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Watch HBO’s 24/7: Rangers/Flyers Episode Two

December 22, 2011, by

Last week after episode one, I wrote that I wanted to see more of Lundqvist, Girardi, Staal, Sather, and of course Torts in episode two. Fortunately, most of my wish was granted. As promised, here is episode two. Enjoy!

(Spoiler Alert)

People’s irrational hate for John Tortorella has finally started to die down. Obviously the Rangers performance is driving this, but I would like to think 24/7 has helped as well.

Last night’s episode definitely revealed different sides of his personality that we don’t usually get to see or read about. The scene in the film room showed what a great teacher he is and that his compliments are just as strong as his criticisms. And obviously we also got to see a more humanitarian side of him.

What about everyone else? What was your favorite moment? Please don’t say it was Sean Avery getting out of his car.

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  1. VinceR says:

    My favorite scene is the very end where it shows the two teams getting off planes. I don’t know if it was the photography or daylight vs. night, but the juxtaposition of the experience for a team that lost an awful game and a team that stole one was amazing.

    The Flyers looked devastating deplaning. The Rangers deplane looking like a movie scene in which the characters just pulled off a major heist (which I guess they did with that .1 second goal). Then they all get in their beautiful automobiles and drive off at the time time.

    I just thought that was great. I guess it’s also nice any time I see miserable Fliers compared to happy Rangers.

  2. Matt J says:

    On the rangers side lundqvist jamming with McEnroe and torts going through game film.

    On the flyers side bryzgalov talking about huskies (I don’t even want to think what he does with them) and laviolette calling the calls “Montreal typical”.

  3. Tim says:

    Sorry buddy but there’s nothing irrational about people despising Tortorella. He’s extremely rude and childish to the media to the point where it’s just plain embarrassing, especially after losses, and he clearly holds grudges against players (and I’m not that big of an Avery fan so it’s not all him). I mean, how many head coaches have you ever heard of get suspended for game 6 of their first playoff series with a franchise for freakin’ spraying water on fans? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re finally more than an 8th-9th place team under this guy and I’ve never thought he should be fired–but I take exception to that “irrational” comment, because without question this guy has given everyone and anyone who’s followed him more reason than any coach we’ve ever had to personally dislike him. And if you wanna talk about results…that’s fine. Torts is finally starting to get them, but remember our fans called for Renney’s head every single season we had him and he was a class act who took us to the playoffs 3/3 times and in his 4th full season he got fired because we dropped from 1st place to 7th on a team with half as much talent as we have now…so I hope Torts and the team keeps it up, but he’s given his critics more than enough reason to criticize, and it’s gonna take this level of success at a much longer timespan to maintain the lull on calling for HIS head.

    • The Suit says:

      Much of what you say is fair, and I even agree with what you said about Renney, who I was a fan of.

      However, most of your reasoning for hating Torts seems “personal,” which makes no sense to me because you don’t know him personally. 24/7 offers a glimpse and I have been hard pressed to find anyone that has had a problem with what the cameras have revealed.

      If people want to despise his system, the roles he has given players, his match ups, etc – go for it. I’m all ears when it comes to X’s and O’s. But most of the people who do have irrational hate for Torts have it because of their adoration for Avery.

      Now, you may not be one of those people, but most of the Torts haters I encounter on this blog and on twitter, that’s usually their first line of defense.

      • Spozo says:

        Personally I don’t care what tortorella is like as a person. I want him to win games. He’s doing that so far and that’s all that matters. He can be a dick to the media and cry like a baby to anyone who asks him a question but he is putting a great product on the ice right now. And yes that includes not playing 4th liners who play about 4 minutes a game yet tend to dominate blogs and message boards.