks Away

January 24, 2012, by

In the past few weeks, we have heard good news out of practice that both Michael Sauer and Steve Eminger were on the ice and skating with the team. Both were wearing non-contact jerseys, but the news was still good that they were skating. The Rangers could use one or both of them back, as it will only make their already strong blue line stronger.

With Eminger, there is an actual timeline for his return, as his injury is less complicated than Sauer’s. Surgery for Eminger’s separated shoulder occurred on December 19, and the timetable for a return was 8-10 weeks. Right now we are at the beginning of week five, so there is a minimum of three weeks until we can expect to see Eminger back in the lineup.

As for Sauer, the news of him skating was seen as great news, but then yesterday it was reported by Andrew Gross that he suffered a setback. Concussions are a tricky thing, so Sauer’s setback is disappointing, but not surprising. With the news that he had suffered a setback and was shut down for the week, it’s expected that he is at least three weeks away, but likely to be more.

Both will be back this season, but it looks like Eminger might be the first one to return, as his timeline for return is more definitive. Then again, it did take Marc Staal 40 games to come back from his concussion symptoms. There’s nothing wrong with cautious optimism, but the safe money would have Eminger back before the trading deadline, and Sauer back for the playoffs.

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  1. Zen says:

    Disappointing news on Sauer. Concussions are just out of control. Happens too often.

  2. Walt says:

    Mixed news to say the least, but encouraging just the same.

    Hay folks, we have been very lucky this year, because with all the missed games from our defense, due to injuries, we managed to get decent replacement players to fill in. Give credit where it’s due, McD has done a great job, and is makeing Sather look like an Einstein with the Gomez trade. Bickel, Wowo, Stralman, they have all performed well, and last but not least MDZ has been outstanding.

    Bottom line, as much as we all want Sauer, and Eminger back, lets not rush things, and let them come back at 100% healthy!!!!!

  3. ranger17 says:

    we do need to get one ore D man before the trade deadline going forward

  4. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Concussions in this game are out of control and I point my finger on three things that have attributed to us seeing more concussions. 1) the players got bigger and the game got faster. 2) Some stupid rule changes and some not that allowed the game to get quicker. So now we see players skating much faster and getting hit at speeds that make the impact much more tougher on the body. Also some of the rule changes have made the players realize that they can get a penalty drawn if they oh ever so slightly turn towards the boards or reckless moves going after the puck while playing around the walls. In the old days players policed and protected themselves and in my opinion they should go back to this. 3) PPE has gotten better and many players rely on their equipment, however equipment is not the cure all.
    We need to see the game revert back to players taking care of themselves and policing the game the old fashioned way. Every player is accountable for himself in the long run and should not solely rely on rules and regulations to play the game. At this rate someone will either die or seriously get hurt and then we will have to enjoy ballerinas on ice to watch a hockey game. I love all aspects of the game from scoring goals to beautiful dekes, from the hard hit to the game changing fight. The NHL did what it needed to do to eliminate the brawls of the 70’s and the 5 on 5 fights that used to occur often. What will be next no hitting? Mind you even though brawls were fun to watch when I was young I still didn’t like them mainly because of the Flyers and their tactics. It took the other parts of the game out of the equation. Honestly though what games do you think I anxiously awaited to watch and marked my calander on? Yes the Flyers and Islanders, not the Barons or the Rockies.