Dubinsky To The Rescue?

January 17, 2012, by

The Rangers paltry offense has been bailed out over the past 9 games (in which they scored a meagre 19 goals) by the stellar goaltending and the overachieving defense. With Marc Staal getting back to his usual game shape the recent dip in play by Stu Bickel (rookie, to be expected) can be compensated for. However, it goes without saying that this offense needs to do more.

With the offense needing a shakeup it has perhaps shown just how important Brandon Dubinsky is to this team, a point which only emphasises the need for Dubinsky to play like he can. Prior to his shoulder injury Dubinsky was finding his feet. He had 8 points in his last 8 games, but more importantly he was playing physically, showing more confidence on the puck and above all making smarter decisions. If he can also improve his finishing when he returns (tonight?) the Rangers offense will get a huge lift.

All this brings us to Dubinsky’s opportunity. The Alaskan’s contract, ability and even future with the franchise has been questioned during a subpar season (and to an extent rightly so) but when he returns he has the chance to show that he can be the difference. Every team can have their star players but it is often those around them that make the difference; Dubinsky can be the Rangers difference maker.

The Rangers don’t possess anyone else like Dubinsky. His all-round skill set is unique. He can play physical, he is willing to fight all the while he can lead the rush and stick handle to a high standard. Dubinsky can play in every scenario and adjust to it. What he has never been able to show is an ability to do it for long stretches. Dubinsky now has the opportunity to help carry this team to an Atlantic division title.

Dubinsky can be the X factor on a team that has plenty of depth but not necessarily depth in the pure skill department. His presence can help create space for the likes of Gaborik and Richards and create matchup problems for the opposition. Dubinsky has a chance to make people forget about his subpar start and start to justify Glen Sather’s faith and his generous contract. Here’s hoping we’re all calling Dubinsky’s contract value for money come April.


  1. The Suit says:

    You left out that his shot release is about as scary as Naomi Watts (snicker).

  2. The Suit says:

    Boy that was a terrible simile, but I do agree Dubi has to get going.

    • Chris says:

      Not only does he have to, but he has a great chance to put to bed any ideas of a lack of progression in his game. If he could come back and really have a strong second half it’d show how important to this team he really is.

  3. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Dubinsky was eerily missed in the Rangers line up. He is a Power forward that if we were to be sellers he would command a high price in my opinion. The line up needs a shake up internally and Dubi is a player that could be slotted almost any where. Richards is the main guy that needs to get going for this team.

    I think Hagelin was moved up to the 1st line for tonight’s game with Gabby and Stepan.
    I think that move places Dubi back on the 2nd line with Cally and Richards. Question in my mind is does Trots place Anisimov with Boyle and Prust or does he place Mitchell there. Mitchell looked good in his 1 game with Step and Gabby.
    I watched the Blues game last night and man can Oshie play. He would be perfect for this team. I don’t see us being able to get him though.
    Good news is that next year we can fix some of our short comings from within the system. That bodes well for patience

  4. Chris says:

    Not to sound sarcastic but, we all knew he was a streaky scorer (so did Sather & Torts )and yes he has progressed every year since he’s been here. And yes we all know he sure has had a poor first half of the season, do i miss him scoring hell’s yes I do. but so what. There’s so much more he’s been doing for the team which goes un-noticed. I would of gave Dubi the same contract, he is vital peice to the clubs core. Just look at the losses when not in the line up. Its his strong physicality, puck possession, ice presence. Sure his 24 an 30 for 54 points is missed. As of right now hes on pace for 42 points. Hes 3rd on team with a +11, and his shooting % is at career low so far at 6.5%. Torts is handling him correctly, maybe should of sat him a game or two, but overall he’s done a good job with him. Dubi will return to the scoring sheet soon. The person(s) under the gun should be Richards far less playing to his expectations or hype.

    • The Suit says:

      Richards is an interesting topic because he’s on pace to score 30 goals, which he’s never done, but his assists are down.

      Is that because he’s used to feeding elite scorers but now his linemates are secondary players like Dubi & Cally? Or is his play just generally down. Hard to say…

    • Walt says:


      I couldn’t have said it better, and I agree 100%. Dubi gets back into the line up tonight, you’ll see a difference in the entire teams attitude, body language, and performance!

      One other thing, the last few years that Dubi sat out games, the team never played with the same vigor, and has less that a 500 record. We don’t realize how much he is worth to this team!!!!!