Hockey Hall Of Shame 2011

December 22, 2011, by

While others are looking back at positive and nostalgic stories of the year, I thought it would be fun to go the cynical route and take one last dig at some of the more memorable idiots around hockey in 2011.


#10 Media members who diss bloggers on their blogs.

I never really understood or got involved in some of these wars between actual journalists and fan bloggers, which is as old as the medium itself. Twitter seems to have become the newest battle ground these days and while it’s entertaining, it is also really lame at the same time.

My solution? Settle it on the ice. 

#9 Whoever is in charge of distributing Rangers press-releases

This jab probably won’t win us any favors, but at this point we’ve lost interest in communicating with the organization we cover (pretty objectively I might add).

The sports org I work for distributes our official press releases to fan blogs as most savvy organizations do, but for some reason the team won’t throw us a bone. Hell, we don’t even get a response to our emails. Boo.

#8 Creepy Twitters

I was far from an “early adopter” to Twitter and I am still not a big fan of social networking in general, but I understand its power to promote our site.

Still, one thing I will never get used to is reading tweets from fans begging their favorite athletes to wish them a happy birthday, a wonderful life, or any other sort of motivational nonsense.

Extra creepiness to people who tweet messages of adoration to Sean Avery.   

#7 NHL Marketing Department, if such a department exists…

The Guardian Project was god awful, the NBC contract won’t do anything to grow hockey or promote its stars, and the league’s broadcast restrictions are a joke.

The fact that people who live around Albany have Rangers games blacked out in favor of Sabres telecasts is ridiculous. I know the Sabres are trying to grow their fan base, but seriously, good luck trying to get people to care about a team 6 hours and three snowstorms away.

#6 New York Islanders

Just when you thought the Islanders were turning the corner they take one step forward and five steps back. Their third jerseys are almost as bad the old Fishstick jerseys. Their hopes for a new arena in Nassau are as lost as I am when driving around Nassau, and the decision to open a tattoo shop in the Coliseum further cements their eternal spot in the hockey hall of shame.  

#5 Glendale City Council

Glendale spent $25 million of tax payer dollars to keep the ‘Yotes in Glendale. Too bad they will pack up and leave as soon as that brand spanking new arena is completed in Quebec City.

And people wonder why our government can’t balance a budget…

#4 Hockey Hall of Fame

Not inducting Pat Burns before or the year after he succumbed to cancer was a classless move. Burns had a 501-353-151 record, was a three-time winner of the Jack Adams Award, and obviously coached the Devils to one of their Cup victories.

#3 Vancouver Rioters

Speaking of classless…

#2 Incarcerated Bob

Without WFAN’s backing this guy would be a nobody, but for some reason they give this guy a platform to spew his BS. Recently, Incarcerated Boob tried to spread an ugly rumor about Ryan Callahan’s wife. The rumor obviously went nowhere.

It’s almost sad people actually think Boob is a legitimate insider. Let me assure you that the only suits this guy is in contact with are his lawyers.

#1 Mike Milbury

How this guy is still a representative of hockey after the things he has said and done is beyond me.

So that’s my list of forgettable folk, what’s yours?

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  1. Mark says:

    Glad you wrote this post… I have one… ESPN… ESPN may be the worst at doing anything hockey based. They should just do the hockey world a favor and spare us the 2 or 3 highlights and minute clip of Barry Melrose. Listening to Melrose i think he knows it’s a joke and is just enjoying the steady paycheck. He could go on the show and say the Islanders just traded a puck and stick for Marion Gaborik and the dumb analyst next to hi would be like, wow (dumb catch phrase hear)… After the Rangers game agaisnt the Devils a made the mistake of watchign Sports Center to see if they would throw up some highlights and instead they showed Pheonix Florida (sine when i think hockey i think Pheonix and Floria)The comenator murdered 4 names and actually asked Melrose that if a puck stops ont he rid line (like Weiss’s did in the penalty shot) is it a goal… Try to youtube the clip, he completely butchers Labarbara’s name to the point I thought they signed a new goalie… Simply embarassing!

  2. Mark says:

    *sorry about the bad spelling

  3. The Suit says:

    Great call. ESPN’s coverage of the NHL is purposefully bad.

  4. Justin says:

    Great post Suit, couldn’t agree more…