Does Dolan Appearance Hint At Rangers Intentions?

January 18, 2012, by

James Dolan has been a rare visitor to the Rangers, at least publicly. After the Nashville victory he spoke to the Rangers media for the first time in almost seven years. The owner of the team spoke openly and enthusiastically about Glen Sather (who has done a tremendous job since the lockout on the whole) and the fact that he saw the Rangers close to a Stanley Cup.

Glen and I made a pact, I actually gave him something which I won’t reveal what it is. I said you can’t give it back to me until we win the Stanley Cup. And I think I’m pretty close to getting that thing back.

Dolan appeared to speak quite openly about the emphasis on development, youth and the turnaround in the organisational approach over the past seven years. It may have surprised many how much Dolan may seem to know about his team.

Dolan’s comment about the Cup will likely spark rumours of how aggressive the Rangers will be in positioning themselves for a cup run so assume any significant player coming on the market will be linked with the Rangers. Don’t forget, for all his shortfalls Dolan has always been willing to spend money on the team when Sather identified a need. Obviously that hasn’t always been a good thing as, for all the Gaborik’s and Biron’s there has been the Redden’s and Brashear’s.

Dolan is very much a Knicks fan first and foremost. Anyone watching the Knicks over the years has seen Dolan get actively involved, too much so in fact. Rangers fans haven’t had that aspect of his ownership to deal with. Truth is, his daily involvement probably won’t change but for the first time in well over a decade Dolan sees a possible championship team in New York and that may mean he puts pressure on Sather and co. to go out and acquire pieces for a run.

Coach Tortorella was (as usual) disapproving of championship talk straight after Dolan’s surprise flirt with the media. However it will be interesting to see if there is any change in how the Rangers go about their business over the next few weeks leading up to the deadline. Could the Dolan conference appearance be a watershed moment in the season?


  1. rwa says:

    Dolan’s comments are expecting too much to soon. All organizational moves should be with the long term in mind, not go all out this year. Remember, Kreider will defenitely be here next year, and with new cap space available expect a younger new player. BUT, it’s nice to even think about going for it all this year, what a great change in expectations.

  2. scrangersfan says:

    Before we revert to getting over the hill superstars to try and win thu cup,the Rangers should concentrate on fixing the powerplay.We all know that you can not suxceed without an efficient powerplay.(look back to ’94 rangers were number one in powerplay goals.)There is enough talent on this team to improve on it.

    • Blueshirt in Paris says:

      You dont have to look back that far, you can look to last year when Boston won without a great PP.

      If this team loses in the playoffs the PP will most likley not be the major problem.

  3. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I was not a fan of his comments either. That put a bullseye on the Rangers for no reason at all. And then to have Trots to have to comment about it after makes it look like he was undermining Dolan in some way. Overall it was not a wise move by Dolan.
    Now let the dumb rumors begin as well because every player on the block will now be linked to the Rangers. When you look at the sellers this year there are a few players that would fit in with the Rangers. If Eric Staal is available what would the price be? Malone will fit from Tampa Bay? What can the Islanders offer us? Who from Columbus, Anaheim or Edmonton? Unfortunately hockey trades are not made anymore and a trade has become part of the business structure.

  4. pavel says:

    I REALLY hope Dolan doesn’t try and pressure Sather into making moves he doesn’t want to make. Let’s not have the Rangers’ equivalent of the Melo trade, where the Knicks gave up WAY too much. And let’s not have our version of the Devils’ owner pressuring Lamoriello into signing Kovalchuk. If Dolan wants this team to win, he should stay away from the team and let Sather do his job.

  5. Zen says:

    They are going for it THIS year. Mark my words. Unless the price is catastrophic to the team, they will bring in an impact player. How can they not with where they sit? Having a good enough team to get the CUP could self-destruct at any moment. When you are good enough to be in that position, then you go for it (within reason of course).

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      This was not their year, there is a plan and that plan should not be undermined by where the Rangers are right now. Let the plan continue to develop. The short comings of this team can easily be fixed by the prospects we have in the organization. To lose pieces of that plan for a gamble to win the Cup this year is to throw away the patience that has been in place since really the 08-09 season. I actually believe that the Rangers have the depth and talent as is to make a run for the cup. Who would you trade to bring in? Whats the asking price for players such as Ryan, Oshie, Eric Staal, Weber and Parise? In my opinion the price is way to high to derail the plan that is in motion.
      Malone, Rutuu, Prospal, Whitney how will they help that players on our own team can’t do right now?
      I would rather wait for the likes of Miller, Krieder, McIlrath, Thomas, Fogerty, St Croix and Erixon to fix the little problems that we have now.

      • Leatherneckinlv says:

        I meant to say “This was not OUR year”

      • Walt says:

        Not only will the price be too high, but what assurances, if any are there that the players mentioned will re-sign with us. Look back at the deals for Mac Tavich, and Esa Tiekanen, we gave away the store, along with Larmer, then we don’t re-sign them, or in Stevel Larmers case he retires. I agree with you, the kids are in the system, they will come along in the next year, or two, and then we will be a perenial cup contender.

        As for Jim Dolan, go back in the hole you came from, and let the management team do their job, you fool! Every team will post your remarks to get their teams up for any Ranger games the rest of the season!

      • Blueshirt in Paris says:

        No plan is that static. I think the expectation was for next year, meaning if we were 6th-8th in the Conf this year there was not going to be a panic. But the team looks ahead of that plan and you have to adjust.

        • Leatherneckinlv says:

          How would you adjust? Who goes and who stays?…who comes back in return?

          • Blueshirt in Paris says:

            That’s a conversation for another post. But basically the organization would have a better understanding on prospect development and where they lie in the depth chart to help make a educated decision on which could be traded without severely impact our prospect pool then any of us would.

            My point is that although you have a ‘plan’ per say it cant remain static since reality doesn’t.

            Did they plan on McD or Stephan maturing so soon? Kreider staying in college that extra year. Landing BR. Drafting JT Miller who might be ready pretty soon. How does McIlrath project. MDZ hitting expectations. You get my point.

            You cant ignore those and the success of the team and say well we weren’t planning on competing this year so lets just wait. In this day and age of salary cap your window of opportunity closes much quicker and you need to act. Obviously nobody want them to act recklessly and I think we finally have the depth to not do so.

  6. Jon says:

    The only thing Dolan is trying to pressure…is Time Warner Cable, with the prospect of losing out on a playoff run. That accounts for both his timing and his comments.

  7. BobbyTux says:

    With CBA expiring and the likehood of a better terms – teams that are doing poorly and have high priced long term contracts should be willing to trade those players – no matter how good they are for players that have expiring contracts to increase future salary cap room. The good teams that want to win the Cup now need to do the calculus of getting stuck with a contract versus the current year. The Rangers have one player that has an inflated contract Wolski ($4M) that should be used for this purpose. The perfect player to obtain is Bobby Ryan. The trade would be Wolski, Stralman (who the Ducks would insist sign a long term deal ), whatever spare parts from The Whale that Anaheim wants to audition, and a 3rd roundish draft choice in return for Ryan and if the Rangers can pry out Visnovsky by dangling something bigger than go for it.

    The only question is can these players play in the Torts system. Any opinion?

    • Blueshirt in Paris says:

      Th only question is how you traveled to another dimension, one which has Ryan being traded for someone they can have for free in the summer, someone they could have had for free 2 months ago and ‘spare parts’

  8. Rickyrants13 says:

    Thank God for the cap is all I can say. The cap keeps us from going after the big name players. And also keeps us from making long term deals for players past their prime. Because we no longer have any room I we cant make those deals anymore.

    After some are removed from the roster we could have about 7.5 mill freed up next year but we have some of our own players to resign. So it wont add up too much.

  9. Jess says:

    Actually James Dolan may not attend many Ranger games but I do know that he is very much involved during the off-season. He does take part in the franchise’s organizational meetings and I really doubt that Glenn Sather goes out signs a Brad Richards without Dolan’s approval.

    One thing people may not realize is Glenn Sather has worked for worse owners than Dolan so Sather knows to handle him. .

  10. ranger44 says:

    Dolan is a friggin idiot who knows nothing about hockey…all he cares about are the Knicks. If you see him, tell him I said shut the F**K UP. Thanks

  11. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Additions to the team

    What do you think the asking price would be for Jeff Schultz and Travis Moen? They might just be the kind of trades we should make as I don’t think the price would be to high and would fit well with our team

  12. Sioux-per-man says:

    Give Dolan some slack. He was happy about the win, being in first place in the east. Big deal if he thinks his team can go all the way. Torts response was spot on…”EASY”

    Don’t get to far ahead of ourselves. The team is in 1’st, it can’t take a night off if it wants to stay there. We can make a deep run if we play defense like we did against the Preds and Leafs, but lets see how we stack up against the Bruins.
    Do we need to make a deal? No. Should we? Yes. If an Oshie type power forward is available great. But now that St. Louis is in first, you won’t get any of their top end talent. Ryan seems like the one player that could give the Rangers that extra punch in scoring.

    Chris – if you had one player you could get, who would it be?